LEO Is About To Have A Great Year

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LEO Is About To Have A Great Year

LEO has come a long way in terms of marketing exposure, a solid community and development. In this post I want to go over why I feel LEO is setting the stage to be one of the most powerful tribe/community tokens on the Hive blockchain in 2022.

LEO Bridge Updates


Leo Bridge doesn't get much love and part of that could be because of it's complicated nature in terms of user interface and trying to understand what it's doing for new users. Sure for us that have been following the updates we have a firm grasp on how it works and it's honestly a solid tool! However as a new user you'd most likely hit a brick wall when you come across it. I believe two things need to happen for the success of Leo bridge and one I know for sure is a focus for the team in 2022. That one focus is the UI and making it as clean and easy to understand as possible. Many other swap type platforms have a very simple design however if you want greater details they are provided as well but in smaller font and easy to digest bites. The second thing is going to be placing Leo bridge in places where it naturally would fit. This most likely will start to come into focus when Polycub launches by offering up swap/bridge solutions from various blockchains.



PolyCub should be coming soon and with it will be a 2 month airdrop. Yep, 60 days of airdrops! to those who have CUB staked into kingdoms and other liquidity pools. That's the kicker it's not just holding on to CUB it actully needs to be staked and in action to count (from what I hear) which is going to make the value of CUB once that happens start to climb to all new levels and get more people involved. It's a perfect marketing tool as well as people jump on to Polycub they will most likely hear about the air drop happening for those providing liquidity on CubDeFi and jump over there and buy in as well. All of this supports each other and starts to drastically build up the demand for not only one but now two powerful defi platforms launched by the LEOFinance team!



CubDeFi has had a lot of work done on it but the platform still continues to seem like it's over extended in terms of getting value back into the token. However I feel like that will finally change here in 2022 as the team deploys into PolyCub and starts attracting more market cap/TVL.

Project Blank


Possibly one of the biggest sought after launches from the team. Not only will it be a revolutionary social network that rewards it's content creators but for me personally I believe it is a very real case and point to getting masses of crypto people exposed to Cub, Polycub, Leo and whatever other projects the team releases. Project blank should be somewhat like twitter with it's own token that most likely will be airdropped to LEO token holders.

While I think that's great in itself some questions come up such as how will the token for Project blank hold value or get it's value outside of simple demand? ads, it's own internal defi/swap platform or a whole host of other possibilities currently unknown.


Overall though I have to say if you believe in what is to come and the possibilities of this all now is still a great time to get involved. One of the easiest ways is to pick up some CUB token on Binance yourself and stake it in the CUBKingdom. Enjoy writing articles about crypto, trading and finances? Join LeoFinance.io and start blogging yourself just like this to earn LEO tokens on the Hive block chain. That's what's really cool about this all you can get started right now today with a small investment of time or money or heck even both!

*This article is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial advise

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I know that I have said it many times, but LEO is one of the most undervalued tokens on the market... So much great use cases and projects connected to it that make it the safe bet out there...
I have lost the number of how many LEO and CUBs I have all around... hahahah

LEO right now is like buying HIVE when it was at these prices. LEO most likely is bound to go up this year with all of the new projects.

Quite interesting projects we have here. Can't wait to be part of it.

The Project Blank seems more feature packed.

I find it to be one of the lest in terms of $ performance compared to the others but the mass adoption and using it as a front to bring people into LEO, CUB, Polycub etc is where the real power of that platform is.

Thanks for the further insight on this. As a crypto enthusiast, I hope to learn more about the different projects being carried out on the Hive blockchain as time goes by as I'm just new here!

Don’t forget the mobile app which brings Web 3.0 to the massses, with Facebook, Twitter, and Apple sign in (and maybe Google)!

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Yep, exactly which will be a critical part to the success of launching project blank as speed and easy navigation are going to be needed.

We’ll be bringing it!

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Leo is currently the most valuable token in my Hive Engine wallet with $37.88 USD, followed by Oneup with $7.87 USD.

It will be interest to see the amounts and the values a few months later.


I don’t hold any Leo currently. I probably need to change that.

Better late than never...

All the airdrops coming to hive are great, really looking forward to getting my polycub airdrop after the one for 3speak and ragnarok game.

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Some airdrop here are really interesting. The best way to earn without doing anything :')

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This article is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial advise

But this comment is a financial advice, buy LEO, even just one :)

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So much talk about airdrops, so little airdrops...

It's Monday morning here and I'm grumpy haha.

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lol, dude tell me about it. Just snapshots :P

Why are you complaining ? Tons of shitcoins are airdropped each week on hive ! :') I'm receiving too much of them. 25000 and it's $1.20

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Because it was Monday.

I'm good now ;)

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Perfect 😅

You know, I'm French so I know a lot about complaining 🥖

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Join LeoFinance.io and start blogging yourself just like this to earn LEO tokens on the Hive blockchain.

We can also comment to start with the earning part as well lol, just a guess though. but the truth is beter as to learning how cub works is not going to be easy for many, I have not yet tried it but I think I might understand it, since I join a group that also lunch their currency and it has not been easy for me to understand but with time I think I will get the hang of it.

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For me I believe that Leo will bull Soon. I believe on what's happening on the community, with the new things that's happening in leo finance.i believe Leo token will do well this year.

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