Travel Digest #1434

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Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with today's edition of the #traveldigest. Today our Top 3 Pinmapple posts will take you to kayek a cave in Vietnam, visit a stunning museum in Russia and finally we will go on a hike along the Argave coast in Portugal. Enjoy!

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and the curation trail. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Kayaking In The Underground Phong Nha River Cave - My First Trip Of 2022 by @dung-huong

" With our flashlights, we continued into the dark narrow passage, where we were surrounded by amazing stalagmites and stalactites. We discovered that we were far too little to camp in this location. We halted at the river bank inside the cave where we left the kayaks and found a good site for dinner after kayaking about 2.5 kilometers inside the cave. Fresh spring rolls, cheese laughing cow, breads, salads, biscuits, and more bananas were served during our dinner. "

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🥈 The Ermitage- from a gold-plated peacock clock to the military gallery by @marytraveldiary

" today I want to tell you something about the Ermitage, in which I have been a little longer ago, but wanted to share with you the impressions in any case! It is located in St Petersburg near the Neva River, which flows through the whole of St. Petersburg. Close to the water, the Hermitage looks even more beautiful:) I visited it with friends in one day, but if you are planning a trip there, I would recommend you to visit it in 2 days, because there is really a lot to see and it is almost impossible to do it in one day without missing some nice parts."

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🥉 A foggy Hike in Salema by @betterthanhome

" We actually went there because we wanted to see the footprints of the dinosaur that were discovered in 2001 by geologists from the University of Lisbon. But due to a very high tide we were not able to see them from close up but from the stairs leading to the hiking trail. It also was a bit tricky to get on to the stairs as we had to wait for the right time when no waves come in."

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Honorable Mentions

  • Park, Medellin, Colombia by @besamu
  • Road trip, Cappadocia, Turkey by @globallocal
  • Marine world, Durban, South Africa by @cryptoandcoffee
  • Temple, Hanoi, Vietnam by @sunnyvo
  • Garden, Dalat, Vietnam by @kimloan
  • Mountain, Toledo, Philippines by @glecerioberto
  • Monument, Aceh, Indonesia by @maytom
  • Cham Island, Vietnam by @sallydoan
  • Space Center, Florida, USA by @beardoin
  • Walk, Edinburgh, UK by @hoosie
  • Waterfall, Karelia, Russia by @apnigrich
  • Hike, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia by @lizanomadsoul

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      Thank you @LivingUKTaiwan and @pinmapple for the highlight, it is something that's always welcome and appreciated :)

      Thanks for the tour of the space center, there aren't that many around the world, so it's always nice to see something different

      A inglés (EE.UU.)
      I was totally impressed. You certainly deserve the recognition for such incredible publications. I congratulate you all, I hope I can keep getting to know amazing places around the world through you. Thank you @pinmapple for the amazing work you're doing 😄👍.

      You're welcome, and glad you enjoyed reading the different posts around the world

      Made it to the list again. 💪🏻 Thank you so much! 🙏 Congrats to all included in this travel digest. 😁

      Thank you so much @LivingUKTaiwan for the support. We will keep sharing our journeys on this. Happy New Year from Vietnam!!!

      Look forward to them @dung-huong and happy 2022 to you guys as well

      Hi @pinmapple and @LivingUKTaiwan. I'm really grateful for your support. Thank you so much and happy New Year to you.

      It's tricky trying to keep the balance between the original natural beauty and adding tourist location that doesn't spoil it, hopefully this will be a success

      It's really difficult, but humans can take the initiative. I also hope people will be conscious of preserving what belongs to nature. Thank you for your kind words.🙂

      Nice one

      How do I get my post on the map

      Write a good travel post, and pin it on Pinmapple just click on the 'get code' at the top of the map and follow the instructions or check out the FAQ to get your post on the map.

      Thank you i am so happy to be top 2 :)!

      Congratulations „ all.

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