Leo, SPS, LVL and the numerous investment opportunities on Hive blockchain

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I just checked the market and it is a bloodbath. Virtually every asset is taking a beating and it looks bad.

Surprisingly though, I checked my emotions and despite the fact that my portfolio value is equally taking a beating, I find that I'm not actually even panicking. I guess being around these parts for a while and seeing this sort of event unfold multiple times kind of gives you a thick skin.

Anyway, thanks to my emotional state, I look around and see numerous investment opportunities. There are so many coins and tokens that really deserve some looking into right now.

In everything, my biggest pain is that I have financial constraint that inhibits my ability to invest in these opportunities. I'll still be able to generate funds through some of the freelance work I do to invest in multiple opportunities though.

I'm dividing the investment opportunities I'm tracking into a list of assets that are on Hive community and those that are outside the community. I like doing this way to ensure I can easily track my activities.

In this publication, I'll focus on the numerous opportunities that are on Hive blockchain. Subsequent publication will discuss opportunities outside Hive.

Hive opportunities

There are quite a number of usually solid assets on hive that are taking a beating. Again, it can be expected due to the times, particularly as we're seeing Bitcoin trade around $27K range.

Hive looks nice

Starting at he top, we have Hive itself looking like a really sweet buying opportunity. I can't say for sure if we've hit rock bottom yet, but I know that Hive's ceiling is much higher than whatever ATH that it has reached.

Hive is still a very solid long term opportunity, and at 40 cents, even in the short to medium term, that is an opportunity to nick an easy 2.5-3X your investment. Hive is going to bounce back hard and when it does, you're going to be grateful you took the risk.

Assuming like me, you're too poor to actually buy tokens, then you should get active in the community. This is an opportunity to earn more Hive from your sweat.

The inflation mechanism dictates that more Hive gets printed as the price drops. So, what I'm saying in essence is that this is the best time to publish, curate, and engage on hive because while the current dollar value of rewards might be low, the future is bright.

Leofinance though

I mean, this should go without saying but there's a massive opportunity to get yourself Leo tokens and improve your standing in the community. Personally, I'm going to be adding even more Leo to my collection in the coming days.

Just like on the top layer, this is also a perfect time to get active in the Leo community. Leofinance community is one of the top communities on hive as a whole, so you don't only earn leo tokens, you also earn Hive that also has future value.

If you have a couple of dollars laying around, you can also consider adding leo and staking it. Curating on Leo alone is a nice way to accumulate even more leo for the future.

SPS looks interesting

SPS has been quiet for a while, as we go about the daily airdrops that are slowly winding down. Just like the entire market, SPS has also taking a beating.

At the time of writing, we have SPS token trading at 6 cents. That's extremely cheap for an asset that was approaching $1 at one point.

Splinterlands investors are already aware of the potential that SPS holds and how it is integral for the future of the game. I bet many are licking their lips at these low prices and are watching the market, just waiting to pounce at the earliest convenience.

For people outside Splinterlands, what you need to note is that there's a lot of interest and developments coming for SPS. A decent supply will be burned, more ways to use it will come, it is listed on Crypto.com and many other major exchanges will list it in the future.

I believe that SPS is going to be the first Hive based Billion dollar project. However, the only way you can be a part of that is by investing when everybody else is selling.

You forgot about PsyberX

I'm always keeping tabs on LVL tokens in my wallet. It is actually my daily routine.

Right now, I'm looking at the token and wondering if it is time to add more to my collection. Note that LVL is going to be limited to only 500 million tokens in circulation, meaning that the success of the token is heavily dependent on the success of the game.

The psyberX market place is already in an advanced stage of development and work is being done in the background to bring the game to life. We expect early access previews of the game to come to life at the end of the year or early next year.

I'm a fan of FPS games, so the idea of one being developed on the blockchain is very exciting. This is the reason why I'm looking forward to adding even more LVL tokens to my collection in the near future.

Might be worth a look

SPK tokens might also be another opportunity lying in wait for investors. The project is backed by @theycallmedan and the @threespeak community.

I'm going to be watching the token closely to see if there is an opportunity to add to my portfolio. Despite how things are today, the project is backed by solid members of the Hive community that have the potential of creating something massive on the Speak network. Time will tell.

BEE tokens also look like a healthy investment. It is an asset that has been quite solid for a while now and could look even much better in the future. BEE tokens are backed by the creators of Hive-engine, so you know it has someone awesome in the background.

Other Hive tokens that I believe you should look at includes CTP, Listnerds, Cent, POB, OneUP and VYB. These are all tokens that have a community backing them and continue to innovate in one way or the other.

The best part is that it is easy to move value around on Hive. So you can easily diversify your investment portfolio inside Hive, with a simple click of the button.

Rememeber to do your own research and only invest funds that you're comfortable with losing.

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As long as I stay away from LVL, 500 million is not so little, I doubt it. that the coin will go beyond a tenth, or even a hundredth of one cent, after a massive sale.

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I think it depends on the quality of the product that is unveilved. I'll just invest a couple of dollars from time to time. Nothing serious. If it goes to shit, no problem, life goes on

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I also feel about this, but, at some moments, it is sad, agree)

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Some times I go a bit wild lol but thats only when I am pretty confident like with sps and spt I probably have 50K into that plus the value of my preferred and common stock in splinterlands(steemmonsters corp) from the seed round so I have a large invested amount in this game bc I beleive in it from the second I talked to Matt I could tell he was a genious at development and Aggrod was a great person to lead as they handled my issue so well and the game was in its infancy then I just straight up asked can I invest and luckily they had the only seed round they would do with spots left looked at a quick spreadsheet and said yes bc really I bet on them which paid off lol.

Now I think a great way to give players stable income is form a club that invests in splinterlands and focuses on maximizing roi as well as other assets to. It will also have a internship program and focus on colleges investment clubs for large member sign ups.

Let me know if you are interested in getting involved in this I am looking for people that have been around or are really into the game plus have skills I do not. I am a CPA and finance guy not a developer but this year I decided I was going to learn so will be starting that soon as I was not feeling the whole work for someone thing anymore.

Once I cash out of a few rental syndicates for about 200K I will have some extra funds to witch will go to staking and stable coin pools in my solo 401K. We will also focus on a tax efficient fund for ppl by distributing in kind assets which lets all make there decisions on when to sell or not.

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Thats quite some investments into splinterlands hope it works out well! So far it seems worth it.

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Ya the first time I made 40-50K selling my beta deck lol. I invested 5K in the start up round and only equity round not the SPS vc round way before. It was accident I talked to Matt about a mistake I bought a grand in cards wanted 100 now that seems like nothing but when I saw my cards I bought for 5 bucks hit a grand I sold lol.

Then bought into Chaos have about 8K into my Deck and mostly trying to get enough SPT to become the largest holder and gain control of the vote for my investment club to use I should be getting a quarter of a million soon from real estate likely will put 100K 75K SPS and SPT and 15K in early node liceneses maybe 30K so 120K out of the 250K then the rest is going into google, IEP, BRMK, BITQ, WONDERFI, BITW, GBTC, ETHE and create sythetic ETH, BTC, and gold mines as well as use a physical gold LOC from JM bullion up to 75% of gold buy 2 contracts at 10 oz to protect your borrowed position from being liquidated then the money of say 30K makes 6K on top and uses it to buy more gold same with others. Need 1/5 BTC to do it and also I am shorting the markets as a whole picking a few equities I like. I am pretty much here now to play and have a new plater thing be part of my fund (club) but the focus will be providing cash flow and a free equity interest to everyone that has x or has done x etc. The club will distribute 25% cash flow year one and 75% goes to stable coins then it is reversed and stays that waty so it will grow slow and the 25% can be used in part to buy other assets.

And eventually want to buy a building make it a splinterlands and crypto themed say 40-50 unit high rise might need 10 million for that here or in FL prob 20 million or have looked into St. Croix or Puerto Rico as well. Would be pretty cool to create kind of a hotel/mixded use retail area where there is a splinterlands shop and a place for members to play in competitive face to face tournaments for what ever stakes they want.

The GP team will receive metal Unbanked Visa Cards with bankers NFT for yield.
All other will receive a unbanked account that you must use are link for which is how the club stays free as both get a bonus.

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The thing is, I don't play the game, I made a bet of 210K SPT coins and that's it, just content curation.

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I havent played chaos yet but did in beta and untaimed.

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I'm sorry, I accidentally sent you a comment addressed to another person, I deleted it. I have no idea about this game in any way and most likely I won't find out since I don't play games.

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Im betting they get into special NFT cards and other things plus my vote is large enough to fund the intital ppl in my new fund I am launching which uses a method to fund everyone for free takes a couple of hours but everyone will get 1500/XXXXXXX total equityt free as there ownership up to first 100. I get 500 out of that for the GP interest best part is banks will pay for it and I will show you how I am going to fund this for free lol. Want in let me know. I make like almost 100K a year using the method I am using for funding this.

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Sorry, but I did not understand very well what is required of me and what is the purpose of this enterprise. Personally, I don't post about Splinterlands and your powerful voices will pass me by. What is my reason for participating in this?

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Nothing right now and the reason is you get cash flow and for now in the US I have a way to get ppl about 1500 worth of equity for free while funding myself as well so we all win.

Also we will be developing a guild as well to fund players and share in a profit share with the intent of making them a member as well once they have made X for the club which will be defined later. This is a new Idea so all that is required is I know you are interested.

Clear insturctions and all of that along with a operating agreement / white paper will be posted explaining it all in more detail so everyone can review and comment and if needed update the docs before I finalize it.

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Ya I am going to start just voting quick posts to get money to fund some investments to put into the club account while I wait as that is the best way to get the most SPT by voting and voting with my other accounts and putting those rewards to the club to which will benefit the players that may receive additional equity for doing certain things for the club such as various admin tasks and developing the guild aspect as I love playing and want to get back at it I bouught a lot of cards still need to play them lol.

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I wish you success in this matter. If I can be of any help, I'll be happy to help, but. I will not get involved in any obligations, I value the freedom of my choice, even in the choice of voting.

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A great opportunity is presenting itself just like it did back in 2018 and it'll be a good deal to stack as much as we can now.

I'm going to be focused on increasing my Leo position now more than ever.

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Good choice. I'm going to be doing the same thing too.

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let's do our own research

I would appreciate it if you could give me pointers too. Any form of information could be helpful at this point.

Thanks to my stable coin portfolio I bought 10k Hive today.

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Hey I saw you commented about SPT governance. I looked at it and voting threshold is 20 million I control 2.6 million which is 2-3 largest votes right now. I want to get up to 40 million and with my new venture its possible. I am starting what will be called the SPL Digital Asset Group which will be a investment fund/club for splinterlands that focuses on stable income by using stable coins to generate yield then investing that yield 25% back to stable coins, 10% risky new hive projects, 10% start up digital asset ventures, 5% SPT, 25% SPS, LAND, Rare Cards, NFTs, referral crowd funding for the club. The clubs goal right now is to fund the first investments by having people vote on the @byebye account some random account of mine just going to use for fundraising and expressing initial interest then the SPLG Digital Asset Club partnership will be formned and any voting proceeds received by voting on your comment to the various fundraising posts I will be posting which will help me gather a list and benefit everyone who votes as well as they get part of the votes proceeds added directly to there equity lowering there referral bonus req to join. This club will be funded entirely free of cost other than from money related to specific referrals which cost you nothing and voting as well those proceeds can be added to so once you join you can vote on your club account which counts as a contribution. After closing we will have weekly purchases and the lockup is 1-10 years depending. Distributions will be provided weekly possibly daily.

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This sounds interesting. It's a lot to process though. A spreadsheet or a table will give me a better idea of what you're creating.

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There will be alot more lol. That was me attempting to explain what I want to lay out which I am working on. I actually decided to do it where everyone can get a free equity position as I found a unique way to do this. It will take a couple of hours to do but it gets you a 1500 equity position for no cost to you just need to do a few things that will make it and I will lay this all out in the whitepaper/operating agreement. This will be run as a LLC treateed as a partnership for tax purposes with as well as a way to bring in new players get them playing for us and when they are ready and have made enough money as a independant player for the club they will get to be a partner but will have to earn it. Also not sure how I am going to handle ppl outside the US yet which is a hard one bc I dont think my free method will work for them but I may use some of the GP equity portion and my spt votes to fund ppl as long as they bring the right value to the club. The first 100 ppl will be selected based on the value they can bring and will receive extra beneits with there units just like the GP founders units which will be held by myself and a couple other ppl.

The point of the fund is to create a fund that consistantly makes income for splinterlands players as well as diversifys into other assets like real estate etc. so it will eventually be like my private investment fund BCKC Capital LLC that holds partnership interests in 10 apartment complexes a bunch of start ups as well as reits and publically traded companies to. Also bridge loans, start up vc debt, distressed debt funds, fix n flip real estate funds, Various digital assets. So basically will be a fund that uses stable coins, sps, spt to buy various assets for the club to benefit from so it is not completly dependant on one type or class and it will focus on cash flow producing assets as It will be ment to create a income stream for investors. Like I have a nice SPS stream and SPT stream and if prices pop even to like .25 .5 I will make like 500 per day or more from staking rewards myself. I am planning on launching the fund in June/July and will have the first 100 members set up then the next 100 ppl and so on and once anyone on Splinterlands has gotten in that wants to we will look to either crowdfund a bond or other debt so we can borrow and lend it out for more using a bunch of LP pools and stable coins. Also we will use margin on equities as it is cheap as hell on IBKR take a ETF that is basically a money market account leverage it 4/1 and take that put it into stable coins and get 10-30% take all income and invest in equities and other instruments on the exchange and each year up the margin % back to 4/1 to keep growing. Year one will be distributions each quarter and after that likely monthly or weekly or even potentially daily. The fund will have a debit card used to hopefully get SPS added on it so it makes the funds earnings and SPS easily spendable on a visa card. Also people will be able to order custom engraved ones that will cost money in our shop as well as various SPL Group apparal and we will have a referral program as well with a QR code card to hand out as well as QR stickers to just put places, QR code items we can put in businesses like on a bar where ppl will scan it. Also thought abiout getting cheap tablets installing them with the bar or what evrer business works permission give them a split each month and we take the earnings from ppl that just play on the accounts. Also have a really interesting idea for buying a complex of say 50 units turning it into a Splinterlands focused/digital asset focused apartment community with mining/tranding etc have a designated in person exchange where ppl that live there trade and can invite guests to trade as well we will have terminals etc and as well as places to game and the building can be used for hosting big tournaments or other events. The outside can be completly splinterlands themed advrertising the crap out of it. Outside QR codes to the various splinterlands sites and tools like say peakmonsters etc. Rent will be payable in SPS and various digital assets, anyone with miners will be able to run there rigs in a seciton in the basement and we would want it.

I am pretty much open to any idea for a investment if its profitable. If we have enough power and assets we will be able to attract new players and people that want to invest as well maybe both like me but either way its good for all and the club as well as hive if over a few years this club gets pretty large which I will be activly promoting it all over as I promote a second project that is kind of tied in but this one is not a partnership it is just me but overall any US resident playing can be added likely in June and we will have much more info up.

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