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RE: Ragnarok: Deckbuilding Poker Chess

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I might have missed something... but I assume you can't really have ranged characters kiting because the Chess part of the game is essentially to line up who 1v1s who.

I'm super curious to how this will all pan out, but I'm super mega very curious about the economics of it... and considering that Dan is essentially funding this all himself (I believe) I expect it to be pretty provably fair.

Does anyone know if the NFTs will only be airdropped or mined? Would there be a way to purchase the specific ones you want?


Correct, the kiting thing isn't relevant to this project.
The NFTs are going to be airdropped and mined.

I think this project has 12 devs already.

do you know some of them? 12 devs sounds really big IMO :)