Celebrating My Daughter Turning 11 - The Special Plate

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Over the weekend we got to celebrate the 11th birthday of my oldest daughter. We have a few traditions when we celebrate birthdays which make them even more fun! It's a fun time for the kids to feel super special.

One of the main things we do each birthday is pull out the Special Plate. We had one of these growing up, but I don't remember using it a lot. When we got married, I found one of these (somewhere) and decided we would use it for birthdays and other special celebrations.

The Special Plate came with a marker to write on the bottom of the plate with. Thankfully I learned really quickly that it actually washed off. Instead of writing it on the plate, I now write what we used the plate for on the box that it came in. As you can see, one or two of the kids have gotten ahold of the marker and written their own things on the box...

A part of making each birthday special, the kids get to choose what we have for breakfast that day. My daughter chose scones for her birthday. Sometimes the kids choose waffles, scones, or a local bakery.

Another way we make it special is we go out to eat for lunch or dinner that day at our favorite pizza place. The birthday person gets to have a special lemonade as well. It's really tasty and quite a treat!

I also will usually make a cake for their birthdays. Since my daughter was turning 11, I made a sheet cake and cut it in half to make it look like 11. She loved it and added sprinkles to the top that she had picked out at the store.

I am not really very good at making cakes, so I usually just do a box cake. I try to do a number so I don't have to decorate it another way - like a car or teddy bear! Ha! An 8 is easy - 2 round cakes. 9 is a round cake and a bread loaf. And so on.

We also had a party for the girlie. I bought 20 aprons thinking I would have a few left over. I told her she could invite that many, and we came up with 19 friends! One was sick, but all the other 18 girls showed up and had a blast! They sewed their initial onto the front of the apron and got to decorate a potholder with markers as well.

She loved getting to celebrate her 11th birthday with friends and our family. I remember some of my birthdays growing up fondly, and I hope she does as well! I know it was a fun time!

Have you ever seen a Special Plate before or do you have some other way that you make birthdays special?


Happy birthday to your daughter! So great to hear that all of you are happy and I wish you all the best blessings in Panama! 🤗 I have never heard of a Special Plate before that you use. Though when I was about 4 years old, my mama always gave us special plates when we eat breakfast. My sister and I had our very own plate with our favorite Disney princesses on them hehe. 😊

In Germany, my favorite way to celebrate birthdays with my family, is to get ice cream with my grandma and feed the ducks in a nearby lake where my grandma lived. 💓

Happy Birthday! 😀🎉

How fun to have your own special plates for breakfast! I am sure any kid would love that growing up! That sounds like a great way to celebrate your birthday in Germany as well! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Thank you! It was a lot of fun, btw I also want to say that your cake turned out beautifully and I hope you guys enjoyed it! 😁

Thanks! It was a great cake - even for a box cake and frosting! I've never been good at making cakes from scratch, but maybe I'll try some day! We all enjoyed it!

My mama isn't the baker either, but whenever she has the opportunity to bake with enough ingredients she tries her best. Now her cakes look and taste a lot better. In the beginning she made delicious cakes too, but they would never stand up and they'll fall apart.

She always called them "Matschekuchen" in German which specifically means "mud cake" because they keep falling apart haha. 😆 I think you have beaten my mama in cakes so far hehe. Congrats! 😄

Ha! That is too funny that she called them mud cakes. I didn't frost the sides of mine. Just the tops, but they still tasted good.

They look very tasty too! We don't often put frosting on cakes like you do, besides on birthdays, they are more like pies. 😄 Do you make the frosting you put on the cakes?

Happy birthday to your daughter 🎂 I love the idea of a special plate. That's such a cool thing to do! And the cake... looks delicious 😋

Thanks! She had a blast! I am not a cake baker, so it's just a box cake with store-bought frosting. It does taste better than Panamanian cakes though! Ha!

Still, I would! I love cake no matter what their format 😝👍

Beautiful traditions. It is always very special to celebrate life every year counts and that is the most important thing.

Yes, it was a great birthday and celebration! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

you made a beautiful cake, I'm sure your daughter will enjoy it. it looks delicious!

Thanks! It did taste great. It was a box cake and frosting, but it still turned out really good!!

What a beautiful celebration for your daughter. I love the special cake and the apron. Happy birthing day to you Mama xxxx

Thank you! It was a fun day! She was my first home and water birth. 🌸

That special plate is such a lovely idea, and I'm sure that birthday party was great fun, a really awesome & memorable way to celebrate! Happy birthday to your 11 year old, a nice easy birthday cake this year 🎂🎉💖

Thanks! Yes, next year we won't have a 12 cake probably. I'll have to come up with something else...a flower - 6 small circle cakes? Ha!