Fun and Games on Saturday

in Motherhood5 months ago (edited)

This past week we have been celebrating the Feast of Booths by sleeping outside in tents. It's been an interesting experience and the kids have really enjoyed it. We were supposed to have a big game day on the first day of the feast, but with the torrential rains we had last Sunday, we had to postpone until today.

We started out the morning with some Ultimate Frisbee in the field of our neighborhood. There were two teams and the kids were split onto the two teams.

I had taken Ultimate Frisbee and Rollerblading as a class in college...some 20 years ago. Sadly, I'm not all into sports, so it wasn't a delightful time in class, but I tried to do a little better this morning. Our team did well, but we lost.

Then Daddy had kickball on the schedule. The kids enjoyed playing this game as well. We didn't have enough people for teams, so each kid just had to keep track of how many bases they ran and then we figured up points from that.

I had to run to the store to get hotdog buns for our cookout we'll have this evening with friends, so I missed the next game which was dodge ball. It has been a fun day and it's only halfway through! I'm glad that Daddy planned such a fun day and introduced the kids to some fun games.