Who is your mentor on the Hive blockchain?

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The hive blockchain is a network of users and communities that lift each other and bring useful and innovative information to the palm of your hands. The reputation of users spreading this information through long and short forms of posting creates trust over time and makes us look and digest that content in special. Besides this, we find through these routine mentors that we follow and aspire to become like them one day. So thinking of that I have only one question for you.


Who is your mentor on the Hive blockchain?

For me, the mentor on the Hive blockchain is @taskmaster4450. Not only that he creates amazing and diversified content with a personal touch and opinion, but he is a strong promoter for the Hive blockchain which I can truly rely on and appreciate. He emphasizes where this ecosystem should direct itself and what it could become if it would exploit its full potential. With proven financial know-how, he sees what the others of us don't, and if others will only listen we could transform this blockchain into an unstoppable force in this industry. Besides this, I enjoy his stocks investments articles and some of them stood at the base of some of my successful investments. One of them is Tesla and I am quite appreciative of that.


Now I invite you all to think and respond to the same question: who is your mentor on the Hive blockchain? Maybe you don't have any, maybe you identify yourself as a mentor or maybe you know or don't the answer to the question. But I am sure anyone has an opinion and someone that appreciates within this ecosystem. So, let's hear it out one way or the other!

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I won't think twice.... His name is @edicted.

Man inspires me in all areas. Full of Wisdom - God's will :)

Yeah, his posts are pretty crazy. You need quite a bit of patience to be able to reach his posts to the end as he throws a lot of information at once. It is like controlled chaos.

My mentor oh the Hive blockchain is @jongolson the owner of the CTP community alongside @blainjones & @elianaicgomes.All three of them show much love & support to the entire community, they're very insightful on what's going on & things coming up. I couldn't ask for better mentors.

I also have the pleasure of learning & getting great tips from @justclickindiva & @lisamgentile1961, they both have given me time of their time & I have talked with them through comments or on discord. And they have added to my knowledge with great tips.

There are a few others I follow & often get great info from that helps me out a lot and if I comment or ask questions, they always respond such as @taskmaster4450, the names are too many to list them all.


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Good question, but think I didnt have that one mentor, but some people who helped and inspired me!
@melinda010100 who was the first one taking me by the hand, guiding me, showing me hive is a friendly universe
Let me mention one other person, who in my opinion is one of the best bloggers here with her posts. I wish one day I will reach this level. @livinguktaiwan also is so friendly helpful and imo one of the true gems we have here.

Being inspired by multiple people and getting the best out of them is a great way to do better.

Yes, learning from the best but also staying true to ourself, this seems to be a good way.

There are a lot of users on Hive worth following. You can check my current following list for that. But the one person that changed my perspective on Hive is @ taskmaster4450.

I was not properly introduced into Hive so I was just wandering aimlessly until I read a post he made years ago that changed my perspective and made me settle down on Hive. 😊

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I feel the same.

Glad to know that we are connected through the same person. 😊

I won't use the word mentor. However, different people inspire me for a number of reasons.

Linda (Canadian Coconut), because if what she tried to build with the family protection community and the real life impact it had on a few people. I believe in the stability of families, wherever you are in the World, and I give her props for still sticking around these parts.

Cryptoandcoffee has been my main inspiration behind being active here and stacking. He changed my perspective with what I could accomplish here on Hive.

Tarazkp because he has been the most relatable of everyone I follow as a result of sharing his personal experiences, being consistent and giving back to the Hive community. He has also been an inspiration for not quitting through thick and thin.

Finally Abbak7 for his endless support, Edicted for his High quality posts and the beautiful Tezmel for her beautiful prose pieces

These are some strong users on the Hive blockchain that bring quality content to the space.

Task is a great guy and I always catch Crypto Maniacs to hear his thoughts on things. There are so many clued on people on Hive, it is hard to pin it down to 1 person, so I have many mentors! lol
ps. came here from Noise.

Me too came here from noise app! And this is what I see in noise, possibility to connect with new hivians, promote posts on another platform and make Mini micro posts.

Great to see that people are bridging also in the other way around (Noise -> Hive) as usually the communities from here would establish themselves on other web3 social medials in order to diversify the revenue streams.

Yes, I've seen a few trying to do that. Hive is the mothership for me.

I'll choose @edicted a great author I will say, his post will make you think even if you are dumb,I learn alot from his post this days and also @taskmastaer4450 he knows what I need sometimes,from his post he explains a lot of things about hive and finance and how we need to move forward,and also is a great supporter of newbies

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Both are great content creators and pillars of their communities.

i don't know man a mentor for me is someone that i talk, is role model to me and guides me. I don't have someone that fits this role here primarily because i didn't make any search or asked someone to be my mentor :p

There are many people though i follow and value their opinion!

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The important thing is to get positively inspired by the people around us and grow with them. Learning never ends.

I would have to say that mine is also taskmaster4450. I didn't think much of engaging as much with others and I was worried about whether or not I would succeed on Hive. Listening to him and taking action was the best thing I could do.

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Smart people think alike.

Taskmaster4450 is indeed an incredible user with a phenomenal amount of knowledge and experience about the financial world and where things are heading.

I often tell myself that if Hive was a country and we had to elect a president, he would be the chosen one.

My mentor here on the Hive blockchain is @khaleelkazi because he embodies the characteristics and mindset of how I view Hive and the positioning I will like to establish here on the blockchain.

Khal for sure is the star of the show acting like a glue for the Leo Finance platform. A true visionary that built a business from zero and still has a long road ahead with all that is on his mind. We are just glad to join him on this journey.

There are many for me who are helping me learn through their nice content and you're also one of them. Taskmaster is definitely one of the gem on hive.
Your content is also good and informative that helps me to learn. Thank you so much for bringing more value through your amazing content.

Truly appreciated the kind words and am glad that my content contributes to and helps others as well.

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I love this article because without a mentor, someone cannot make much advancement and success in whatever field of aspiration. My mentor in Hive Blockchain is @fokusnow, he is infact always ready to help and teach anytime. @behiver thanks.