The second day in Pleiku city – Visiting two must-to-visit destinations in the daytime.

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In the second day in Pleiku, I have 2 places that I need to visit before moving to Da Lat city. One is about 15km from the center of city, one is in the city itself.
According to the map, Minh Thanh pagoda is very near me by only 1km. So my priority will be the 2 lines of Pine that are hundreds of years old.


At the height of 800m above sea level, 2 lines of Pine is known as the most beautiful road in Sea Lake area, Pleiku city. According to the local people, this Pine lines was grown in the French colonial time and continued to exist at the moment. There were some broken and rotten Pines have been replaced and pricked in. The government has tagged the number plate into each Pine for the purpose of managing it easily. At least 3 to 4 people can hold its tree-trunk completely.


On the both sides of the road, there are 2 large plantations of tea spreading over 1000 metres. Tea in this area remain from XX century and become one of the good product in Gia Lai.


In Sea lake, there is also a great famous pagoda which is called “Buu Minh”. This pagoda is the oldest one in Gia Lai province, it was built in 1936 with the name “Phat Học” pagoda then renamed to “Buu Minh” as the current name. The most thing attracting me in Buu Minh pagoda is Prayer wheels. That is the reason leading me here. The ancients said that turning prayer wheels and doing the visualizations would bring the great benefit for that individual and others.


Standing in the middle of the road, I see I am the center of attention. Sea Lake is extremely truly beautiful, it is corresponded to the rumour.
Well, I did not want to overstay here although it is so attractive to me. I came back to the center of Pleiku to visit the second destination: Minh Thanh pagoda...


Located in no.348, Nguyen Viet Xuan street, Phu Hoi Ward, Pleiku City, Minh Thanh pagoda appears in my eyes with a simple small wooden gate. I am nearly missed this gate because it looks like a gate of local people.
Go inside the gate, it is totally different from with what I thought. There has been a Guanyin standing in front of the pagoda, next to her is an ancient tree holding the protecting shadown and branches right up to her head.


Normally, I do not burn incense when going to the pagoda, so there is no exception on this time. On the left side of my hand is a line of Arhat statue with a lot of emotions on each face. I notice that there are some strange symbol written on the wall, it looks like the Chinese language or other one. Though I do not understand what it mean, I cannot take my eyes go out of it.


On the right side of my hand, there is a beautiful road leading to the center of pagoda. I follow and look at two sides of the path. This scene reminds me the Japanese temple.




Inside the campus of Minh Thanh Pagoda, there are over 3 areas with 2 of it are available for tourists visiting and taking pictures, the rest of it is in the process of construction. The campus of pagoda is decorated by a lot of bonsais and stone statues naturally. I lift my head a little to watch the Presbytery. It is a huge one with 2 staircases in both side and a large one in the middle. I have a strong impression to the color of the wall and the architecture of it. The building brings an old royal framework in the model life.






Inside the building, there are 3 ancient Buddha statue that has been existing here for a long-time. I know it thank to the flaking gives the real color on these statues.
Standing from the first floor of the main building, the whole landscape in the next area looks as a peaceful place of Buddha. Walking down along the road leads me to the second place, I see the back of a Buddha standing in the middle of a small lake.




Around the lake, they grew a plenty of weeping willow and other trees.


Inside the lake, they also planted lotus and created some mini scenes which are very harmony with the Buddha. The Buddha statue stands in the position of looking for the new building which is in the process of construction.



There is also a great tower on the left side of me which I cannot pass it out. The red color of flamboyant blooming in front of the tower attracts a lot tourists taking pictures and watching the scene, and so do I.


I notice that there is a small house staying next to the flamboyant. In front of the gate there are 2 lion statues sittting in 2 sides as the mascot guarding the main gate, and the wall is covered by the climbing plants. These things reappear an antique scene which remained in the past.




The rest of pagoda is decorated by full of bonsais, pillars and statues of Buddha, it contributes greatly to well-aired space for visitors.





Minh Thanh is not only a typical pagoda but also a splendid destination for one who is looking for peace, stillness and release stress and fatigue.



Finally I almost have enough time to visit those places after 2 days staying in Pleiku city. To start my new journey, Da Lat city will be my next selection. Let’s wait and see what I feel about it via my eyes.
I am appriciated for all, for your precious times spending to read my blog. See you soon...


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This post right here, is where the meaning of the word ''ancient'' can be actually felt... @tuocchu has made a lot of effort capturing and sharing his experience in those great temples of Pleiku city.
Amazing job! <3

Much appriciated @mamalikh13 ^_^

The whole place looks like being break from a different world but that path with huge trees on sides is my favourite. I've never seen something alike other than in movies or games so I can only imagine how beautiful in real life is 😍

You may definitely travell and enjoy the natural life a lot, dear ^_^

The place has kind of a lost place feeling. A bit like taken out of an Indiana Jones movie with being within the jungle. Thanks for this :-)

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Thank youuuu ^_^

From nature to buildings they are truly beautiful. They are wonders to behold.

I like the tea trees lining up on the road. It gives the surrounding a relaxing vibe.

Indeed! I feel happy when knowing that the government tries to keep it without cutting down the Pines or reparing the building in order to take advantage from it! Thank sister a lot for these great words ^_^

Beautiful ❤️

Much appriciated @dishant018 ^_^

Wow! These sceneries are wonderful, really beautiful, i would love to see this for myself one day but thank you for showing me such beauty;its so satisfying, especially that monochrome picture with the statue in it, i really love that😇