Sorting out my Splinterlands strategy

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So I officially announced my return to ranked battles as I continue growing my Splinterlands deck to compete in higher leagues. I decided I was going to stick with the modern category and I have to say, I have been impressed by how competitive it can be.

Despite owning a deck worth over $2k and a collection power of over 140K, I have still struggled to break out of the bottom leagues. In a way, I guess this should be expected since we're all brawling at the same level.

In pretty much every battle I've played recently, my opponent has featured at least one legendary monster in their collection and for the most part, the monsters make a difference. It is a testament to the general quality of ranked brawlers available and that adds a welcomed layer of difficulty in climbing up the ranks.

It is a new kind of old

Getting back to playing ranked battles with my own deck feels strange after this long layoff. I actually thought I'd struggle with adjustment but it has been a bit smoother than expected since I already understood the basics.

In any case, I got very familiar with the Untamed set of summoners, so this new set of monsters will require some adjusting. I haven't quite determined a strategy that works with each set, so for now, my selections are a bit random.

In the past, I had a variety of setups that were determined by ruleset and mana requirements. However, since I'm still battling in the lower leagues, things are still a bit crude and my only hope of thoroughly enjoying the game is to work my way out of the trenches.

Anyway, the quality of opposition in the lower league is quite impressive and regardless of the quality of your deck, there's almost no chance of winning battles if your strategy isn't up to scratch.

I know we complain about the number of bots in the lower leagues but I honestly can't tell because of the sheer number of people to contend with. It genuinely feels a tad bit congested at this level and the only way to climb out is by sharpening your strategy.

In higher leagues, there are rulesets and whatnot that play a role in where the battle goes. In some way, I reckon that I'll do better at that level because I have a decent number of monsters that can deal with any ruleset that the game throws my way. So, once again, it is all about climbing out of here.

Upgrading monsters

Other than battling strategy, one needs to sort out the trading strategy and approach to the Splinterlands marketplace. You need to have direction and specific targets that you're trying to reach because this will ensure you build the right type of deck.

Since I've decided that I'll be sticking exclusively to the Modern category, I'll basically now have to either ship out my older wild monsters or put them up for lease. I personally would prefer renting them out but I'll barely raise anything substantial from there.

However, considering that DEC isn't paid out for ranked battles and I'll need DEC to rent monsters, I could rent out these ones to raise a tiny bit of DEC that I then use to rent in certain monsters that my deck needs.

Speaking of the needs of my deck, one thing that my deck definitely needs is more summoners and I've been working towards it. The issue for me is determining which direction I want to go towards.

I received a couple of epic Rift Watcher summoners and while they are rarer, they're priced out of my reach and I think I'd be better off just selling them for their less spectacular Chaos Legion counterparts. Assuming I sell all the epic RW summoners, I could raise a decent chunk of funds that I could now reinvest into upgrading the summoners at my disposal.

The modern category is still quite new to me, so I'll have some adjusting to do. For example, I know that in the wild side, rare summoner level 4 is the peak for silver league, I don't know if it is the same for the modern side.

Also, at my current collection power, I am eligible for Diamond category but a lot of my CP is from the gold foils in my possession. I have to sit down with my thoughts and decide what will be sold and what will be kept.

Overall, it feels good to be back brawling in SPlinterlands ranked battles again. As the days go by, I'll refine my strategy and share it with the community.


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The level caps for monsters are the same in wild and modern format. So a level 4 rare summoner is the best you can use.

In silver league Kelya frendul is king. The new Riftwatchers summoners at the moment don’t come close.

Combine him with diemon shark, heal, supply runner for the swiftness and watch your opponent melt because they can’t hit him. And when they finally kill him, make sure that djinn oshannus is behind him.

Also at the deeplurker as nothing beats that 3 damage opportunity attack

Good one to start again there dude. There is just so much going in Splinterlands it would be a shame to not play and use the stuff you have.

Still on wild here, my modern isnt good enough at all

When I realized how profitable rank battle is I can help but jump on it once again, I wasted a lot of mana before I could move to gold, with my mana I should playing in diamond but just too difficult

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Summoner levels/limits are the same for both Modern and Wild 👍


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Summoner levels/limits are the same for both Modern and Wild 👍


It's been interesting to see the way people are drawn back into actual gameplay once they realise the potential rewards on offer for their efforts.

Good luck mate!

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