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RE: New rules from Immigration for the refugees from Ukraine in the Netherlands for 2023 - Life Update

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It's good that you can have more time for you and Gigi, I'm worried about the income from a part-time job (I'm used to having less salary than a full-time job), so it's good that you have the habit to save and manage your expenses.
Going back to Kharkiv... well, it sounds like that complicated at the moment, I would like to think that in a few months things will be better and we can return to start the reconstruction.
I wish you that the near future is better.


Yes, I am getting less salary now but for now, it is good for me because I have to work on myself. I am relaxed and have time for my dog... Things are a little bit better now and as I have said, I have room to stay with my dog with heat and that means a lot...

About Kharkiv, it's very hard to say what will happen in the future, to be honest...

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