We traveled to the past.

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I don't think the original owners would have thought that it would turn out like this today.

This is a historical wine farm in the Western Cape Province of South Africa that was started in 1682, by the early settlers in the country.

In the early days after the settlers landed in a colony in Cape Town, one of the bigwigs in the government sent scouts out to explore further inland.
Now South Africa is a very big country and you can imagine guys on horseback going about in the wilderness to look at the land. Of course there were also warring tribes about and it could certainly not have been a pleasant experience, but the scouts brought back reports of heaven on earth, due to the lush growth, rivers and mountains that they saw.
It is with this in mind when we go out to explore in our little car.



This is the Blaauwklippen wine estate and it is a beautiful farm kept in pristine condition.

You can see and read more about this historic farm in the link below;

Founded in 1682, Blaauwklippen is one of the oldest wine farms in Stellenbosch, celebrating 340 years of heritage in 2022. Shaped by centuries of heart and soul, people remain at the heart of our living legacy that we share in abundance with contemporary design and artisanal flair.

So come and let me take you around with my camera.







This was also where I found these trees below that I posted previously on my blog.




And finally we were on our way again.

So, for those of you that travel to South Africa, make sure that you visit the wine estates in the Western Cape for a pleasant experience. To sit with a top class meal and a prestigious bottle of wine in the cloud of witnesses that worked and passed through these farms over the centuries, is a wonderful experience. One gets that awesome salient experience strolling around in the lee of the imposing mountains and looking at the beauty in the surrounds. Love for the land is displayed in neat and orderly rows in the vineyards and everywhere else.
I think that this is one thing that mankind got right, as we are supposed to be managers and not destroyers of the earth.
It was great to walk around here in the crisp and fresh mountain air and one gets that heavenly feeling.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Right Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

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I think that this is one thing that mankind got right, as we are supposed to be managers and not destroyers of the earth.

I totally agree with your statement above. We should not only benefit from nature with all its offerings to us. But we also have to care for and manage it for future generations after us.

It's nice to know the history of this plantation goes back 340 years. It is very well managed. The neatness is also very amazing.

I also really liked your first paragraph. You take us to imagine hundreds of years ago seeing the wilderness there. Scouts were early pioneers, and finally turning it into a lush plantation there.
Have a nice trip

Thank you and yes, you are correct as it is our duty to nourish nature. But as long as mankind chases profits, nature will continue to suffer. Just the same as the poor people that we are working with.

They call them generational farms, passed down from each family owner to the son and so forth. Some of the historical farms have also been taken over by big international companies, so money is not a problem to keep things neat and tidy.

Those scouts were tough guys and they crossed many mountains on horseback that had no roads. Later on the families started moving out and they hoisted their ox-wagons over the mountains with ropes.
Imagine pulling a stripped oc wagon over a mountain and assembling it again on the other side. Even the live oxen were pulled over with rope slings.
Fascinating stories.

Thank you and have some !PIZZA

When i will came here definitely i will visit this place because view is charming

Glad that you liked it and yes, we have many tourists here.

It looks like a great place to go for a quiet walk :) ... And so green too!!!

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Thank you and we went out today on a tour to a wine processing cellar right next to the mountain.
High up on a last hill before the mountains and fantastic views.

Thank you also for the curation.


Wonderful :) Did you see many animals?


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Nope, only some raptor birds, Nguni cattle and a big Blue Crane bird.
Here is the Blue Crane.

But you will not believe the fantastic sights inside the wine cellars.


Did you hear about the farmer that fed his chickens avocados?
All you could hear around there was “guac, guac, guac, guac.”

Credit: reddit
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Let me guess, there were bottles of wine?

Is the crane made of wood??? He looks a little stiff, but I really had to look twice!


Hahaha, hundreds of thousands bottles of wine my friend :)

Wood? And you had to look twice? I think you will have to make an appointment with an optometrist :)

Wood cannot bend down to feed! Unless it is Willow wood :)

He is very much alive and taken at about 500 meters away.


😂 I've never seen one hold his head quite like that 😲 Maybe I need to look at more cranes :) ...


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