Conquering The Hedge Maze And Our Adventures On The Redberry Farm

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Well Hello There Fellow Travelers And Hivers!

It was the day after Christmas, what's it called again? Boxing day or something of the sorts, or at-least what it's called in my country. When I was little I genuinely thought some people had boxing matches the day after, and till this day I've no idea what it really means.

I'm sure google will beat me with an answer, but where's the fun in that?

We made some plans for the day after, (Boxing Day) and we both went on a limb that the shops and places that we wanted to visit would actually be open. (They should be? It's holiday seasons it must be prime time for them?) at-least we went out on a good gamble!

I approached this morning a little bit different, you can see the Betty running towards the car, well I suppose everyone can guess why?

Yeahp she forgot something in the house, not once but twice!

What I did was I waited for her to tell me that she's done and ready to go, only then did I really get up washed my face and brushed the teeth. I started way after her and somehow the Betty forgot something! Laughs but we love them til death!

As you can see the Betty running back to the car because she forgot her glasses in the house, guilty as seen in the face!


At-least we still had the whole day ahead of us!


The Redberry Farm Adventure

What's the plan for today? I have to say it's not like we put much planning behind the day! We simply discussed it last night with a coffee before bed, and somehow the plan came to life and started to unfold!

It was a 40 KM drive to George perhaps a little less, we had to turn off before we reached George so there's that. The drive to the Redberry Farm left us staring at a massively beautifull landscape, it somehow felt like I was driving around in the UK, strange how little one actually see of your own country.

Great dry grasslands spanning next to the open road


Mountains in the distance, what a more serene landscape one won't get easy.



Jaw Dropping Mountain Ranges

Stretching from the one side of the horizon to the opposite, everywhere you look mountains surrounds you, and when there is no mountain insight you are left with the amazing sight of the oceans spanning in-front of you and mountains closing in behind you!




Despite the drive being a way off, we were blessed with beautiful sights, and we could even see the enormous Redberry Farm off in the distance with it's side pushing up the mountain.

Heaps and heaps of strawberries hidden in those plantations!

There was plenty to do other than picking your own strawberries, that was merely the bait they use to get you here and then have you craving for more of the sweetness they offer you!

No doubt I fell victim to that master mind trap!

The Redberry Farm entrance


Two tickets to The Hedge Maze please


Entrance to The Hedge Maze, once entered you must return with the 7 seals


The Hunt For The Lost Seven Seals

The hunt for the 7 seals that would grant us the freedom to exit has begun!

It started off okay, we found two of the seven seals straight of the bat, and that was where we were slowly losing the traction we gained at the start! But we kept on and kept on until we had six of the Seven!

Once we found the seventh one, well I want to say I wish I could show you the excitement on my face. But no need for that, I have a photo a bit later in the point!

The start of The Hedge Maze adventure


They had a platform on which you can do some scouting to sort of trace yoursteps in case you get confused at where you started or where you ended up.

I can say with all confidence that the platform was of no real help. We went to give a scouting on top of it maybe twice and never went back. It shows only one little stall peeking it's head out and then when you get to it, there isn't anything there.

A tricksters game, I would say!

A photo of the maze from the deck in the middle of the garden


Well this was the fake seal station, I think a lesson is to be learned here!

Not all is the way it seems!

Trickery at it's finest!

The seal station carrying no seal


Discovering The First Seal Station

Let's forget about the fake seal station, that doesn't count!

Let's pretend this was the first!

Even though the excitement of the last seal station had us overwhelmed, finding the first one also sent jolts of adrenaline pumping through the veins! I don't know it was more fun than either of us thought it would be. Finding all of the seals took a lot longer than it felt! It was genuine fun with my life's partner and if I had to do it all over again I would! We shall do this again when we are in the area!

I felt like a pirate claiming my treasures!

The Betty planting the first of the seven seals!


Just look at that excitement!


Hurry up love we've more to claim!


I don't know it might just be me, but I found the hedges made for great photos! Provided you can miss some of the traffic through the maze! I took more photos than the storage on my phone can handle! Most of the Betty

We shifted the leading roles! I led, then the Betty led. And so forth.

It's not fun walking behind and not being able to lead! So compromising is best, oh and it's a game played with more than one player! Running through the maze alone, well I can't see how that can be anywhere close to entertainment!

Photo's of the Betty


The Betty saw me taking photos


We Got The Seven Seals!

Finding the last seal seem to have been the hardest! If you zoom in on the photo, you can see that it was a train on the last stamp spot. Well let me tell you we've been searching for the train since the start of the whole adventure, everywhere we went someone asked us "have you seen the train yet?" And the answer was always no, once we got down to the last one and saw that we only needed the train we had nothing else to do than wander aimlessly or well with some aim around in the maze!

We almost got to the point of giving up, we wouldn't have given up but I think the thought lingered in both our minds! "How long are we really going to commit to the train seal!" Well we came down a long narrow hedge that had no turns and the person who came down it, asked if we got the train yet and we said no, and he pointed us in the right direction, I don't think it's cheating? Do you? I mean we are all playing the same game! Rowing in the same boat!

See all seven seals planted down!

I think both of us got mad with excitement of finding the last seal!


The Wooden Door

Believe it or not, this door gave access to a certain section inside the maze, if you by some chance made a mistake and closed this door most of the players would have to go through the tunnel located somewhere on the map. But how to get from the door to the entrance of the tunnel I simply do not know.

Laughs Laughs!

A giant wooden door, reminds me of Game Of Thrones!


This was the end of the maze for us, we simply had no reason anymore to wander around in search of seals. We found them all and we had to move on with the plans for the day. We still got some stuff to do at the BerryFarm. We bought three buckets and with that price comes the freedom to pick strawberries as you like and fill your tub all by yourself.

This no doubt gives you the opportunity to pick the ones you fancy and well you can eat one or two in the field!

The Betty Chucking he door open after I almost closed it on myself!


Off To The Giant Strawberry

We sort of messed up here, we bought tickets to the maze and with it the three buckets of strawberries that we could pick, but they also had a bundle where one could take something extra for less money but we only saw the package deal afterward and well we could have scored a free tour of the strawberry house, well at-least I think so. Or you could have climbed the ladder to the top and take a photo perhaps. Either Or I don't think we really missed out a lot though!

But why must that stop us from taking a photo next to the gigantic strawberry?


The Betty in all her proudness next to the giant strawberry


Look my strawberry!!



Pick Your Own Strawberries!

Of-course it's mostly always the two of us. It's not a bad thing you know spending time with your other half. But we're almost never able to take photos together. Because of no one being able to take photos of us. So we both take turns and get a snappy of something for the other one. Atleast we have the memories eyy!

The Betty posing stylishly.


There was a vast number of fields to pick from, the "reception lady" or well the lady who checks that the rules are followed, well she sent us all the way to the bottom to pick from the fields that are "ripe" no doubt they might have been, but I chose a field in the middle somewhere and one that has no one lurking in it. I have to say, we were blessed!

A vast number of fields we could pick from.


Picking your own strawberries well, it's not as fun as many might think. Don't get me wrong I absolutely loved it. But the plants are itchy and you have to go through a series of gooey strawberries and insects jumping around just to see if the one you want to pick really worth it is.

Getting filled quite quickly, oh but wait. There is more!


Don't be fooled, I bought two tubs. One tub is never enough!


If we count the Betty's tub we have three in total! Can you imagine! Three tubs full of strawberries! I don't think I've ever been so spoiled! Hot Dayummm

We will be eating strawberries for the next week thrown over everything.

Are we eating eggs and bacon topped off with some strawberries? Yes sir we are!

A glimmer of proudness in that smile, I wonder if it's because she knows that she is overstepping the rules.


It was a strawberry farm, what else would fill the racks of this little shop? Anything and everything strawberry related, any berry related cream, shirt, salts. Everything by the looks of it!

Most of the sweets on the shelves! You guessed it! Strawberry!

It's a neat little story with some cute and fancy little things that people love to buy. Little soap sold in a sleeve. Well I name that, because I wanted to buy that crap, can you believe. I've no use for the sleeve once I started using the soap, yet I still want it! Why?

Little shop with everything you want to touch!


I have to add, the adventures didn't quite end just there! On the way home from the Strawberry Farm, we had a little break at Elvis Brew. The original plan was to have a sit down lunch and enjoy a cup of coffee. But as life would have it you cant always have your way now can you!

Upon arrival at Elvis Brew it was busy, and I mean real busy. So busy that neither me or the Betty even thought of taking a photo of the inside of the building. It would seem that the place is sought after! With that said, we are planning on going back once most people have returned home. Perhaps we can snatch a spot somewhere and watch the planes take off over the runway!

Elvis Brew Coffee shop next to the highway.


Ending The Day With A Peacefull Sunset

It's not the same as the sun set I witnessed a few days prior to this one but it felt a lot more subtle. If I can use the world subtle.

A few yards off someone strummed wildly at his guitar and sang as if he was performing on a stage for a crowd, no doubt he had a crowd but most were friends and/or family! However his singing added a nice vibe to the atmosphere combined with the sun setting!


This is part of a series based adventure, in case you missed some of the previous posts give them a quick scroll through.

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Keep in mind the events of this post takes place after the post The Day Before Christmas Made For Donuts And Beach Vibes.

To everyone who made it this far into my post Thank you for the read and the support.

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Sounds like both a fun and tasty activity, haha! Loved it! And I'm craving for the season when I'll be able to eat fresh berries again :)

It was insanely fun! We thought it would end up being boring but there was alot of people doing it... So every now and then you run into someone and then both parties try to exchange information as to where a stamp is....


you never managed to get to the destination where you were being pointed to.... Because.... Well... Its a maze😂😂👀

But it was fun... The berries even more so😂 paid like $2.5 for a tub... Insane ey

Haha, that's the maze's business..making people confused and trying for endless times to get tot the finish line, lol! Would love to have a similar place in my country too. Not to mention about that crazy price for a tub, which is very cheap!!! 🥰

going on an adventure with a lovely one is really fun, best couple 🤩

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What's an amazing farm? I hope to have this farm with something like this in my area too, simply the special time to spend there. Oh, well I thought the strawberry would be attract my attention more since I love them even though it is sour sometimes, but with the sourness I dip it with salt and chilies which the taste is so amazing.

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