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RE: New rules from Immigration for the refugees from Ukraine in the Netherlands for 2023 - Life Update

in Team Ukraine2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your update. I haven't been spending as much time online lately and have missed lots of posts, but it's good to see that you seem to be feeling relatively stable. I know your situation is far from perfect, but I'm glad you're finding some balance. Really the best place to be in order to start figuring out a stable future. Love to Gigi!!! Pilot sends her kisses and playful growls and chases.


I am happy to have a roof now for some time and Gigi has a safe place to stay. Life is complicated but it's not bad as before. Things seem normal and slowly getting better. I don't expect much now and am happy that at least I have a place to stay...

Gigi has sent a lot of huggs and kisses to Pilot...