The making of the chariots for the Car festival

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Massive amount of workmanship devoted for making those cars


Puri is a place which we often visit, Lord Jagannath temple, Puri being our main attraction, followed by the longest golden beach. This is one of the four holiest of the holy places (four dhams) for Hindus, Dwarika, Badrinath & Rameswar being the others. This is where the world famous Car festival happens about which I posted earlier. We visited Puri few days before the Car festivals on my daughter's birthday, when those cars were being prepared. And as I said, unless you get a call from the Lord, its impossible to get a glimpse of him. And that call came in the form of an invitation from one of my friend - his son's thread festival was being arranged at his native place at Puri.








So we started the day by seeking the blessings at our temple inside the society. A birthday must start by seeking blessings from the God - that is the culture we teach to our kids. Puri is around 2 hour drive ( 60 km from my place) and the roads are quite good. We have to park the car and either walk or travel by buses run by temple administration, but then there is the nice rickshaw experience, that we always take, when we are there.




We still have to walk but these rickshaws can take you the farthest possible stops. Since there were dedicated places reserved for making of the cars, they were stopped before the usual place, and now let me present you the logs that are used for preparing the cars - they are massive in size.








You can imagine the workmanship devoted to make the cars - hundreds of people work to make these cars, and it is prepared fresh every year. The use of cranes make it a bit easy to port them to the yard, where they are finished, but finally people assemble them in pieces to make the chariot. Isn't that amazing ? And let me tell you the numbers - 865 logs of of three species of length varying from 3 feet to 20 feet are brought to build the chariots, every year. Then they are cut into around 4000 pieces of different shapes to make the chariots. Finding these many woods every year is a massive challenge, and the government takes care of finding them, procuring and providing to the temple administration, all free of cost. And some of these trees usually need 80 years or more to attain the girth that is needed. Many devotees contribute these woods as well, but over time the scarcity has appealed the government to start a special afforestation program, to ensure future availability, though it will still need a long time to get the benefit. And after the car festival, these woods are dismantled and goes into the temple kitchen, to cook the Mahaprasad, that is believed to be consummated by more than 30000 people every day.






We were lucky to get the glimpse of the God, as the temple has some fixed timings based on various rituals performed every day. Coming back, we did not miss the opportunity to capture some snaps with those cars in making.




Does that give you an impression of how big the sizes of these cars ? I will keep the rest for my next post.

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o.o wow, sure they take a lot of wood, time and work into it, I fear about the balance of the nature as these trees may be important for the ecosystem, yet they are reforested and alternative agendas as i readed on the comments below so this is hardly a problem i guess, great to see you took your family and show them their roots and traditions, kids needs to learn the value of traditions so they don't abandon them :)

I hope that the reforestation will be done in time and if it is not in danger of stopping this beautiful custom and ritual Greetings to your family and you!

Yes, that is the expectation, it should provide a long term plan. Though environmentalists are appealing the govt to bring up an agenda to use some alternatives, knowing that, it touches sentiments of millions, the govt will not try to convince , not at least in short future.

Wow it is so great to see something as historied as that festival and the community it brings together.

We have our kids make soap box derby cars once in boy/Girl Scouts and are done with it. These people are taking it to the next level.

Awesome to see these creations get used again afterward as renewable resources need to be cared for most of all.

Awesome workmanship!

We have our kids make soap box derby cars once in boy/Girl Scouts and are done with it.

That's impressive.

Not compared to the workmanship in that festival!

You guys do it up right.

Well, nothing can compare to the workmanship in the car festival, after all the festival is itself world famous, bringing in millions of people. And I forgot to mention, many of these people work for almost free, offering their workmanship as a devotion towards the Lord.

a festival to make wooden cars is great and you can see that it is many years old, it must be a great job to be able to assemble all the pieces and form the vehicle. In addition, sharing with the family is something that is priceless.

😊🤙 all are looking good in those pics! reminds me of my own 2 kids. also 1 boy, 1 girl..

yes, such work/devotion to make those cars.

that's really impressive, look forward to see you next post.

By the way, your daughter is very pretty, just like her mother, you have a very loving family.

Thank you so much.

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great that festival of vehicles to see so many people having fun is great I imagine it has been held for several years

More than 1000 years..

That's a pretty cool tradition. Those cars are impressive. They look massive. I see that there is some detailed carving work on them as well. Neat!

ello dear friend @sanjeevm good day
The culture of your people is admirable, and it is good that you are teaching these traditions to your children.
Amazing the enormous work they do in the construction of these vehicles
thank you very much for sharing your traditions and the beautiful images
enjoy the weekend

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There is really a lot of festival celebrated in India which is awesome and I appreciate you sharing this which is really nice with the lovely pictures taken.

wow. those circular wheels made out of wood are quite marvelous. they must be SO heavy. and look at that carving!


Its massive workmanship, these carvings are just at initial stage, a lot of finishing goes till the final stage. If you have seen those videos, then those chariots are like temples with lot of carvings.

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Wow. Those cars are huge! That's great craftsmanship.
So you mean all the wood used to make them are being burnt to cook the Mahaprasad?

Wow I really love this,indians do celebrate lot of festivals I wish to be there to witness it someday

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