A wonderful studio that helped me creating my own Holiday Season memories

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Imagine you are in a beautiful wooden cabin and you woke up on a winter morning surrounded by fluffy, white snow. You left the bed quietly and go to the window holding a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with marshmallows. You are taking sips slowly and enjoying your hot drink with a view of winter white wonderland. how will you feel, what is the first thing you will think?

Let me tell you, you won't feel isolated, you will enjoy the silence of nature. Your soul will be refreshed and start feeling alive again, you will appreciate your solitude moment.


Many people only can imagine such scenery those who live in hot-summer or tropical countries. Many people from my country don't have even seen the snow in life, they only have seen some photos on the internet that's it. They don't have experiences with how cold, winter wonderland looks like.

If I need to describe my first snow experiences, I have to go back to 2018. All I can say is it was a magical and refreshing experience and I will cherish that memory always. I am not a fan of snow but I love freshly fallen snow. Too much beauty comes with some disadvantages and to me, winter is like that.

But this post is not about cherishing the beauty of freshly fallen snow, this story is about a studio filled with artificial snow. A replica of a snowy, winter village.



I was not part of this project in fact the studio was decorated by a small company called V-studio. The company and people with whom I work had organized a weekly photoshoot or workshop here for photography throughout the week. So basically, my company had models, clients, and photographers and rented this beautiful studio for one week.

The theme of the photo shoot was a celebration and festival. Traditional Christmas celebration, family photoshoot, and new year celebration in a winter village. Most of the clients wanted nice family photos in this beautiful studio.



The main attraction of this studio was artificial snow, well I have seen real snow but this was the first time I have seen artificial snow in person.

First I thought this whole artificial snow effect in a studio has been created with styrofoam material and cotton. But I was wrong, when I started analyzing the material, I have found out that they have used a material called Sodium polyacrylate. Sodium polyacrylate is a kind of polymer that is normally used to make sanitary napkins, diapers, etc. It is non-toxic, fluffy, and looks like cotton. By mixing Sodium polyacrylate into the water, one can easily create realistic fake snow and here in this studio, this technique had been used to create a winter snowy village.



To create a more realistic effect, they have glued the same material on tree branches. The studio is located at Dudynskio Street, Kholodna Gora near the territorial police station. The studio is very far from my home, takes 45 minutes to reach there by taxi.



After opening the door of the studio, I saw a beautiful dressing room full of beautiful costumes and decorations. Because of the holiday season, the whole room was decorated with a traditional Christmas theme. Also, I have noticed some treats, candies and beautiful cupcakes were displayed at the corner, one cupcake costs 60 UAH. Basically, these cupcakes were for kids. I have seen other studios as well but this one was nice with a lot of space. They also have a separate workshop zone and powder/makeup room.

The whole atmosphere of the studio was so welcoming and cozy, comfortable.



This time I was a guest, a client, and a model, I thought I should take both client and model experience as I work behind the scene. I have done photoshoots before but on purpose but this time the only purpose was to enjoy the moment. I have paid for this shoot.

Anyway, after deciding and changing the clothes, I have entered the main studio where the photographer was already taking photos of other clients. The whole atmosphere of the room was different and I felt like I have entered into a snowy, fluffy warm snowy village. I wrote warm words because we call this snow warm-snow. The studio was so beautiful and magical, I instantly realized why city people prefer doing photoshoots in such studios.

In the middle of the room, a wooden cabin had been created which was located which was surrounded by a lot of snowy trees. To blend the cabin's indoor environment with the snow, a sectional indoor concept had been created. So, you will see the inside of the wooden house as well as you will get the feeling of snow as well. The whole theme was to offer a cozy, snowy Christmasy event to the clients.


String lights, ceiling warm lights have been used for lighting including extra other lights. The cabin was created by the board and wood. The whole design was done by VStudio.



I personally liked the snowy effect X-mas tree, it was so beautiful and well decorated. The artificial snow was everywhere in a scattered way.



Kids really enjoyed their moment there, they were playing with the fake snow and with that small sled. Some of them were trying to play snowball fight with the fake snow and some were busy finding out what's in the boxes.

I must admit this is one of the beautiful family photoshoot studios for Christmas.

20211209_135040 (1).jpg


We can do many things in life to make our life exceptional and happy. A good family photo always reminds us the best day of life in future. Sometimes it's not possible to go out and create our surrounding however we want to. These studios give us the opportunity to create a good memory in life.


Such a cozy and eye pleasant view to see...

20211209_135042 (1).jpg

I went there to created a nice holiday memory for myself, I don't know about future but all I know the time I am having now, I should make it memorable...

That's all for today, folks...

Until next time... Have a nice day everyone...

Thanks for reading my blog...




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It is amazing how everything is created...
Yes, my friend... all you have us now.
We all don't know what tomorrow will bring!

Yes, my friend... all you have us now.

Agree, we don't know what is going to happen tomorrow so I try to make my every day positive and happy.
I really wish that this holiday season will bring a lot of joy, peace, and happiness for us.

Happy Holiday my dear...

I am very like for the Christmas.In December fall snow. In my country still no like that experience.For the Christmas people are using colourful things.

Thanks a lot for reading, yes here people celebrate Xmas very nicely, snow elevates the celebration to another level and people enjoy their moment in this season. Happy holiday dear...

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I still cant get over what a nice job they did on the snow and the tree branches!! Just amazing!

Wow wow wow apo, just osadharon, eto sundor kore sajanu. Amar kache eigula onek besi valo lage. Apo egula ki borof naki tula. Dekhe mone hocche borofer moto.
But osadharon photography onek besi valo laglo.