Ape Mining Club has hit 698 users and now has a PeakD Badge!

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If you own equipment in Ape Mining Club, you will be receiving a badge shortly. I am currently processing the current player base to hand out badges. As long as you own equipment in Ape Mining Club, you wil receive a badge.

Once this is complete, a process will be setup to frequently look for new users and add a badge.

Badges are only handed out if you own equipment in the game. If you only hold APE token, you will not receive a badge until you have equipment on your account.

We have hit 698 unique players, this is a massive improvement from just around 160 a few weeks ago.

Ape Mining Club NFTs!

If you haven't heard, there are Ape Mining Club NFTs. Quantity is very limited (currently 2 of each design). The first edition of each have been sold in auction format.


Head over to NFT Showroom to have a look at our gallery.

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Is there a way or method to convert my 10 CPU's into 1 Cloud? It took me awhile to build/buy the 10 CPU's, and trying to save for re-invest to more equipment is a long haul for me. So an option to upgrade to next level would be great so I can get one cloud then start buying more CPU's to build to ten again.

No, one you purchase equipment, it is for life.

Okay, I stick with my plan than thanks.

i magically had a badge for 5 minutes (i dont own the equipment, just some ape)

do you think it will ever be possible to get equipment without signing into the site, perhaps some kind of swap bot or account? i just cant get in, as i have problems with the keychain on my device even after downloading the app.

i m sure im a minority, but just wantes to give my feedback! thanks for yr work

i magically had a badge for 5 minutes (i dont own the equipment, just some ape)

Yeah, initially it was for anyone who had APE, but it was corrected to those who own equipment.

do you think it will ever be possible to get equipment without signing into the site

You can send a memo, just look at https://hiveblocks.com/@apeminingclub to see the memos. It is case sensitive though, keep that in mind.

thank you for the reply... unfortunately, i don't really know what I'm looking at here or what to sift through... perhaps a template could be posted somewhere at one point? thanks for your consideration and sorry if i am difficult!

I have some Ape in my wallet on Hive Engine but have no idea what it is lol let me see if I can learn more..

Nice! My !PIZZA badge was getting lonely. I've been saving up for more equipment, including trying to be ready for the big one when you implement it. Getting close...

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This is a cool bonus! I only have a pizza badge. I think I’m supposed to have a vets badge too but I’d probably need to verify or something.

Lol. No KYC for APE I hope. 😁

Edit to ask is there any way of determining who bought in soonest? I'd like to know if I'm in the top anything. 😁

Stats are released once a week or so with the top 3 in a few categories.

Yeah, but regarding sales, is there a way to determine where I am in line regarding buys? Did I get the 5th one sold? The 400th?.

It's not important, though, just thought it'd be nice to know I was number X when this has a few million people and everyone is lamenting getting here late. 😁

As they are not NFTs, there is no tracking of which edition was purchased and in what order.

Guys, this is blockchain of course there's a record on that somewhere. Let me do some digging @sinistry.

Ok luckily it isn't years of transactions ago so this is what I found:


Think that was the first sell order, unfortunately it seems we are both not among the very first buyers. We're on the previous page.. https://he.dtools.dev/@apeminingclub?page=113&symbol=APE

Quick count says you're in the top 60 or so of first buyers though. If anyone has tips on doing this in an easier way let me know, took some scrolling xD

Cool badges are becoming a thing thanks @apeminingclub, probably good for promotion too!

Dude, I’m thrilled I was top 100. That’s bragging rights. 😁

Thanks for the info !BRO

Enjoy a !BEER & a slice of !PIZZA and tell everyone I think you're cool as f💥💥k! 😁

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Haha sure is! Can definitely tell anyone we were early :-D

you're welcome

Nice. I'm getting equipment to get a badge. :)

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