Bullish AF

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Bullish AF



Do you remember this time last year? In the cryptosphere we were preparing for Bitcoin to “go to the mooooooon”. “Plan B”, of the “stock to flow” fame, was predicting BTC to blast past $100k. That would skyrocket the likes of ETH and Solana. All here moon boys all over the place urging people not to sell. “There’s a face melting blow off top coming”.

.. then all of a sudden blam! 💣💥

One thing led to another and we’re where we are today. The funniest part of it is that, half the moon boys vanished. The other half, Plan B included, simply pivoted and became bears. As if nothing happened. All with a straight face. “Yo, buy our course”

Never follow moon boys. Do research and invest for the mid to long term. Don’t put in more than you’d be comfortable losing.

Yes the above is hard in a bull market when everything is going up and people are shilling all manner of shytecoins. When you see some random bearded redhead suddenly become a “Dodgecoin Millionaire” overnight. It’s hard, which is why the same thing well keep happening over and over again.

It’s all about emotions; fear vs greed.

We are in fear at the moment and the entire bullshitosphere is telling us everything is going to hell, zero, or worse. Sell sell sell! Recession recession recession. Omg omg omg! I’m telling you, there’s so much bad news and FUD that I’m starting to get a little bullish. 😂

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I'm not really sure how selling helps in a recession? Depending what you own, of course 😁.

It doesn't but the idea is to scare everyone that things are going to get MUCH MUCH WORSE so SELL NOW AND HAVE A LITTLE BIT TO SURVIVE the incoming DOOOOOM.