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Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with the weekend edition of the #TravelDigest. Today our Top 3 Pinmapple post will take you to a hidden village in the Vietnamese jungle, then we head over to visit some historical towers in Romania and finally go on a night tour of the capital city of Netherlands. Enjoy!!

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and the curation trail. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Journey to a hidden village in the middle of jungle by @chillychill-2606

" With a population of less than 300, the villagers in Viet Hai mainly live on farming, fishing, and aquaculture. In recent years as tourism demand has grown, many family households have turned to eco-tourism, with the aim of keeping tradition alive while being environmentally responsible. Viet Hai has become an ideal place for domestic and foreign tourists who want to immerse in nature and explore the forests and mountains"

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🥈 Let's travel together #212 - Turnurile Cetății Sighișoara (Towers of Sighisoara) [Part 2] by @gabrielatravels

" Even though it was initially built in the 16th century, it also became a victim in the fire from 1676 which had no mercy and destroyed it entirely, so 60 years later people worked on bringing it again to life by creating everything in a hexagonal shape that reminds of the baroque style that is so prominent in Sighisoara.While its name makes you think about shoes and other similar aspects, there is no information about this thing or what it used to be in the past, but only the position that is occupying in the 21st century, namely of sheltering the local radio station."

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🥉 Evening Sparkles In Amsterdam During Winter Months by @fernwehninja

" The Dam square is the central highlight and one of the busiest areas close to the Amsterdam Central Station. There will never be a boring moment chillin’ here due to tons of shops, restaurants, interesting architectures, and museums to explore, it's no wonder that the Dam Square is one of the top favorite list worth visiting advised by travelers!"

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Honorable Mentions

  • Church, Vodnjan, Croatia by @borjan
  • Town, Hartenbos, South Africa by @fermentedphil
  • Palace, Ratu Boko, Indonesia by @macchiata
  • Village, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria by @vasilev89
  • Town, Avignon, France by @mipiano
  • Temple, Ha Tinh, Vietnam by @thuyhang
  • Cave, Ninh Thuan, Vietnam by @daotam
  • Ceramics village, Hanoi, Vietnam by @bugati88
  • Mountain, Vancouver, Canada by @charsdesign
  • Biomes, Farewell Spit, New Zealand by @mproxima
  • Villages, Isalo National Park, Madagascar by @kieranstone

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      2nd place, yay! Great way to start the new year! Thanks for this! 😊❤️

      Hey there @gabrielatravels , congratulations!! :)) How are you? Hope you are having a good new year start indeed 😇

      Hey hey! Thanks!

      I hope so too, can't figure out yet if it's a good one or not, lol, but I'm waiting excited to see what 2022 is bringing with it!

      Hope you are safe and had nice holidays ☺️

      Yes, all good and the holidays just flew away so quickly :D

      Ok, let's all see together what this 2022 will bring :))

      Happy to hear that! Hopefully it will be a good year for all of us ☺️

      As always, it's a pleasure to feature you

      Thank you very much for the honourable mention!

      You're welcome @kieranstone good to see you continue sharing your Madagascar journey with us

      Amazing pictures and information