The Holiday - What happens to those who don't find Love?

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The Holiday

It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.
-Vladimir Nabokov
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I can only stop but wonder when Vladimir Nabokov said this, did he take into consideration what might be the possibility that if we don't find that special someone, if we don't find that person that makes our heart tingle, or what if that person doesn't just cross our pathway in this lifetime. I know you can say a lifetime is long and there are many possibilities of encountering someone who will make us smile, laugh and feel awesome about our inner self. Well, I can't convince you otherwise cause who knows? I am not going to be the pessimist individual that tells you you should not open your heart or the street is harsh and love is quite scarce nowadays. We are entitled to our opinions as long as it does not harm the next person, but what I am going to talk about in this review is what happens to does who don't find love using the movie THE HOLIDAY by Nancy Meyers to buttress my point.


The Holiday is a love movie that talks about two career-driven women who feel they have suffered enough from the shackles of love. One is named Amanda and the other is Iris. Amanda happens to be a movie trailer producer, well to do with a life, a house to her name, the dream career, and even the dream car but she lacks the dream man. The one who would love and cherish her for her flaws and even her difficulty in shedding a tear. Unfortunately with every trial, she hits a milestone and her fear of the relationship ending in total failure becomes the reality she predicted. In my opinion, Amanda represents society's example of a successful lady with a beautiful career but a lonely love life, probably because she has buried her time in achieving her goals.


While the other lady Iris also a successful career woman working as a columnist for the renowned The Telegraph, but this time she is still hung up on her ex who cheated on her in the past and in some way due to his emotional need for attention he still gives her mixed feelings. It is quite sad but if you look at it with an open mind, their story isn't quite far-fetched, as we all in one way or another have different issues we might be dealing with, it could be love related or not, but the only difference is theirs was televised.

I'm falling

The interesting part of the movie comes when both ladies decide to swap houses through an online platform where they meet, in an advent to gain a new experience or maybe run away from the harsh reality they were facing. Amanda came over to London and Iris moved over to Los Angeles. At this point, their lives changed for the better and indeed they gained new experiences in a new environment. This proves my point that sometimes a change in environment can help provide clarity and even solution to the current challenge being faced.

It's more than you think

Back to the question in the review, what happens to those who don't find love?

Honestly, in the end, they actually do. It may not come in the way one may expect but it surely does come. Keep the ones who show you pure love and attention close, and I am sure more will come. Like Iris said in the movie:

For some quite inexplicably, love fades; for others love is simply lost. But then, of course, love can also be found, even if just for the night.
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One of the few Christmas movies that I like. Seeing how they show how love is born after spite is phenomenal.

Yes it is. Thanks for your lovely comment.