Canal Journey to Tixall Wide

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Hail to the Hive!

We continue our journey on Badger the Narrowboat to Wales but in this segment we make a slight detour and come off the Trent and Mersey Canal and onto the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal to visit a wide section of canal called Tixall Wide.


We set off mid morning and it was a little chilly and the skies were grey, but with no rain in the air it was quite pleasant and the scenery beautiful.


The night before we had moored opposite a graveyard or “ underground hotel” as I refer to them and we were now venturing off into new territory for us. This was the reason we chose to do this. To explore.


Now we are exploring new waters again everything has a freshness to it in my eyes, be it the farmers fields, trees, building that pass by and of course my personal fetish favourite, the bridges.


Even though we left Asia behind 10 months ago after 7 years in the Philippines the memories are fresh and the canal has reminded us of our past before with the Filipino named boat ‘Mabuhay‘ and now this one called ‘Asia’. It triggers a wry smile on my face and at this time my mind wanders to those I know out there struggling to rebuild their homes recently devastated by Typhoon Odette.


It is on the chilly side but the Trent & Mersey canal is pleasing me with its twists and turns and interesting views. I don’t know if it is just because it is new to me or not, but I am really enjoying the cruise.


We pass through new locks and lock houses, @millycf1976 is very confident with the locks now. A seasoned cranker with a few hundred locks under her belt over the last 10 months.


They all have their own unique quality and characteristics. Very few are exactly the same.


As you travel from one part of the country to another you notice that quite often different building materials are favoured for bridges possibly due to geographic logistics of the availability of stone & bricks at their time of construction. Or sometimes the preference of the land owner perhaps.


We only have 2 locks to do between our starting point in Rugeley and the junction near Great Haywood. We are approaching the second.


@millycf1976 hops off to go and set the lock for Badger to enter.


And in she goes.


Once through it wasn’t too far to the junction.


We stopped first to fill up with water and empty the trash and then turned off onto a brand new canal for us, The Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal.


The marina with all the boats on the right is where we got our water fill and emptied our waste. Alot of boats side by side. Something I don’t enjoy, being moored in such close proximity. I prefer to be away from it all.


It is interesting to see the different ideas for fitting out and configuring a boats layous and access. These 3 side by side are a good example of 3 different ways to design the bow area of a narrowboat.

Which of these 3 do you like?


I like the middle one with the side door and the large window. It’s clearly winking at me so I think it likes me too 😉


Once past the marina it was a short journey to the part of the canal known as Tixall Wide. Constructed wide because back in 1771 the landowner Thomas Clifford didn’t want his view spoiling and so refused to grant permission for the canal to be dug unless they made it very wide and appear like a lake.


Well he’d be annoyed now as there’s a road going last it now and he is in the flight path to Birmingham airport. Probably a good thing he’s not here to see that.


But what a legacy he has left.


It is an absolutely stunningly beautiful section of canal with wide water, llenty of wildlife and when we awoke the next morning and the sun replaced the grey skies the entire area came to life in all its natural ( all be it man made) glory.

We’ve decided to moor up here for a few days and relax. It’s gorgeous.


I can imagine that we perhaps wouldn’t be the only boat here if it were summertime so yet another vote from me for winter cruising.

Looks like we are not alone after all as. Kayaker paddles by in the morning. So peaceful here.

I think we will return as it really is quite special….





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Thanks @livinguktaiwan and the @pinmapple @haveyoubeenhere team. Made my morning 😄. Enjoying my morning coffee with a smile on the Narrowboat thanks to this!

"millycf1976 is very confident with the locks now. A seasoned cranker with a few hundred locks under her belt..."

Haaaa... Let's just hope she is 0-100 on falling in and getting wet. I bet a few of the seasoned crankers of daze gone by have had a few mishaps. Tell her to watch her step please...


And if she does take a splash, please snap some pics and share that also... LoL


The canals are shallow so if anyone falls in the rescue drill is sing bob marley

“ get up stand up “ hehe but ad lib it and go " stand up for your life "

Now that is frikkin funny. I wondered how deep they are. Probably different everywhere you go. But not very deep.?

Sing Bob Marley... Priceless


Wow. This is so cool. I have never seen or heard of canalboats especually in such narrow canal. Very cool and the scenery is so beautiful.
Love it.

thanks @joalvarez . It's a pretty unique way to live. We are enjoying the exploration

Yeah. I bet you are enjoying every moment of it.
Can't wait to see more of it.

The North West of England and Wales is a magical area, which makes you come in lie duen des, elves and so many characters of the enchanted forest.

I lived many years in Europe (Italy) and a couple of times I travelled as far as London but I could never go further. I would have liked to see the whole region.

Greetings and have a nice year @scubahead.

Viewing it sll from the waterways is really cool as it’s a great vantage point and very slow and peaceful

Beatifull pictures dude ! my rewards ]! looks amazing place

Thanks @chuitocastle . It looks a little different this morning though haha


Waoo is so different by the fog obviously haha. I still think the site is great

Yup we were going to move today but I’d rather wait til tomorrow when the fog clears as its new territory we are passing through and I want to actually see it haha

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Is really interesting that this canals can serve as a medium for transportation.
It feels like you are conveying goods. I see lots of wood logs.

they used to be used to transport coal, wood, clay, pottery, cotton and all maneer of goods but these days it's pleasure boats and liveaboards. We live on our boat and we have a log/coal burner for heating. The wood on the roof is for our log burner to keep us warm in the winter

Makes sense now.

Beautiful scenes, but that last one....WOW!

it went from grey sky one day then clear, bright sunny the next and now it's pea soup foggy haha madness!

Hahahaha.... what's wrong with pea soup.... ;) One of my favourite soups! :D

great food put not good for seeing through 😃


I'm loving your posts. There is so much charm in the countryside there. Thank you!

I still find it amazing that you can travel and live this way. We still have so much more to discover

You can bet I'll be watching!

Beautiful images and perfectly captured reflections in the water… great job!

Thanks @miljo76 its a lot easier when the scenery is so beautiful

Beautiful scenes. It's so cool

Thanks @daikinman. Totally different this morning. So foggy you can't see 20m

Extremely colorful pictures. These look amazing. Is this the natural lighting and a regular occurrence there?

Thanks @timoremoti. Depends on the day. Went from grey skies to clear skiy overnight. Today it's completely foggy with 20 m visability. Seems every day something different and extreme at the moment.

I'm loving your posts

That's a great trip you having, this reminds me of Peaky Blinders, the Birmingham.