A WET & RAINY 💦 HIKE TO DEVILLIERS DAM | Table Mountain Range, South Africa

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This was a wet one for the records! I don’t mind a little drizzle here or there, but this time it rained fir the full two hour hike and we got DRENCHED!!!

My sister and I had actually planned a different hike but due to the rain we decided this would be a safer plan. So we headed to Constantia Nek on the back of the Table Mountain Range where we have hiked many times before.

It’s safe because most of the hike is on wide jeep track and because it’s a path with high foot traffic no matter the season.



We started our hike at the Constantia Nek parking lot at 7am and made our way up the driveway towards the boom where the jeep track begins. It’s a steep driveway that immediately gets the blood pumping and your breathing up and it’s just the beginning!!!


Just after the boom you have the option to continue straight on the jeep track or cut a quick left up the mountain side and take the single track short cut. They’re rocky washed away steps with missing treads that are tricky to navigate but we took this shorter option.


The steps linked up to the jeep track higher up the slope. At this point you have the option to take an exciting climb around the Eagles Nest or continue up the zig zag of the track towards the Dams on top of Table Mountain.


The jeep track gets steeper and steeper the higher you go until you eventually reach the steel bridge across ravine. You can’t see the cliff side and because of the mist but it’s usually pretty terrifying to stand along that guardrail.


But the best part of reaching the bridge is that it means you’re at the top of the mountain!!! The next section is reasonably flat and quickly leads towards the 5 Dams on top of Table Mountain. Today we only made it to the first dam but later this week I’m doing the full hike and will post some epic photos. (Hopefully with better weather)



By the time we turned around to head down we were all drenched. And I’ve realised that having waterproof hiking boots doesn’t mean much when they’re filling up with rain from your ankles. The rest of the hike I squelched down the hill along with everyone else.


We took the longer route down the jeep track which added some distance but was definitely less dangerous than going down the steps in the rain.

We got back to the cars with rain wrinkled hands and dripping clothes and feeling ready for a hot coffee.


It might not have been the best weather but it was actually a pretty awesome hike. The different weather really brings the mountain to life.

I can’t wait to get back out there later this week. Watch this space for an epic Maclears Beacon Hike!!!



Setting out into the rain, wise decision to stay on jeep track. Walking in rain is refreshing even though no view!

It was so much fun although I must admit that on the way up I was questioning why we were doing it! But getting to the dam was the best prize.

Getting the the dam, damned wet part of the fun!

Have a great new week!

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It's my dream to hike on such cool mountains 😍😍😍😊😊😊!!!
Love your post it's really give me a real feel of the place ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Oh my gosh! Go and read my other hike posts. I hike about twice a week and post every time so you can see so much of our Cape Town mountains.

I hope you guys weren't still shivering while writing this post because those hands look cold.

I wouldn't dare that because I sneeze easily and it would ruin the day for me but judging from the post, you had great fun despite the rain.

Ha ha! No I’m all thawed out. 😂 It actually wasn’t too cold but very very wet and good fun in the end. My coffee was so delicious after rain!

It would definitely taste great since you felt satisfied with the hiking, you should make me some coffee too.

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looking at the road it seemed very slippery and it must have been a very cold place. very beautiful place.