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Hive prices have been low lately and making many of us a bit unmotivated, I am sure that for many of us that also means spending more time watching things and spending that time elsewhere. For me, I have been spending a lot more time drawing lately, but also watching things I usually wouldn't watch. Taking a break from the film side of things for the most part and focusing on series, some I have seen before and have decided to revist, and some I have heard about for the longest time but never really decided to check out for no real reason! This cycle through various areas of entertainment happens from time to time with me; for weeks at a time I may enjoy watching old black-and-white films from the decades long gone, and suddenly return to the world of anime or western cartoons. I feel like I have been playing a bit of musical chairs moving from genre to genre lately, not quite sure what I want to watch.

Every so often I like to do these more relaxed posts that aren't really focused on reviews, posts that seem more focused on the things I have been checking out, focusing on engagement and sharing things with others and talking about them with the community. I figured today I'd do one of those! So, what have I been watching lately?

I mentioned the other day in a post that I was revisiting The Simpsons having taken a long break from it. Out of curiosity I actually gave one of the most recent episodes the benefit of the doubt and watched it; I have to admit, it was atrocious! I pulled up a random episode on Disney+ and the whole thing was so politically fueled, it was quite strange to be having some Hollywood elites pushing this idea of how the rich are bad and the poor are good, a bit out of touch there perhaps. Though I returned to the earlier seasons and have fallen in love with the show again. I am realising how funny the show really is, and how good the writing is as it explores its vast characters and throws them into all sorts of strange and adventurous scenarios to expand upon those characters. During the evenings while I draw, it's a really relaxing experience. Whenever I feel too lazy to find something to watch, I just jump into random episodes of The Simpsons.

Though my own more adventurous side still remains to some degree, as I have remembered a show I never watched but heard many great things about: Pantheon! I remember hearing remarks on its similarities to the very famous 'cyberpunk' anime Serial Experiments Lain with its narrative that explores the idea of transhumanism and how humanity further connects to the world of computers and the Internet, questioning the extent of what is human at that point. The show had a very anime look to it despite being a western creation, and with some of the animation seeming a bit strange, the backgrounds were really pleasing to look at. With each episode over the span of 40 minutes, it didn't take long to get through the eight episodes in total. I definitely recommend checking it out if you have seen Serial Experiments Lain, the comparison is quite accurate.

Around the same time as this I have been juggling the third season of American Horror Story and Vienna Blood. I did check out the most recent season of American Horror Story, but that completely lost me within the first episode. I decided to check out the second episode too, but still failed to really pull in my interest. With some nice lighting and cinematography, the story sadly felt far too flat and distant from the horror aspects. The third season focusing more on the idea of modern witches has been quite interesting, and I've been slowly watching through that season alongside everything else. Though Vienna Blood was suggested to me by someone that watches quite a fair amount of British television series. I had no idea this show existed! Given how poor British streaming services are and the fact that I don't actually own a television, I don't really have access to them most of the time, unless the shows are licensed elsewhere. This made me realise how terrible these channels are, truthfully. But Vienna Blood is an interesting show, featuring aspects of psychology and crime; but this show has quite an impressive budget, and each episode is over 1 hour and 30 minutes! Quite a difficult show to get into if you don't want something that is too long or takes a whole lot of attention, but if you are up for it, it's worth it. I mention the budget because it feels like a very high budget show, and perhaps I am a bit out of touch in regards to its popularity, though the cinematography seems rather costly! The costume design, locations, and lighting put a lot of other modern shows to shame in terms of their quality.

Switching over to Amazon's Prime Video: I decided to check out The Peripheral, a telling of William Gibson's novel of the same name. A more recent writing of his, and one I am yet to actually read. Though my curiosity got the best of me and I had to check out how well Amazon went ahead with the show. It wasn't too bad from what I saw, but not great either. I definitely expected worse, and I'll stick with it to see where it goes, perhaps it'll finally encourage me to pick up the book! Though Gibson's Mona Lisa Overdrive is definitely my next read.

On the side of films, I haven't really been watching many. I did watch Russia's most famous blockbuster Night Watch, a vampiric tale set in Moscow shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was an interesting watch, I have never seen anything quite like it from Russia before, and it certainly displayed the more western influence in filmmaking and style, even in regards to the narrative, that came about as western influence began to enter the nation as it pushed into the closer realm of capitalism. It came out in 2004 and was shot on 35mm film, so it holds a very grainy, gritty look of Moscow in the early 2000s, while still showing some of that prior Soviet Union look with the economic decay. You may have also noticed that I wrote a little review on Swiss Army Man. Go check that out too! Though that is about it for the film side of things. Perhaps I'll get back into them soon, but I quite enjoy this slight break from them.

So, that's all I have really been watching lately. What about you? What have you been watching? Have you seen any of these shows or films? If so, what did you think of them?


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I watched both Night Watch and its follow up Day Watch ( that was apparently filmed in Kiev, Ukraine ) in cinema, back in the days, probably at a film festival. I think I enjoyed them, in a way but I had also forgotten about them, until now. Wonder how a rewatch in these days of Russia phobia would feel. Don't think I'll go for it though.

Oh and I watched Swiss Army Man, far from what I expected but it sure made me laugh and almost cry too, near the end. All those fart jokes! Just what I needed, I guess, in these days of being down with a cold. Daniel Radcliffe must have had a lot of fun with (t)his part :<)

Just what I needed

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Do you see what I meant when I tried to describe it as a sillier Prince Avalanche? I really like the more serious turn it takes, I think it has a really important persective on life that all of us could relate to. I first watched it around the time it came out, but I don't think it had the same impact on me as the second watch, that was when I really appreciated it.

Night Watch was interesting to me, since I struggle to find post Soviet films. I recently watched the new Adam Curtis documentary on the collapse of the USSR which I think put me in a better understanding of the whole situation when I watched Night Watch. You can really see the western influence seeping through.

Hope your cold gets better soon!

I see the price and I think that motivates me more to create content and by that I'm not saying I'm looking to be better on this platform, but I think more than ever I want to keep writing.

I have a plan for these last weeks of 2022 and that is to watch films that I know I must see like "Aftersun" and "After Yang", there is also "Emily The Criminal", Del Toro's "Pinocchio", "My Father's Dragon", El Menu, TAR and others.

There are also some series and miniseries.

Yeah if you get the support during the bear market, it's actually a very good time to be powering up earnings and building voting power since you gain more Hive per dollar now.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of After Yang. I really enjoyed that film. I need to see The Banshees of Inisherin! I think Colin Farrell's recent works have been improving massively.

I like the look of Emily The Criminal, I'll check that out!

I've definitely been spending time elewhere but because life forcefully dragged me elsewhere and then I was braindead, not because of the prices which I generally only know what they're doing if i remember to pay attention to the wallet page or if people are talking about it xD

I went and read the spoiler-riddled Wikipedia entry on The Peripheral because I was trying to find out if it was a movie I'd seen, it was not. It was fine because I'm in no danger of ever actually watching it anytime soon (I don't watch much).

I think I remember Night Watch, did it have interestingly done subtitles that were built into the movie rather than captioned in? And a guy that flipped a truck? If it was I only remember those things about it and the truck flipping was confusing as I hadn't read the books and either there wasn't any explanation for who the truck flipper was or why he did it, though J seemed to understand as he had.

Yeah the western release of Night Watch did some creative things with the colours and subtitles. It was pretty interesting to see a film post USSR with the western influence of Hollywood present. A strange experience for sure.

Far from being discouraged by the market crash, I've been discouraged by a lot of things that have been happening to me in my life, so I haven't felt up to watching anything, plus we've had power and internet outages on my island, so the few moments when I really wanted to watch some movies or series, I couldn't 😓.

Last week I saw a comedy, I might do a review of it, maybe? I don't know, it depends on my mood for that moment.

That vampire movie you describe about Moscow after the fall of the Soviet Union has caught my attention, I'll definitely look it up and see if I'm up for it on the weekend to watch it.

P.S. I hadn't read you in a while, so you finally decided to renew Amazon? 😅enjoy it!

Cheers @namiks! 🤗.

I hope things get better for you!

so you finally decided to renew Amazon?

Yeah going into December it'll be useful since I'll have to order many things for xmas presents.

I also expect the same soon 🥺...

Oh yeah the gifts! Good decision my friend. I was just looking for the Russian film.

Right now we are not in the best moments of the market and that is something that does not make us a little sad and discourages us in any situation, the only thing we can do is continue, however taking a break is not bad, since it allows us to relax, take off the mind and catch some breath. As for what you're seeing, I think it's the first time I've heard it so I don't know anything about it, but from what you say it sounds interesting and fun, I'll look it up. I hope you reactivate soon and continue sharing each of your reviews.

Yeah Hive always goes through these cycles when the prices go down. People's votes are worth less and they earn less, generally posting/engagement decreases a bit!

I'm checking out four films from the 1940s since I can feel that noir spark returning again! I look forward to watching those.

haha I have also been watching series and movies that are not from netflix or what I usually watch and I found a real gem of japanese anime.

Which ones have you been watching? I noticed you saw Belle. I've heard great things about it but I always forget to check it out! I'll throw it on my watchlist on Letterboxd this time, and check it out in the coming days.

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