Punday Monday 265! Contest! Prizes! Jokes!

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Welcome to Punday Monday!


Make a pun about the topic of the week,
This week’s topic is Road Trip.
Here's how to make a pun, if you don't know: https://peakd.com/contest/@improv/puns-and-prizes-learn-to-pun-easy-fun-anybody-can-be-a-hit-at-parties


New To Punday?

Pull up a stool, order a spiked PUNch, and get to know some of the regulars. I'm your PUNtender, @improv.

How To Make a Pun

This contest is open to everyone. Here's a handy dandy guide on how to make a pun: Learn to Pun

Rules for the PUN-test:

  • If you hope to win a prize [1 100% upvote per punster, 2 HSBI for a win), your pun must be your original work
  • Puns must be relevant to the topic of the week to win a prize, but they can be very loosely related.

Last Week's Punday Monday:

Here is last week's Punday Monday, and all the puns that were eligible to win this week are in the comments!

Hang on to your PUNderwear. The Winner of This Week's PUNday Monday Is...


This Week's Pun Topic Is:

Road Trip

As in,
How shall I refuel? With gas, I Shell.

I'm So Good at Puns

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I've done extensive traveling across the United States, having been every where from the Alaska Peninsula to Borah Peak in Idaho... You could say that I've been from point "A" to point "B."

Whenever I travel, I make sure to post my travel blog on Punmapple so I can archive it to the Blockchain!

You think it's crazy to do a long road trip these days...Well imagine what it must have been like doing it by horse?!?!?
Talk about a real rode trip! 🐎🐴

Did you hear about the three goat brothers who had to cross a guarded bridge to get to the delicious grassy field across the river? But first they had to stop and pay the troll!

Whenever I am traveling long distances by car, I always make sure to have some heavy road mixes to jam out to-iron maiden, ozzy and slayer are just a few of my favorites to listen to when I'm putting the pedal to the metal!

Someone who prefers long road trips to sleep in his car. When he arrives, everyone is sleeping and he is alone among them. It is a holiday to forget.

Back in my heydey, I was an extreme cereal eater. I would try the various cereals fresh from the factory, at high speeds. Nothing compares to riding through the Texas panhandle at 90 MPH, eating some Kix on Route 66.