Admire Linh Ung Pagoda at the end of the day

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Hi, it's me again, how are you all? I hope everyone has a wonderful and meaningful day. Personally, I'm still struggling and busy with my daily work, but I'm so happy that I can fully burn with my passions. The end of the year is a time when everyone is busy, everyone has their own worries. When you are too tired, want to find a quiet place to let your heart have a little peace of mind, take out all the worries and worries of life to give yourself a comfortable and relaxing space, you should go. Where and what to do? I went to the temple, where we let go of all our worries and worries to relax in the sound of the temple bells, the teachings of the Buddhist scriptures, the quiet and peaceful space at the temple door. And by the way, a place I want to share with everyone today is a temple that each of us should visit once in our life to experience the majesty and beauty of this place. This is also a famous tourist destination at home and abroad, which is known by many people as Linh Ung Pagoda.
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Here, since ancient times considered a wasteland, the trees are luxuriant and dense, the hills are undulating and full of stones, it can be considered a sacred salt-water forest that few people frequent.In order to exploit and create a spacious ground like today, the pagoda has had to call for a lot of investment in the merits of relatives near and far, it is true as the late Venerable Master said when opening the pagoda "Opening the way up to the hard work" open publicity, leveling the ground, work hard to avoid hardships"

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Linh Ung Son Tra Pagoda, the place with the tallest statue of Quan Am Buddha in Vietnam. The address of the pagoda is located in Son Tra Peninsula, Tho Quang ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang city. Converging all 3 spirits of Heaven, Earth, and Nhan Kiet, Linh Ung Pagoda was built and formed on Bai But mountain. Son Tra Peninsula is a great step forward in the history of Vietnam's Buddhist development in the 21st century. The pagoda has only been in operation for about 10 years, but the sacredness of Bai But pagoda mountain has been worshiped by locals since the reign of King Minh Mang. The name Bai But was given to carry a meaning of "Buddha realm in the underworld" - based on an extremely miraculous event that a Buddha statue accidentally drifted from the sea into the peninsula, giving the area a special charm prosperous, peaceful. Ba Buddha is placed in a position overlooking the sea, people place her in this position with faith and sacred meaning of being protected by the mother of Guan Yin to protect the beautiful coastal city of Da Nang from the dangers of evil. The extreme changes in climate have adversely affected this place. You know, when I heard the weather station say there would be a storm that would directly affect Da Nang, the first thing that came to my mind in my subconscious was to ask for the protection and protection of the Guanyin Buddha. That is not only my personal belief but also the desire of all people here. The construction of the pagoda was opened and the first stone was laid on the 19th day of the 6th lunar month in 2004, until July 2010, after nearly 6 years of laying the stone to build the pagoda, the pagoda was officially inaugurated. The Venerable Thich Thien Nguyen himself was the one who initiated the call and mobilized Buddhist relatives near and far and was facilitated by the agencies and leaders of Da Nang city to grant land.

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The place is considered a new architectural complex of spiritual tourism in Da Nang. Outside Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda is considered one of the architectural works bearing the hallmarks of Vietnamese Buddhism in the 21st century. Going through many ups and downs of May, the temple is still located majestically, is a place to exchange and organize Buddhist activities for locals and tourists near and far to exchange and visit. The pagoda was built firmly on the mountainside and opened a new turning point marking the development of Buddhism in this romantic city of Da Nang. The main attraction right at the temple yard is the clearly sketched statue of Bodhisattva Quan Am, approximately 68 meters high, her name is holding a bottle of orange juice in her hand, and the other hand is catching the seal as if saving sentient beings always peaceful, calm waves, calm sea and happy and full. When entering to visit Linh Ung pagoda, visitors will have to climb the stone steps step by step to be able to move to the temple gate. The central campus of the temple is arranged and arranged with rows of ornamental plants that are beautifully compressed and trimmed, the middle wall is a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, Bodhisattva Buddha, four Dharma protectors, and 18 The Arhat with different majestic facial expressions and postures gives us the feeling that we are striding into a fairyland.

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After going through the temple grounds, we will come to the extremely large main hall, where solemnly places the shiny bronze statue of Shakyamuni Buddha and many other Buddhas and monks. A special attraction for tourists when coming here is to admire the heart of the statue of Quan Am Buddha, which is considered the largest in our country. Seen from the foot of the lotus calyx, there are countless Buddha statues with many different shapes and postures. In the heart of this statue, visitors can visit up to 17 floors, we will follow the direction from the foot of the statue to the top of the statue's head.





























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Looking down from the top of the statue, we can admire the panoramic view of Da Nang City clearly and very interestingly.Everyone, if you have the opportunity to come to Da Nang, then stop by here to admire the beauty and highlights at this temple. From Linh Ung Pagoda, zooming our eyes forward, we will see Da Nang Bay, a calm and beautiful sea like a picture. From Linh Ung Pagoda, zooming our eyes forward, we will see Da Nang Bay, a calm and beautiful sea like a picture. In the distance is Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, looking a little further will reveal a towering Cu Lao Cham holding the heart of the sea, and looking further away is the majestic Bach Ma mountain range also known as the pass Hai Van floating in the clouds. Behind the pagoda are primeval mountains and forests, which also have a long history of Son Tra Nature Reserve. And an extremely interesting point is that visitors standing in any area, any corner of this temple complex can admire the statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva with the epiphany mountain landscape while performing the exam. The statue has had many times the light shining behind, on the top of the statue's head. The temple is designed with a modern style but still retains the inherent tradition of our country's temples, the tiled roof under the skillful hands of the artisans is curved in the shape of a dragon, the majestic pillars are solid. Surrounded by elaborate and delicate winding dragons, this is a symbol of the eternal tradition of our ancestors and our nation. Up to now, it seems that all the work items have been completed.

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Another very important project that the late Master Abbot cherished during his lifetime was to embellish the statue of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva Buddha standing on a lotus flower nearly 60 meters high. The embellishment of this statue will be carried out by the successor of the abbot himself in the future when full of predestined conditions and merits. I usually go to the temple by motorbike, because the temple is not too far from the city center, the road to the temple is a bit steep, but it has been filled with plastic, so it is quite easy to go. For some reason, every time on the way to the temple, my mind becomes happier and lighter, so the journey from home to here is quite close. It is also possible to go many times, so the familiar road from afar also turns close. In addition to motorbikes, we have many options to move here such as cars, electric cars, or bicycles for those who are passionate about experiencing and practicing sports. For tourists, it is possible to rent a motorbike to maintain the cost of each rental, which is not expensive, only ranging from 120000-150000/day, too cheap, right? On the way here, I can stop by the roadside to capture the moments, the natural beauties left here by nature, climb up the steep pass, I can see a miniature corner of the beautiful city of Da Nang. beautiful, under my feet, is immense. sea, wear blue color under the yellow sun and the serendipitous wind, making people feel very relaxed and peaceful.
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I usually choose the time to come here at 4 am-5 pm, this is the most beautiful time for a kid who is afraid of black like me, go now, the shade of the majestic mountain falls down very cool, it's very reasonable to stop and rest when you come here your wishes, but your busyness as well as what is not good in you gradually disappear, just like going back to Buddha, with your mother Quan Yin, you are protected, told Go back and get rid of all your bad things. After living a dead body in the temple, the sun has gradually disappeared, to give light to the magnificent coastal city at night. The buildings in turn lit up with colorful lights, highlighting an original of this livable city. I sat down, took a sip of the tea I had prepared, and quietly enjoyed the sea breeze and the scenery here. Sitting at the foot of the temple, I am like a baby being protected and protected under the mercy of Guan Yin's mother, I feel secure in my heart, but negative thoughts gradually disappear, instead I feel like a source of inspiration extremely positive energy and I want to mention to spread this good energy to everyone. Linh Ung Pagoda - Bai But has long been one of the favorite spiritual destinations of Buddhists and tourists everywhere at home and abroad when visiting the coastal city of Da Nang.
The pagoda was built in the majestic natural scenery, full of poetic associated with attractive legend stories, this is one of the factors that create tastes for tourists from all over the world for them to visit and worship. When coming to Linh Ung Pagoda - Bai, we will have the opportunity to discover the Buddhist culture, natural landscape, and uniquely diverse ecosystem in this place.
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Thank you for following my post today. Have a nice day everyone


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mấy bạn chụp Linh Ứng đẹp ghê luôn á. Chùa nổi tiếng của Đà Nẵng nên nhiều người viết quá nhỉ :)

Tuy nhiều người viết nhưng mỗi người sẽ có mỗi cảm nhận khác nhau mà bạn, bạn có hay lên đây không

Lâu rồi mình không lên lại đây á, chắc cũng 3 năm lận rồi á..

Mùa nay vắng khách du lịch nên yên tĩnh lắm nhưng lại không được vô chính điện

Ảnh đẹp quá chị ơi, em thích tấm ban đêm chụp cổng chùa

Cảm ơn Em nhé. Chị đi hôm trời đẹp nên bầu trời trong với đầy sao

Chị chụp phơi, nên cái mấy di chuyển nhìn tấm ảnh nó đẹp lắm. Hôm nào em đến đây bay flycam thử :v

Chị sợ khu này không cho bay á Em, an toàn cho chắc

Em bay tầm thấp 100 200m thôi, con máy bay em nhỏ nên cũng ít ai để ý à :))

Chị cũng không rõ nhưng với chiều cao ấy Chị nghĩ an toàn, khu này mà bay flycam thì tuyệt luôn

Em sài con mini nên nó nhỏ với bay ít ồn nên người ta không chú ý chị. Để xem cuối tuần đẹp em lên chụp vài shot ảnh :)

Hóng ảnh của Em nè, hôm nào camp ở hồ mang theo quay cho vui Em

Đi buổi chiều cảnh đẹp dữ vậy Tuyến, Vy toàn đi buổi sáng nhưng cũng k đẹp như này

Hôm đó T đi chiều nên dạo dạo tí là trời tối luôn Vy. Ở đây buổi tối đẹp lắm, đứng trước tượng Phật Quan Âm nhìn về thành phố ảo diệu luôn

Nhìn ảnh Tuyến chụp là thấy ảo diệu luôn này, họ toàn canh đi sáng hoặc trưa, nên hiếm có ảnh tối xịn xò như này á

Trước T hay lên đây vào buổi tối mồng 1 với rằm, đi riết quen lại thích đi vào buổi tối hơn. Nào có dịp Vy đi thử một lần nhé

I've never been here at night, but your night shots are stunning. I will undoubtedly return here.

yay! That's your big shortcoming, the nights here are great and you should get here early

I believe that 6 p.m. is an appropriate time for exposure photography. However, this location is quite crowded; when did you take this photograph?

At the moment everything is very quiet, so you can take pictures at any time you want, there are no tourists here so it's not as crowded as before.

Xạo nữa, người ta vẫn đi cầu nguyện đông trên đó :)) Này chụp giờ trễ rồi chỉnh lại Wb cho xanh đúng không

Nhưng mà vẫn không đông như trước, nay nhiều người còn ngại dịch nên vắng vẻ hẵn

Mà tấm ảnh đó đẹp đó em.

Cổm ơn lời khen của bạn nè 😍

You always have art photos in your post. Great.

Thank you friend, I'm happy that you like it.

Bạn chụp được mấy bức đẹp thật. Chọn thời gian quá hợp lý 😄

Cảm ơn bạn nhé, bạn có thường xuyên đến đây không

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Thank so much !!

Thank you for sharing. These places looks beautiful and peaceful. 😍

Thank you very much. I hope to see you soon in my beautiful country Viet Nam.

Chụp ban đêm xuất sắc quá

Cảm ơn Thượng nhé 😊

Biết tên luôn

Ủa, Alo có nhầm không vậy. Biết chứ sao không hầy

ngôi chùa đẹp quá .

Cảm ơn Anh nhé, có dịp ghé chùa tham quan nha Anh

This place is just super beautiful. The architecture is top notch!

It's a really good place for personal reflection and relaxation.

Yay! This pagoda is located on a peninsula of Da Nang city, 3 sides are forest and in front of the sea. Here you can fully enjoy the nature and peace of the temple.

No doubt about that.
Thanks for sharing!

very nice post

Thank so much ☺️

Magnificient and valuable place!

Yay! Thank you very much!!

làm sao c có thể bắt được các góc chụp nghệ thuật vậy ạ 😄 quá đẹp và quá siêu luôn c ơi 😍

Thanks so much! Hope you will come here in the near future.☺️