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Is that an oxymoron? How can I be a SAHM but also a gig driving one?

It’s what I call:

Taking advantage of this gig society we’re in.

My husband and I knew we’d be sacrificing having some of the things we desired once I removed myself from the corporate world and stayed home with our children. It was worth it and still is to this day. We don’t regret that decision we made over twelve years ago.

I think I’d be correct to say that everyone (or at least a lot of people) has been affected by the rise in prices…heck let’s just say the cost of living in general. It’s been a tight squeeze with finances and everyone is just trying to make ends meet. What I would say used to be comfortable living doesn’t feel quite that way any more.

It’s always been a challenge for us to build a savings let alone have what you might call a cushion. With the price of necessities rising we’ve had to restrategize and make some changes by adding new ways to make income.


I’ve used some of these delivery services when ordering food online but I never had interest in looking more into them. That was until my sister got signed up for a few of them and started telling us how easy it was and how much she liked making her own hours. She loved being able to plan out her schedule to make the amount of money she needed to.

I didn’t want my husband to have to get a second job so I told him I wanted to start DoorDashing. It’s an opportunity not only to help bring in more income but for me to get away from the house and grab some quiet me time. I get to meet new people and put smiles on their faces by bringing them their orders. 😁

It’s been going really good so far. I’ve been Dashing now for a little over three months.

I schedule most of my hours on the weekend and work just a few hours during the week. Here’s what I recently made working in just three days time…


The funds I make help pay bills and get what we need for our family. Most of all it helps keep our gas tank full.

I use quite a bit of gas delivering but with the tips I make I’m able to replenish that and then some.

My kids aren’t too fond of their mama being gone so long on the weekends but it’s necessary. They are so used to me being home with them that it feels like an imbalance in their lives. I know eventually they will adjust to it.

As mentioned earlier I like the benefits of having that quiet time away. I pick the times I want to work and can cancel my schedule anytime if something comes up. It’s a no pressure type situation.

Oh and I’ve been getting great customer reviews. You can trust that your order is safe with me 😆…


This is what I do if I can’t fit any more food in my hot carrying bag. Sometimes I get orders with multiple sacks or bags. We can’t have customer’s orders tipping over now can we? 😄

My husband is not interested in delivering fast food but he and I did sign up for another delivery service where pickup will only be at one store location. The employees load your car for you then all we do is deliver to the customers. We’re in the process of getting approved now (oh and this one pays higher than DoorDash 🤑).

I absolutely love taking advantage of this gig society we’re in.

I don’t have to clock in or out but instead simply choose when and how long I want to work. You don’t feel tied down or pressured but at ease because you’re essentially working for yourself…we’re basically independent contractors providing service as a business.

So do I still consider myself a SAHM?

Absolutely I do! I’m self employed but spend most of my hours at home taking care of my family, educating our children and tending to the needs of our household. It’s a win win situation for me. I still get to be at home while at the same time help supplement my husband’s income as we face this high demand for living.


I’m curious to know if you have taken advantage of the available driving opportunities in your area?

Do you know any other SAHM’s that do contract deliveries?

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

Thanks for Driving By ~ 🚙


that's great for you! I'm happy you have an access to that gig sis. I hope you'll make much of what you need and the customers would tip you even more.

Thanks so much! So far the customers have been very generous and some even give more than they need to. 😊

aww, that's touching.

I love this idea of easing your husband to generate income to the family. The economy is not smiling right now with anyone with one source of income. But I hope this combo is not hard for you, taking good care of the home same time doing a gig work. May God bless you and your family.

Thank you! It's been really helpful and has definitely eased some of the stress we were feeling. Yes, a one source family income is so much harder to manage nowadays. We've been pushing it but felt the pressure that something else needed to happen.

Thankfully it hasn't been too bad. Out here the businesses treat the Dashers really well. While I'm out delivering I get free drinks while waiting on orders 😊. I get to pause my work sessions whenever I need a break or a bite to eat. It's really been manageable.

Thanks so much for your comment ~

Wow that's great to hear. Keep the good work and say my Hello to @legomaster

I sure will. Thank you :)

The economy has not been smiling in my part of the world as well and taking advantage of this gig society we are in is a smart move👌. I love your creative ideas on this extra stream of income you began at least to supplement your husband's income...I am sure he will be so proud of his wife 🤗. Doing this, taking care of your children and having your me time as well is a good combo 🥰

Thanks for sharing this useful information as usual 👌👍

It's a really tough time right now worldwide and we've had to make quite a few changes in the way we do things. Thank you, he is very grateful for my willingness to get out and get the work done to help. He just told me recently that my Dashing is really helping make a difference. We've been able to buy some of the things we needed that we've had to hold off on. 😊

I’m just thankful for these types of opportunities that can help us at times like these. I hope you and yours are able to maintain ~ ❤️

He just told me recently that my Dashing is really helping make a difference.

Wow, I love this feedback 🙂

Weldon for all you do ma

You are indeed a role model to so many women 😉❤️👍👏


You are so kind. Thank you so much ~

You are a very good mother for children at home, taking care of the household is not an easy thing, of course you have to be patient a lot, sometimes children once irritate us, but we must be able to overcome it.
At this time, almost the average need is increasing, all the prices of goods have risen drastically, of course, it is very disruptive to our economy.

I appreciate that. Parenthood is a challenge but as you’ve stated we must be able to overcome those. This gig helps me clear my mind and get a break away from all the noise. 😄

Yes, it is all very disruptive and disheartening.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment ~

I've felt what it's like to be a parent—it's not as easy as what we imagined before.
You're welcome @crosheille.

Inflation in the recent years has made the living difficult for almost everyone. While prices has increased, the incomevis same. It has become crucial to add some extra income to the present one in order to maintain the current life style.

The kids of staybat home mothers feel it very difficult toblive without them even for a short while but I have observed kids are wiser than we think of them. Of we explain them the circumstances, the not only cooperate but support.

In my society, a woman delivering items at door steps is quite rare. However, the women are adding to their family income by selling products like make up clothes and jewellery online and/or at their homes. Some women cook food for offices at their homes. This way a supporting hand is brought by them to the finances of the house.

Hope you are doing well @crosheille ma'am. ♥️ Long time......

Absolutely! It has most certainly become crucial. It's been hard to function just on one income so this has been very necessary.

I agree. Children are wiser than we know. Those who are used to being with a parent all day just have to adjust to the change. My children are doing better now as we have explained our circumstance and they are understanding why mommy has to leave them for awhile to help out.

The ways you explained above that a woman is helping her household are the ways I dream of helping mine. At one point I was selling handmade items just for extra spending money. I even wanted to start my own business with such but the market for that where I am is not the greatest. It would take so much time that I don’t have to make enough. This is a much quicker way and we are in a situation where we need now money.

Thanks so much for stopping by. It was good hearing from you. I’ll come around to visit you soon ~ 💓

I even wanted to start my own business with such but the market for that where I am is not the greatest.

Everything isn't suitable for everyone. It is good to know that you are performing well in what you are doing currently.

Thanks so much for stopping by. It was good hearing from you.

It's always my pleasure visiting you ♥️

Have a blessed day

Thank you, I appreciate that ~ ☺️😊

My daughter also doesn't like me being away from home, now I'm working. She's 19 now, though. 😆 It is a shock to the system when they've been used to you always being there all their lives.

I've always heard that these deliveries don't pay well, which is why I've never looked into it here (we usually pay $5 AUS for delivery and depending on the distance I would guess they may only be able to fit 3-4 deliveries into one hour. Minimum wage is $24 an hour for casual workers). For the first time I'm seeing how the US tradition for tipping can help out here. We don't have that, though.

Hahaha even the teenagers want their mommy's 🤣🤣🤣!! It is definitely a shock to them. My kids are always like

You're Dashing again? Will you be gone all day? You always leave forever! 🤣

How is the job going for you?

To be honest, it wouldn’t be worth Dashing without the tipping. The base pay for deliverers is between $2.50 and maybe $8.50. The tips make up the majority of our income. Thankfully most people out here do tip and they tip really well. Customers don’t have to tip but are highly encouraged to, especially those that live farther away in distance from the restaurant they’re ordering from. I’ve actually had two on the spot cash tips on top of the regular one…it was amazing.

Seriously, in the screenshot shared there are more tips than the service payment. In my country, I have never heard of tipping.

In the UK and Australia we use tips as a thank you for especially good service. It's basically a gift of a small amount of extra money on top of the required costs, but we don't often give tips and they aren't expected. In the US it seems to have become almost a requirement to tip, because many people working in serving jobs don't earn a living wage from the pay, so tips make up for a lot of their income. Judging by the screenshot, though, it seems tips are actually the main part of the pay.

Quite informative. It means the tradition and social behaviours have an immense effect on how much a particular work may bring to the table

Yes, tipping makes up the majority of a Dasher’s income. Without tipping it wouldn't be worth doing this service.

It is visible. It's good that tipping culture is there to help you out

For sure :)

Having the time to spend with your children is really nice which every kids need to feel the presence of their mum. The prices of most things are getting more expensive and also increasing in it price which also is quite disturbing in most part of the world.

Disturbing is a good word for it. Sometimes I stare in disbelief at some of these prices. It’s crazy how fast and how much things are changing.

My husband and I were just talking about how we can’t afford to take the whole family out to dine anymore. It used to be a nice treat but it literally costs a hundred bucks or more to feed a family of 7 when dining out. 😳😑

Home cooked meals are essential ~

You made the right decision, I know for sure that your husband will be so proud of you. The cost of living is something else, but we must strive harder to survive. Have gained some tips from you and sure going to put them into action.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

The cost of living is something else

You said it. This gig work is very much needed right now. I am glad to have this available to help my family.

Thank you. I’m glad you’ve gained some tips and I hope you can also make use of services like these in your area. 😊

Only when I learn how to drive😁😃, but I'm gonna harness it into another aspect.

That’s a great idea to do ;)

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That is so cool! Are there requirements like a new ish car? I live rurally so I don't think it'd suit me, but I love the idea of it - that's so cool!

Isn’t it cool?! I am totally taking advantage. Nope, just a working car. As long as you can get to your delivery spots.