If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

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For a while now, I've been receiving Twitter messages from a particular account. I schemed through the account and noticed it had like 3 followers and only one Tweet.

It's not that I only interact with accounts with a lot of followers, but I generally won't interact with new accounts that approach my inbox because it always means they want something. Just as expected, this account wanted something and I ignored it the first time.

The first message on Twitter was after I published a meme video after Elon's hostile takeover of Twitter. The user enjoyed the video and enquired if I will be available to market their project on my page.

I get those kinds of requests from time to time but the real issue for me was that I don't trust new accounts. Secondly, the person sent me a Telegram number, which I thought was weird. So I ignored it the first time.

Yesterday, I was contacted again by the same person and I decided to respond this time. My Twitter privacy settings allows people that I'm not following to send me DMs but it comes as a request that I have to approve.

Anyway, I approved and then sent a telegram link to the person to contact me. I figured I might as well hear him out.

For what it's worth, I suspected something wasn't right from the beginning but I kept an open mind. I figured I'd see what the project actually had to offer before making my final decision.

Something fishy

I was sent a PDF file of the whitepaper of the project. It had nice images and stuff but the project itself was making ridiculous promises and sounded really fishy.

According to the Whitepaper, investors(victims?) that give (Coinpocket)the project their money will earn 30% profit every month. Not 30% APR, 30% of capital every single month and can compound it.


According to them, they have trading bots/AI that handles trading. You simply give them your money and they handle the rest while you sip wine at home. Here's a link to one of their Youtube channels.

The whitepaper claimed they're based in California but this is obviously a company created by Rwandans. Here's another video of who I suspect brought this project to life, shilling it on Youtube.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you've not heard this before, let me be the first to tell you that there's nothing like easy money. Getting money always requires serious mental, and/or physical exertion.

Anyway, I looked up their website with my phone and also found out that the website isn't secure. I mean, it literally says so at the top of the browser.


How do you want to manage people's funds when you have an unsecured website? After that, I decided to go a bit further to see reviews in Google playstore and stumbled into this gem of a comment.


Hmm, John thinks it's a scam. Well John, you're not alone.

You see, they tried to cover their tracks with some fake reviews of people claiming how awesome they are on their Youtube. If you check the comment section, you'll find a lot of obviously fake reviews of the project.

Oh, on top of all this, if you go through the whitepaper, you'll find it is riddled with grammatical errors. How the hell are you going to manage my money if you can't do the bare minimum of proofreading your whitepaper.

In summary

I can't have it on my conscience that I shilled a project like this, no matter how much I'll get paid. I'm trying to get rich but I won't be able to look myself in the mirror if I shill a project that could potentially be a scam and hurt people.

I respectfully declined the offer with a worded message highlighting why, but deep down, I wanted to reply "I won't do it because you're a scammer".

Bull and bear markets are perilous times because our emotions are all over the place. Opportunistic projects will come with High APRs that make ridiculous promises.

Don't get caught up in any messed up situation, only trade what you can afford to lose, never give strangers on the internet your coins to trade for you and be vigilant. Always remember that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

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I would never have opened the PDF file in the first place xD
I don't trust people that much!

Living on the edge 😅

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Belemo does :p
I live in the corner xD

Haha, I am standing behind you in that case :p

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I have to keep an open mind, since it could have actually turned out to be something worth the stress.

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Well. I don't trust people, they can impliment virus in the pdf file for all I know :p

I don't might opening websites, but I do check the url and might even run it in a simulartor first or google the business xD

That's why I only opened it with my phone. Phone viruses are easy to detect and can't actually do shit.

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I agree with you. When things look too nice, they are hard to believe and they often have a bad surprise attached.

I had bunch of experiences too, when also people asked me for money promising huge returns, huge benefits. And then they disappeared. And the most successful frauds of this kind, are happening through well established accounts, nice websites and nice platforms.
Those are all traps for chickens, people that do not go deeper into the projects they want invest in

Unfortunately, this project will hurt many people because there will be promoters willing to take the job.

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Good man.

Even during a bear market, there are still legitimate opportunities to make money or at the very least, stack tokens.

You don't need to go down the scammy path.

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Good to inform people about scams.You can setup a VM on your pc to open dangerous files.

A VM, of course! That’s a great idea!

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Not 30% APR, 30% of capital every single month and can compound it.

MMM Reloaded.

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Scamming intensifies

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Easy money? Hmm somethings fishy

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Sounds like Bitconnect. Luna sounds better :)

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Yeah I can really recommend Luna, it’s pretty solid from what I have heard. Not financial advice of course :p

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Damn scammers are everywhere these days.

I hope they burn

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Fucking assholes they are.

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Makes me wonder if there are scammers scamming the scammers. Ethical scammers sort to say. Like robin hoods of todays world :-)

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LoL I know what you mean. Here's what the scammer sent to me after I published this particular post.


If I didn't have standards, I could easily take money from them and still not promote their scam project.

That screenshot looks pretty bad...

But Robin Belemo Hood... I like that name. But yeah we should be the good guys here. I'm glad you have standards :-)

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Stay away! Stay far away! When things sound to good to be true. Well… they are…

It’s a good habbit to look further when something “great” crossed your path. Thanks for sharing the experience in this one!

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