The trip over Hai Van Pass with my friends

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There is a majestic pass located between the boundary of Da Nang and Hue. Have you been here?



For many young people who are passionate about backpacking, Hai Van Pass is the road that many young people want to conquer the most. In the routes through Vietnam, Hai Van Pass is well known for its rugged terrain, but it is spectacularly beautiful and majestic.
Hai Van Pass is about 80km from Hue city and about 20km from Da Nang city. It cross-section the Bach Ma mountain range (a part of the Truong Son mountain range runs close to the sea - Truong Son mountain range is the most majestic mountain range in Vietnam), the pass road with the other half is the mountain range, the other half is the valley is deep and at the foot of the mountain is the coast, around the pass, is covered by high mountains along with the deep hole of the valley combined with the beauty of the coast looking down from above and the image of fog covered. A unique beauty only in Hai Van pass. Hai Van Peak is 500m above sea level. The pass road is very winding and quite dangerous. In the rainy season, this route is even more dangerous because of the risk of landslides. If you want to come here to conquer this pass, you must first check the weather forecast. Besides, please carefully check the motorbike engine before going, and wear warm clothes because it will be very cold when entering the pass.

A corner chosen by young people to stop and take pictures is the "corner of death". This is a rather dangerous U-shaped corner, you can go to google search to see pictures taken from above looking down, in general, at this part, please pay attention to drive carefully!


We are no exception when choosing this corner as a stopover to rest. It was only 3 pm but the fog was still very thick and quite cold, I and my friends stopped to admire the scenery and take pictures. Looking down from here we can see Lang Co Bay - Hue looks very poetic and peaceful.


Due to limited time, we didn't stay here for long. There are many stops here for you to explore. There are small cafes located among the mountains, foothills, and seaside. There are small eateries with dishes imbued with Vietnamese identity. Along the mountain range, there are also stops with small tables for you to sit in harmony with nature, sip a cup of tea, coffee, and admire the scenery at the foot of the pass. In particular, there are long-standing historical sites that still exist here. In general, Hai Van pass converges all the elements, including beautiful scenery of mountains and sea, long historical sites, and dangerous corners.
I don't know when I'll be back, but that day will come soon. I won't miss this place because it's amazing!


When we got out of the pass, it was already 5 pm. The fog is gone and the sky is bright, the birds flying in flocks looked relaxed and free above. Say goodbye to Hai Van Pass and promise to come back here on the next trip!



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I must say that there was a beautiful fog, you couldn't see anything at all

Yes, even though it was only 3 pm, we had to turn on the motorbike lights all the way because the fog was very thick.

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😍Thank you

You're welcome @teng7! Have a nice day 😊👍

That's my favorite place to chill in Danang, too. The feeling of driving motorbike there was great, thanks for sharing, @teng7

It's really good. Thank you!

What a bummer you had with the fog indeed because the views from there are awesome. I drove there on a scooter once, passing through Danang city centre. The traffic was something else I found with so many many scooters.

But cool pass it was indeed!

Thank you for your comment. Maybe it's because I have poor cold tolerance, so I feel quite cold there. We drove motorbikes from Ngoc Hoi district - Kon Tum Province, it took more than 5 hours to get to Da Nang, we had to go to Hue city on time (where I registered to study) to register in the dormitory, so we missed enjoying the beautiful scenery here. But next time will probably stay here longer.

The view is very stunning. I wish I am there.

I hope you have a good day @teng7 .

😍 This place is great. I also hope you will be here. Have a nice day!

A pleasant experience, fog and all. Beautiful pictures. Congratulations and blessings!

Thanks for your blessings. I'm really grateful❤️

That is an amazing trip, my friend.😍

Thank you, my friend🤗