Being active on Leo Finance brings constant inspiration for writing

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I must confess that when you are more active on Leo Finance through reading, curation and engagement usually you are more inspired about what to write and eliminate the writer's blockage. For example today I had a day easier at work and I ended up hustling on Leo Finance and Hive blockchain and while I was assimilating more information, news, posts, and microposts (through #Threads), more and more ideas about what to write were flooding my mind. Pretty much I have ended up drafting about 5 posts in a day, which I find quite amazing considering some previous days where I simply couldn't gather myself to write anything.


I believe that through engaging more the neuronal links are more active and the mind simply generates new ideas and is more creative. By browsing Leo Finance content not only that you find news and new ways of earning, but your mind connects all of this with your experiences and knowledge and reveals subjects on which you could blog about. At least this is how I feel that my inspiration comes up, always more when I am anchored on a daily basis on this platform and keeping in touch with what happens in the blockchain and crypto space.


Having inspiration and producing content gets us to use more and more the Drafts feature on Leo Finance where we can save our posts for later publishing. This way we will not flood the platform with too much content and allow readers and other users time enough to assimilate the information and messages we want to transmit. At a later time, we can publish the saved content and keep it at a good pace in order to engage the followers and ensure a steady rhythm in producing content. I think this is a key factor and getting this routine will make us be present on the Leo Finance platform and contribute regularly.

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True, when you are immersed in a subject ideas abound. Creativity begins to flow...

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Creativity needs to be started somehow, if you do nothing it cannot flow...

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This is still a beta experience at best. #Threads in full form can be waaay better. Then add #ProkjectBlank We'll have real something to have massive onboarding. #LEO attending some crypto conferences can help attention we get. Once they are on any #Hive Dapp rest is easy. Just get more folks active on Hive :) Have a !PIZZA !LUV

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For sure microblogging brings many benefits, it is imperative to keep improving it and make it easy to use.

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I completely agree. When you run out of ideas it means that you aren't exploring other people's ideas around you. As soon as you engage in a conversation the wheels start turning.

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You said it right - "the wheels start turning" ;)

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5 drafts in a day? Haha. That's MASSIVE!

I understand what you mean. When we read with intent to really understand things from a post, it brightens our mind and ignites our creativity.

I have similar experience ✌️

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When you engage and curate it makes writing a post more easier because you must have get different ideas from different post

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Whenever I spend too much time(like a few hours) out of this world I feel like I've been left behind.

Keep those drafts stacked :)

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