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Author: @marivic10

My other self, Netflix series, what do we know about the past of our ancestors?

Hello my movie-loving friends, I hope you are very well, today I am here to talk to you and recommend a series that has exceeded all my expectations, and has also received very good reviews from the public, since its premiere date, I know It is about the Turkish series that Netflix brings us, Mi Otra Yo, this series deals with particular topics, and the great performances by its protagonists, who from the moment you start watching it will leave you hooked on it.


Author: @nameless16

ATHENA - Film Review [ESP/ENG]

Although this year I have seen bad productions, I must also say that I have seen films that have surprised me, have produced happiness and admiration; some of these films have created an impact in the telling of their stories where fantasy and the incredible is an important part of the story, but also with a hint of reality on certain issues that being honest is what most strikes me in these stories; I was able to capture this feeling again with the new Netflix movie that tells a shocking, tragic, entertaining, raw and real story, which at the moment I consider one of the best productions of this platform released this year.


Author: @liveofdalla

VIOLET AND FINCH: "All the Bright Places " A simple young love movie? [ENG-ESP]

Greetings friends of mohiesonhive! today I bring you the review of a movie I saw over the weekend and that like other 1850 I had wanted to see for a long time, I remember when they released the book and I always wanted to read it, but it was a time when I read 1 book a day, so for some reason I misplaced it among the many others.


Author: @ylsecardamonet

La Huérfana El Origen//The Orphan The Origin🔪(Sin Spoilers)

Hi guys from Movies and Tv Shows, today I want to share with you my opinion about the movie the Orphan First Kill, without spoilers as always.


Author: @ibraimpvzla18

House Of Hammer: The generational curse that came to Hollywood

I had to watch this documentary since it came to light but I hadn't decided to watch it because I didn't know how disturbing the story of the people who were involved with the actor Armie Hammer and with the whole family would be Hammer.


Author: @chincoculbert

After Ever Happy : Love and Death || (Eng/Esp)

We all tend want to hold on to memories, the good ones and keep out the bad ones, the first kiss, the first real date, the first word our baby said, the first time they walked, the first time we used the word "I love you". These memories actually keep us alive, keep us going, gives us something to wade the night mares with. I've always wanted to really feel love, to have that strong connection that goes beyond sex and one night stands. I've always yearned to feel something more, something more like a fairy tale.


Author: @jesustiano

Lets talk about Juan of the Dead, the Cuban Zombie comedy

As the phone rings we can hear a voice saying "Juan of the dead we kill your loved ones, how can I help you" and now you know this movie comedy is not for the soft-hearted, only a country like Cuba could have an entrepreneur charging people for killing zombies, but hey, those that you just can't get yourself around to kill, they do it for you, and what can I say, in time of crisis buy land, right?


Author: @belug

Better Call Saul: a smart and compelling legal drama [Eng - Esp]


Today I come to tell you that I'm finally watching the series Better Call Saul and I have a situation: the series is already ending, at least its last season, and I have not let go of it for weeks.



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Hey!! What a beautiful surprise!! It’s an honor to be here, because when I read some entries in the Movies & TV Shows Community, I always admire the creators (most of them) for the dedication in their posts here.

Thanks for picking me, I’m glad you liked the post!! I have to admit that I was very inspired while I was writing this review! 😊

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Been a while... it's great to see my post here...I'm super excited !!!..I certainly hope it's also worthy of curation 🥺...

Thanks a lot for the support ❤️❤️

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you're welcome. keep up the good work

Yeah..I try my best...but it's not encouraging when my post gets highlighted and then skipped during curation..I hardly expect much when I make a post...but looking at this list..I think the votes could have been evenly distributed.. five posts get voted and two merely..I just had to point that out... Thank you and good morning 😊

Thank you guys for the mention.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Good evening, greetings, I would like to ask a humble question, I need friend @jcrodriguez, so that at least you can observe my blog, will it be that it is outside the rules of your community, or I can not participate, I would like to know and please excuse my question. Thanks

Hi. @nara61 I review your blog? o.k.😊 Looking at some of your recent posts in various communities, I see that your posts are very short. Although in this community we don't require a minimum word count, we do select on highlight posts that show effort in analyzing and opining on a movie or series. Most of your posts in other communities are also very short ( 300 words) There are some communities that require a minimum word count. I recommend you read the rules of each community. I think that's the part you need to improve on your blog. Another of my recommendations is that you keep the engagement with the communities where you publish, interacting with other users, reading and commenting the posts of other users, that will help you to make your blog known and gain readers. But the first suggestion is imperative. check out the highlights posts to get an idea. 😊

You are right, many times the signal is lousy, but no excuses, thanks for answering my question very kind of you, grateful 😱😱.

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Ahh I hadn't seen this, thank you guys @moviesonhive so much!!! I really do my posts with a lot of love for everyone here 💞💞🤗🤗