4 Years of Hive Blockchain Journey - My Wednesday walk in Den Haag

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4 years on Hive Blockchain and I had no idea about it until @hivebuzz reminded me that it was my Hive Birthday. I almost forgot about it. Strange life conditions and life situations pushed me somewhere I had no idea about anything else. Isn't it strange that I forgot about my Hive Birthday where I have spent my 4 years!!! I remember I used to be active 24/7 and used to be involved with a lot of communities and people. I have written a lot of posts featuring my Ukraine journey. But now I barely get time to write something. I guess I have made over 1k vlogs which are still on Hive and other social media and they remind me always how I was before the war. A small part of my Ukraine life is intact on Hive, safe and secure. If I wanna read or recall my memories, I can look into my 4 years old posts. It's amazing.

I am grateful to the Hive community, the entire community helped me the most when I needed it. Not only did Hive financially support me but also the entire community supported me a lot when the war break out. Because of the community people, I was able to leave Ukraine and gathered the courage to jump on the evacuation train from Kharkiv to Lviv. I don't wanna bother them by mentioning their name because the list is huge. More than my relatives, the people of the hive helped me a lot. I remember when the war broke out, my dm was full and most of the concerns were from the hive community. From crossing the Poland border until now, the people of Hive are still helping me and supporting me. In Poland, the Polish Hive family gave me and my dog a shelter, took good care of my big girl, and provided everything for me including travel costs to the Netherlands. Many sent me tips, liquid Hive which helped me a lot financially after leaving Ukraine. Some Hive people had taken me shopping as well. @gtg this time, if you are coming to Amsterdam to attend HiveFest, the pending ramen lunch is on me ;)...

In the Netherlands, also Hive people helped me a lot by sending me goodies and a lot of information about the Netherlands. A very kind person from Hive also provided me shelter when I arrived in den Haag. Even people from Germany have sent me packages as well. I felt like the entire Europe Hive community was still with me. I am connected with them deeply, especially with @asia-pl and @jocieprosza family. There are a lot of things to talk about Hive and I guess I need a whole separate post to show my gratitude. One thing I can say is that behind almost every account on Hive, there is a real person who has a soft heart and a mind to help people like me. Not all people are the same, but many good people are on Hive.



After leaving Poland, I directly went to Den Haag, Holland. I had no idea about the city or where I was going until I reached there in person. Den Haag is known as the royal capital of the Netherlands. In English Den Haag is known as The Hague.

It's a beautiful city indeed where different people from all over the world live there. I was only for 24 hours in Den Haag and later I left for Amsterdam because I wanted to find help from Redcross which unfortunately I didn't find timely in Den Haag. I didn't find much time to explore the city, I didn't make any videos or anything about Den Haag because I was tired and also exhausted and restless.




After sending the night in Den Haag, we went to find some help as we were from Ukraine. At that time Netherlands welcomed people from Ukraine with an open heart :P. So, our first target was to go to the city center of Den Haag to find information about refugees but it was Saturday so everything was almost closed. Unfortunately, we didn't find any information booth or Redcross point in Den Haag so we had to leave for Amsterdam.


On our way to the central station, I saw the beautiful landscape of the city. I felt like it is an organized city.



I did try to do some architectural photography because in Kharkiv we didn't have such kinds of skyscrapers...


The beautiful architecture and skyscrapers really had blown away my mind, some locations were clean and nice. It was the beginning of spring and the weather was cold because the winter was about to leave. So, everything was a little bit gloomy.




I didn't get much time to spend in Den Haag because my luggage and Gigi was with me and I was not a tourist. I was new in Netherlands and was trying to find shelter for myself. These images were taken while going to the rail station...


The weather was not sunny at all, it was cloudy and cold.


I don't remember any locations in Den Haag. I only remember china town and few shops and railway station, that's all. I was actually not in a mood to explore the city.

20220402_112659 (1).jpg

Hopefully next time I will visit Den Haag like a tourists...

Thank you so much for reading...



I am @priyanarc.... An architect, a dreamer, and a passionate writer who loves to write about life. I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way I can know and reach your mind and thought easily...

Find me on:

All images used are captured by the author...


We are blessed to have shared your delightful soul for these four years! Here is hoping for another four, and many more fours after that! 💗


Yes, my whole Hive journey started with you and others, I remember that. You have taught me many things about the blockchain and always encouraged me to move forward. We never met but we are connected... Thank you so much for all the love and support... And thanks for the Hive dear, but it was not necessary :)...

Have a great weekend dear @thekittygirl, love the beautiful cupcake...

Long winding road bringing you to Almere where hopefully you will be able to settle. New city with modern architecture should keep you busy when walking exploring with Gigi.

Wishing you a happy Hive Fourth Birthday with many more to come!


Long winding road bringing you to Almere where hopefully you will be able to settle.

Completely agree and I also hope I will find a safe place for me and Gigi in the future from where we don't need to move again by force. The Netherlands is really nice and almost all of the locations are beautiful...

Thank you so much for the warm wish... It's been 4 years and I can't believe I am still here :D

Most important thing is to find somewhere one feels safe, hope the home come soon to settle completely.

A big congratulations.
Good to know about your recent updates. The photos are amazing so is the place. I hope you are doing fine. Have a blissful day.

Thanks apu, life is going with the flow, but safe. After a horrible life experience, all I can say I am trying my best to rebuild my life again...

Hey @priyanarc,
Happy to learn that you've are all safe and made it to the Netherlands 🙏
I think there is a checkpoint for Ukraine support near Amsterdam Central Station. At least it was there when I visited a couple of months ago.
Hope you'll have a good experience there and you find a good spot. And yes, as you're an architect, there are some great sights in the Netherlands. Once you're settled, you should definitely check out Rotterdam for its architecture as well.

I think there is a checkpoint for Ukraine support near Amsterdam Central Station. At least it was there when I visited a couple of months ago.

Yes RedCross checkpoint is still in Amsterdam Central station from where I got my help 3 months ago. They shifted me to Almere now with my dog...

Rotterdam I heard is pretty amazing and when I was a student I studied some of the buildings located in Rotterdam. Hopefully one day I will be able to see them...

Execellent shots actually considering you didnt have so much time back then, and your head had totally different priorities.

When you ever are in the city of Eindhoven lemme know! Will show you around there with coffees!

Execellent shots actually considering you didnt have so much time back then, and your head had totally different priorities.

Thank you so much, that's really so kind of you...

When you ever are in the city of Eindhoven lemme know! Will show you around there with coffees!

Definitely gonna visit, it might take sometime but we will meet :)

The photos are very good, even though I was just passing through. My best wishes to you and to Gigi.

Thank you so much, that's so kind of you...

Cheer up, better moments will come and they will draw a smile on your face.

Yes, I believe that too, it's a rough time and hopefully it will pass soon...

I'm more than to see you thriving! Out of this whole evil, there's at least something good. Crises may also be opportunities

I'm more than to see you thriving!

I really hope that I won't disappoint you and I also think there will be a lot of opportunities in the future... Thanks for always staying beside me...

♥ Love Fareen! 🤗

Love you guys :)

Happy 4th Birthday and am so glad that you and Gigi are safe now!

Thank you so much, Gigi's health improved a lot... She is doing good :)

Happy Weekend dear...

That is so good to hear, and you look after yourself too :)
Thank you and enjoy yours Priyan:)

Congratulations on 4 years on hive it is such a wonderful and supportive community

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Thank you so much and yes, the Hive community did a lot for me...

Most welcome
Have a great weekend

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