Most undervalued Play 2 Earn games on Hive

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When I initially joined Steem, I saw Steem only as a blogging platform. Even when the community moved from Steem to Hive, there were no big opportunities on Hive. The Hive Engine was in the experimental stage and I should say that even NFTs were in the early stages. Only then do the NFTs start becoming a thing. Splinterlands was one good play to Earn game on Hive but at that time it was not performing very well. It did reward people but not like a passive income thing.

But today looking at the blockchain, we are able to see so many games on Hive. The place has really transformed giving enormous opportunities for the investors and people who believe in Hive. Even I did not imagine I would be a part of a Play2Earn game team. I'm glad that I'm part of this revolution and the next few years are going to be very big and amazing. In this article, I would like to describe some of the Play 2 Earn games we have on Hive that have great potential for passive income.




I don't think anybody would have expected me to mention this game. I know many people stopped playing this game and I stopped playing too. But I'm really glad that the game is still active and there are many active investors too. Many people sold their City and I also thought about it but after Splinterlands had a huge pump, I did not want to sell my dCity instead wait and see if it gives me good fortune in the future or not.

I should say that day is still my passive income source. I have been getting rewards every day from dCity for holding my cards and also for providing liquidity in the market. That way I'm glad that the game is still rewarding and active. Though the rewards are puny, I'm happy that it is at least active.

Rising Star

Rising Star is my next top pick when it comes to the Play 2 Earn game on Hive. I was late to this game. I thought this game was not for me and stayed away from this for a long time. Then I realized this is a good one and I started playing the game. Man, this was so addictive and I wanted to grow by investing a lot of money into the game. I did buy a lot of packs and grew my account there. I'm glad that I made some good decisions and bought some decent cards.

Today I'm able to get at least a minimum of 100 Hive worth of Starbits as earning every month. If I continue my investment, I might as well be able to get more Starbits rewards every day. I also booked some profits by converting my Starbits earnings to Hive. If you are not playing this game, I would recommend giving it a try. This is really fun.


This is the next interesting game on Hive. Many people do like farming and this game gives some opportunity for the same. Planting the crops and harvesting them is something people want to do in their real life. At least we have the opportunity to do this in the virtual world. I'm thinking this game is undervalued because there is a high possibility that this game can transform and become very big. I guess the founder is working on beta and if that happens the game might gain more popularity and attention. I did not earn much from this game yet but I'm just a small farmer in this game. Let's see how far this game goes.

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I have not heard about DCrops, I am interested in learning more about it.

DCity is a good drip income faucet for me, it gives me maybe .1 HIVE per day - but I am super surprised about how much your rising star is paying - does it feel sustainable for you?

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Yeah Rising star is highly sustainable. I get to earn a minimum of 100 Hive per month. Sometimes even more than that. I have also reinvested my earnings.

Thanks for the insider info.

I started playing a few weeks ago and am loving it.

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I only play Rising Star atm because I simply don't have the time for a second additional game. It's still recommendable afaik btw. 😉

Yeah I do have time constraints. Luckly these games don't drain my time so much.

Thanks for your review of play2earn games. I just recently started playing Rising Star. I like it because it is pretty easy to get started. I have some money invested in Splinterlands. I bought a card awhile back and I rent it out. I haven't taken the time to learn any other games right now though. Not that I won't. I just don't want to spread myself too thin.

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Yeah rentals are a very good option in splinterlands. You can rent some super cards for cheap price.

That is a great option to see how the cards work before you buy them. 😀

It is so easy to go down the Hive rabbit hole!

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Yes, extremely easy indeed!😀

Great Hive blockchain games and if you invest in them they can offer a steady revenue and great potential in the future. dCity and Rising Star are killing it.

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Thanks for your opinion.. I am interested in blockchain games developed on HIVE

Me too... just don't know where to begin

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I would start with a free one.

Like RisingStar.

Good luck!

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My favorite game on Hive is Splinterlands. My referral link:

My advice is Splinterlands my referral link:

Hello bro!
Nice description of games. I love playing both virtual and real game.The game you mentioned , I never played .No knowledge of them though it seems very interesting as you describe.I have seen many post about it.I am thinking to give it a try..sprinteraland

Splinterland has a low start up cost.

Rising star is free.

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Yeah gaming going to become the next big thing on Hive. There are so many games emerging. Good to settle ourselves somewhere.

Among these three games, I have been waiting for DCrops beta packs. 2nd Quarter is about to end next month and I wonder what is the latest update about the sale of beta packs.

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Yeah hopefully it should be soon. Let's see.

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Thanks for your reviews about the games. There are so many games any more it is hard to choose.

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Yes agreed. It is hard to spend time on all the games. But some do provide a passive income.

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Really good way to earn while having fun.

Investors on splinterlands have another opportunity on PolyCUB farm with PSPS - PolyCUB .

play2earn is going to be big.

100 Hive a day from Risingstargame! That’s huge! I was already happy to get 0.5 a day or so :p But I just started playing since half a hear or so.

But heck yeah, it’s addicting! I’m checking the game every day since I started playing!

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100 Hive a month, not a day... 😉

That sounds more down to earth :p Still a nice amount of cash flowing in 👌

Hive is a great platform for gaming on blockchain

These are some interesting games you mentioned. Out of the lot, I have a small investment in Dcity that I haven't touched in a long time.
My city is probably rekt by now 😄

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Or maybe its filled with homeless people, and that yields a profit too (or at least it used to).

Check it out and tell us what's happened!

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Hope Hive blockchain games can be more and more.
Have a great day.

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I stopped playing DCity as well and I like playing Rising Star as well. But I couldn't really bring myself to like DCrops that much. I did get a free pack to start off with but it's just like Hashkings where it doesn't really interest me that much.

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I think I am still waiting for my first hashkings crop to grow... I hope they don't die if we don't tend to them right away.

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I stopped planting things because I don't check it often and I don't even know if they die or not lol.

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Aw man.

My chromebook busted and for some reason I can't download my keys to the new one so I guess my plants are gonna be dead by the time I figure it out too.

I am not playing any. But I'm looking forward to starting with one of these. Thanks for the Analysis.

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Have you picked one to start?

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Bala, I would like to ask why there r no dcity giveaways? Like we can start our city with giveaway nfts and create our very first mega mess city?

welcome to listnerd bala ji

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Ah, I must start trying to play these games again.

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I was also surprised to see dCity on this list. It is not undervalued despite having a high value. It is undervalued because it has very little value now!

I think it is a dead project. Only big investors are getting the handsome daily reward.

Small fishes like me are only getting 0.01 plus hive per day!



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Its paying something like a 40% interest rate based off the current rate of SIMs.

You don't have to be a whale to enjoy the Liquid Hive APR.

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I, too, am a fan of Rising Star. !BEER

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