Investment & Cryptocurrency: The Bedrock Of Growth & Freedom

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Been asked the question what I invest in and went on ranting about books and catfish business, leaving out the main deal of all, I've been investing in hive since March last year. Particularly, I never sort of seeing Hive as an investment, for some it's an hobby to write, others, it's just a side hustle; for me though it's all embodied in one - investment, training and learning.
The greatest act that is giving here is simply showing up and making the best of time, there absolutely no limitation to what can be achieved over a period of time. Today you at ground zero while tomorrow elevation starts (it could be longer). There's no limitation that can be set on growth except that which is self imposed and that one person loses it all for themselves.

To have a sudden flight takes time as with time, momentum is being built up gradually and when enough there's a lift up. It does happen suddenly or unprepared not at all because it has to be intentional. At some point not being intentional with something that has value can irrevocably lose its value without knowing. To get value, value has to be giving continuously.


Investment isn't about yesterday, today and tomorrow rather it has to do with everyday. Making the investment in Hive is totally beneficial on the user because growth happens daily, those little growth put together over a long period of time is the main deal. When it comes to investment, it has everything to do with tomorrow as investment made today is for tomorrow. One have to have a lot of patience and believe in the process. There's nothing as better as securing what the future holds, everyone wants to be certain about tomorrow and it's very much possible doing the needful as plans are being made intentionally.

It simply might not be the best question because having today and tomorrow is the best but choosing between having today and not tomorrow and not having today but having tomorrow which would one suffice with?
These are questions that one should be able to answer without doubt but certainty because that's all investment entails, self gratification, giving up today for tomorrow, doing what's best for tomorrow, the sacrifice one has to make for the bigger picture.

Today investment could be made easily as wealth now spreads online and offline. One can easily put multiple eggs in multiple basket as they equip themselves with adequate knowledge to scale in the desired field of investment.
There are always different ways to go while investing but learning and investing as one lives below their means makes tomorrow a sure deal. Investment is simply not for today but a time which would actually be the best as one gets prepared for the future.
Living below one's means helps to out all in place to help cut out unnecessary cost.

The future is one filled with possibility so let the action continue to direct one into securing the future especially with crypto for a continuous freedom.

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