NFTs and Blockchain Games Continue To Climb

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NFTs and Blockchain Games Continue To Climb

When it comes to the markets of today we can see we most likely are in for a very rough 2022 in terms of stock market and maybe even crypto markets. However It's leading to many innovative and creative methods which I love seeing. Everything from more people growing their own food small or large saving money in this way to as far as NFTs digital art and gaming. It seems like everything is turning head and honestly I have to say in a very good and positive away. I believe many are starting to realize their governments are not there to help them and instead have become just as greedy and corrupt as corporations such as Facebook and others in terms of stealing data, selling your data and offering up no security to your private information.

With all of that we continue to see the crypto space explode in both innovation and price but in a way that's attracting more people to platforms such as Hive and gaming as a way to make real income and have fun while doing it.

Look At The Numbers

When you boot up a program such as DappRadar and start to look at overall transactions and money being moved into these platforms you see a number of things.

First you see more and more applications coming online thus providing more and more use cases. It's soon going to get to the point where you'll need to start creating better games than your competitors to get more of the market cap. Right now it's still somewhat of a free for all where everyone is jumping on every new game for that just in case moment.

We also see that NFT trading went from just shy of 11 billion to nearly 12 billion meaning even though people feel like NFTs are dying and have no use case it's grow by a billion dollars in trading. Not sure about you but that sounds FAR from dead with no use case.

We also have an increase in metaverse and play2ear aspects. Games such as Splinterlands continue to grow in both users, active players and market caps.

The Transition

It's really the perfect storm for Millennials now aged 26-41 are old enough now to see that the government and that steady job are a thing of the past and as a group they sway what they want. It is in these mass actions I see Crypto in general taking another huge leap forward at some point this year and possibly overtaking the marketcap of gold and silver which in my opinion have lost their lust and honestly have become rather worthless metals in terms of collection being that this metal is no longer backed by anything other then speculation and uses in electronics. What really cracks me up is that platinum is one of the rare earth metals in short supply for chip shortages yet the price of this metal has actully fallen.

I also believe this generation which is mine (and how I feel) feel betrayed and tired of being screwed over. No longer do you have a steady job that pays well and stakes care of you. Instead you have a ok job that you most likely will lose in the next 5 years and go through roughly 5 - 10 different main jobs in your lifetime of which many of those wont be your own decision. With crap pay for what you do and a retirement plan that is set up for you to fail so you will never honestly be able to retire. The stock market has been artificially inflated to the point I see it very well going into a steep crash this year and what I hope to see from that outcome is crypto remaining strong and more investing into that.

Yeah I tend to get off the beaten path some times lol but overall it goes to show you why I'm so bullish on crypto in general and how I see it being a way to truly get back freedoms that have been lost. Play 2 earn and nft might be getting some heat from traditional gaming studios but small business ones I believe will be supported and become one of the largest waves of adoption as many people will own a stake in these games via decentralization and governance.

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This is all pretty awesome to see. People able to build their lives independent of their government using play2earn and nfts.

Exactly people decide what the value is so if they start losing faith in something and put it into something else a few people can't tell them no. I thought I went heavy in p2e last year but I might scale things up this year.

I guess I need to carve out some time to finally learn how to play Splinterlands. I am already investing in it. And of course the autonomy is a benefit as well. Have a great Sunday! 😀

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Blockchain gaming is one good use of NFTs, currently NFT is being too limited but it has a much wider use case, we will see these come to life gradually.

NFTs are still pretty new - and not really known to the broader public. It will take some time until we get to a point of mass adaption. But there will be a lot of potential and I guess, that we will see a huge variety of different use cases in the years to come. Looks like a bright future for NFTs and the blockchains to me! All the way to the moon and beyond!


!gif to the moon