Fungi Lovers digest — October 2021

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Authored by @qwerrie


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ok, enough reading — enjoy the pics!

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@OCD- curated posts

Check a very unusual fungus named bird's nest, macro photos by @teungkulik.


Some irresistable macro fungi cuteness from Aceh forest by @idayrus.


@maulidar found in Aceh forest an unusually looking black fungus - with no iD attached, hard to say what it is -- but looks quite convincing.


Coral mushroom is a cool living creature to find for a vivid macro photographer. @yetaras made his captures at Ukrainian forest.


Another post by @yetaras present nice Boleto mushrooms biodivercity to enjoy.


@yangyanje continue identification of fungi that one can encounter in a Swiss forest. Educate yourself!


Bridal Hood Mushroom granted @duwiky this happy (and quite smelly, lets face the truth!) encounter. Check some amazing macro captures of this bizarre shroom.


Educate yourself about morels from a very intresting and informative post by @suzana72 (note the actual images are the stinkhorns).


@hubbi brought in an intresting visuals of a near-dead Xylaria hypoxylon fungus from Aceh forest.


@jasonmunapasee presented the macros of a Splitgill, a very foto-friendly fungi.


@teungkulik had an encounter with Scleroderma citrinum; nice macros enclosed. I can hear you ask, what about the cooking properties? no, tho it looks like a puff-ball it isnt edible.


See you next time!


Hello @qwerrie. I just delegated 150 HP to the community and I was at the association for mycological studies in my city for fungi identification again today. I am so happy to be back. I also made sure that the community account @hive-166168 gets a 25% upvote from @mind.force also. I love what you guys and girls are doing and I am so happy to know other fungi lovers on the blockchain. Best wishes for the season.

Sorry for not giving a momentary-reply, I realize that I procrastinated with my TNKY answer because, uh... in the past I used to get very excited, whenever someone delegated even a small HP to the community, the size didn't matter, as it was a sign of support.; now it's gone. pls tell me, do you happen to have a discord contacts?

Hello my dear friend. Well, i am always excited about the fungi community. Also highly appreciate your enthusiasm like as if i still remained a child in that respect. My discord is .yangyanje (aka shinobi)#0298 .

hmm, didnt work.. mine is qwerrie#3288 🎈

Wow, what a wonderful set of photos, congratulations to all!

Heh, I was a bit lazy doing reports this autumn. But there were a lot of awesome posts and photos. I will add more reports, in time. Greetings!

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