AskLeo - If You Were Given 5 BTC Back In 2011, How Long Would You Have Held?

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Who's giving away cryptocurrency these days? Well, I guess not many of us are doing that. I have only done it a couple of times and I'm not even that wealthy to afford it.

Sharing is carrying and I believe the ones having billions in crypto could make better use of that wealth, but who am I to say to anyone what to do with his/her possessions?

I found this screenshot from above on Twitter yesterday, I forgot the name of the account that posted it, but saved the pic anyway. It's the type of story, in this case, a short story, that restores faith in humanity.

Helping the less fortunate should be a habit for all of us. Even if it's not money, you can be sure that you definitely have something to offer.

So, a homeless guy received 5 BTC as a donation back in 2011, do you think he's HODLed long enough? Well, I don't even think he figured out how to use a bitcoin wallet back then and there's the chance he might have lost or thrown this "paper bitcoin" into the trash.

I'm sure he was happier about the $25 he got than the 5 BTC. Not many of us are visionaries, or able to grasp the value of something in its incipient phases. That sure applies to Bitcoin.

The question for this #askleo post is: if you were given 5 BTC back in 2021, how long would you have held?

I guess I wouldn't have held much... I was probably too dumb and ignorant back then to see the potential of such tech. I have to say that I've become more aware of crypto's impact on the world just after I joined Hive.

Before that I was only seeing these coins as a gamble or just pure speculation.

What about you?

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I know would have sold them immediately the price reach 10k but if I am that opportunity now I won’t do such a stupid mistake

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Give me only 0.5 BTC I will keep it till it reaches $100000 😉🙂