The Comedy Open Mic Newsletter - Plagiarism, Comedy Rumble, and Future Ideas

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Authored by @amirtheawesome1



It's been a while since we have done one of these newsletters, mainly due to the business of admins. This also comes hugely due to the fact that we wanted to observe how the community would grow naturally with minimum interference from the Comedy Open Mic admins.

In this post, we will go through the following

  • Our Zero Tolerance for Plagiarism Policy

  • The Possibility of a Comedy Rumble Comeback

  • Future Ideas


Our Zero Tolerance for Plagiarism Policy

This policy, while not exactly new, is necessary for making a more stable community. It is true that we have given many people who committed plagiarism second chances, sometimes even third. However, new variables have occurred throughout the period since the Comedy Open Mic community was first created, which is over a year.

First of all, there's the simple fact that we can't really afford the effort into giving those second chances anymore. Curators, namely @merit-ahama, have to run each post through many plagiarism sites for verification before submitting them to OCD. This process takes a lot of time as some of these often plagiarised posts take different approaches to spot.

Double checking, from @amirtheawesome1, makes this process even longer as each post is thoroughly looked into. Sadly, many times, chasing confirmation of whether a post is plagiarized or not costs some hard-working authors the chance for an OCD vote. To avoid this happening again and in an effort to make sure hard-working authors get rewarded, we can't give people second chances and keep observing them. Especially when we take the growth in numbers since the community was created.

An example of how harmful what's mentioned above can be is something that happened last year.


I don't know if anyone remembers this but there was a time period when our second-chance policy cost us to shoot ourselves in the foot.

The time period in question had a wave of random users posting re-worded plagiarized posts in the community, disrupting the whole process. This wave wasn't even discovered by me, @amirtheawesome1, but actually thanks to a gracious help from @dlmmqb who pointed out what was happening.

The previous policy led to a lot of lost time that cost everyone involved and we simply cannot afford that happening again.

The final reason is simple. We believe that it is within our rights to keep this community 100% reflective of the goals which started it in the first place: a community where funny people have a place to post their original funny posts and get rewarded in the process.

There's a lot more to say about this, but we believe this is enough at this point.


The Possibility of a Comedy Rumble Comeback

There's currently a conversation about the return of the Comedy Rumble. Some changes will occur to the original format as we have learned a lot from our first attempt. We're currently talking to sponsors, but there's an issue which needs solving before proceeding.

The Comedy Rumble requires more than the number of judges available at the moment. So, we're open to people who want to join as judges throughout that period. It should also be noted that the payment won't be too luxurious either, but people willing to help will be compensated throughout the Comedy Rumble and even in the future.


Future Ideas

The Comedy Open Mic community aims to expand beyond just making posts that are funny, but also posts that are about comedy as a subject. This includes talking about funny movies, tv shows, comedians, and different aspects that relate to comedy. So, some of the stuff we're open to and are asking if you are open to as well is expanding toward that space. We don't want to force that on anyone, so we're open to the community's opinions before making that decision.

Another idea is tipping, this will come as an alternative to the usual OCD curation as not every post is going to get curated for a variety of reasons. So, we will start tipping posts that don't get curated due to any reason, including missing the time stamp where a post should have been submitted to curation. So, even if your post doesn't get curated, don't worry, you will still get rewarded for it.

The final idea is...... Well, what do you have in mind? What direction would you like the Comedy Open Mic community to take? Are there any ideas you would like to see us embrace? Do you like the current state of the community or not? What would you change, or what would you keep? We're open to all ideas. After all, this community was created for the people in it.


Please, let us what you think in the comments below.


I'm open to be a judge not cos my name is George but I'm interested in telling @diikaan he's a joke

Will add your name to the list of candidates and let you know when we have the green light to go ahead with the Rumble.

I've always known I'm a joke and I'm quite disappointed that it took you this long to realize it. I thought you smarter than this


Yup, I remember. In my database I named it as

Case Code: Cake Wave!

It all started with people posting cake posts in comedyopenmic thinking it's something related to the community. Then it got attention of organized scammers.

Wherever they move in groups to scam, I move my tents to camp there. Target spotted and BOOM!

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding. It was your first antiabuse experience and understanding me is not easy cause of communication gap.

I am still improving my English and trying to be less emotional.

A small gift to @merit.ahama:

The poem is not mine. It's by one of hive witness (gpt):

Please use this AI text detector to detect AI posts. Have fun!

Yeah, that was a tiring saga to get through. I wouldn't want to even risk going through it again. Thank you for your great effort at the time.

Thanks for the gift hehe 🙂
I like the poem! is more fun!

Well said Sir
We are moving forward from here 🙂

All the best to the community users who keep bringing in good comedy posts, keep it up!

For the Rumble, excitedly looking forward to what they all have for us.

What if the community started exploring the use of original visual content?

It's already an option and some people tried it. We even put effort into supporting more, giving comics and videos higher votes but very few people did those and they later stopped. It is allowed and welcomed still, of course.

I love the direction the community is taking.

I feel like comedy is something we all have the capability To do because we all have a humorous side to us and the only problem might be in it's expression.

Kudos to everyone putting in the work to making the community plagiarism free. Wish I had like a hundred thousand hive to gift out😁

Start with 1 hive. Every cent counts

Thank you, we're always aiming to improve but also without being overbearing.

wow.. can't wait for another show of The comedy rumble am sure this will be greater than the former..

Do you like the current state of the community or not?

The truth is that the measures this community has adapt in managing her activities is pushing us forward already, I so much love the energy at which the admins and mod are working with. Hardly a post goes a day without a beautiful and encouraging comment from them. The community has very well improved. This is my view thou.

Yeah, a lot of effort is actually put into those things. Merit of course does many of those COMmunity account comments, so credit mainly goes to her.

Glad to see this is how you feel.

It is hard work to be funny AND fair ... kudos to the team!

As much as the community now wishes to expand beyond just funny posts to posts about comedy movies, tv shows and comedians, we should bear in mind that a lot of people who come to the community to read posts do so because they want to laugh and smile. I just hope that this expansion doesn't gradually erode the core and main essence of the comedy community which is to make people laugh and be happy

That's more than understandable. The issue, if it's even an issue, is that comedy as a topic isn't discussed on Hive in a bigger picture aspect. Expanding beyond funny posts could lead to many educational posts and fun posts related to comedy expressed by more people. Overall, it's still being considered and your comment will definitely be brought up.

I think you've been doing a fantastic job with this community! I also feel your pain when it comes to hunting plagiarism... it's so time consuming, I no longer submit things I even remotely suspect to OCD.

I'd be happy to help in any way I can with another Comedy Rumble. Judging, coaching, writing, promoting, donating prize money... just let me know what you need.

I no longer submit things I even remotely suspect to OCD.

Exactly that! Merit and I no longer submit suspicious posts as well, and neither does the curator at Sports Talk Social. What makes matters worse is that they don't even admit to it to talk to them on a human level. Using terms like "negligence" or "accident", so I don't even know if I can trust them or not.

Regarding help, we're open to anything. I wanted to measure the community's pulse first.

Anyone who tries to make excuses for plagiarism certainly can't be trusted... it's not the sort of thing that happens 'accidentally', and if it did, the person who 'accidentally' plagiarized should be happy to apologize and delete the post.

Feel free to reach out when you know what kind of help you need, my pulse is always racing when it comes to this COMmunity!

Hello, how are you? Today I was able to read this publication and I was really surprised with the idea of bringing topics of movies, comedies and I made a publication on this topic without knowing anything. It is good that the soul of laughter and good humor communicates in this way. Hey it's hard to see repetitive topics on the platform, almost the same all the time in some users, but really humor is difficult to plagiarize and place repetitive, it's just a very personal opinion. I hope to continue sharing with this community that does so much good to physical and mental health

It seems to me that the community is on the right track. We continue to work for this wide world of blockchain

Thanks to all who stop by and leave their posts, messages and motivational comments

Ummmm... It's recently I started being active here and I've been enjoying what I've seen so far.
The expansions and modifications are okay by me but please, no matter what happens, don't close this Community 🙌

Gracias por las acotaciones, soy nueva en esta comunidad y haré mi primera publicación, espero que sea muy entretenida y me ayuden a avanzar en el trayecto, saludos desde Venezuela.

Thanks for the notes, I'm new to this community and I'll make my first post, I hope it's very entertaining and they help me move forward, greetings from Venezuela.