We wanted to go further but it was not possible...

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Everything started with a mysterious hand-painted board that José saw next to a road when traveling towards Bilbao... It stated: I sell snails. What you would think seeing the same? I would be at least surprised, but thinking that snails can be used for culinary purposes, it is not anymore that weird. However, the artist who saw it, José, was intrigued and it seemed surreal to him. But little by little, the idea was rolling in his mind and it took shape. He will make snail stickers. He will make resin snails!! Wood snails. Fluffy soft snails. Bigger and smaller ones. Adapted to different environments. All kinds of snails, that just our imagination could create.



José Miguel Piñero is an artist from a town, Alcoy, in Spain, not so far away from our place. As I mentioned, he got the idea from seeing that hand-painted board, and a whole bunch of different snail-personalities came out from his workshop, well, first from his mind. As the mushrooms in my post from a few days ago, where all they had a secret life, and they were singing and hanging out and telling me stories, these snails were telling their adventures already with their appearance.



Some of them were old... very old, from the times of black and white movies. They came from Hollywood. Imagine, how much time they needed to arrive, at Albir in Spain? And, the real enigma is, how did they cross the ocean? Ah, ok. in movies is all allowed and possible... I understand now.



Some snails were musicians also, clown-musicians....playing some funny music there and entertaining the crowd. Others wanted to be scary. Showing their bones and asking me, why not see another thriller movie right now? However, some soft toy appearance, very cute snail got the attention of a small boy, who was playing around with them. I am wondering, what the snails said to him? I will have to ask that young man.




And still, there were so many other differently designed snails, that they ended in a collage. Hope they like to be together this way, as otherwise, this post would be a long scrolling down because of the quantity of the photos. So we have also puzzle-snail, nature-snail, wood-snail...


...abstract shapes-snail, Santa-snail, planet Earth-snail...


...roses-snail, mini-snails, sunset-snail....or even a person wanting to come out from the shell... How cool is that one? There is another similar one, and it is even more interesting.


...mosaic-snail, a person coming out from the shell-snail, lizard-snail.....all of them sunbathing in one sunny day in my small town, somewhere on the coast of the Mediterranean sea.


Well, I left two of them in big size, as how could I put into the collage this one that is responsible for taking measures and sizes... so it stays in this form. Also, the Santa-snail. I have to think and behave well, so he doesn't skip us when he decides to show his generosity, soon.



Quisimos ir más lejos pero no fue posible...

We wanted to go further but it was not possible...


We wanted to go further but it was not possible... That is the last snail that comes in this post, as well, which gave the title to this post... I would like to show more of them, however, it is not good either if too many nice things come in one post :) But you can always decide on a small trip to Spain, and visit the artistic snails! So, for now, we say goodbye and I hope you liked this slow walk among these interesting creatures! Which one was your favorite snail and would you like to have some of these in your garden or house? Feel free to let me know in the comment section of this post, I would be glad to read from you!




Snails I won't find after I step on them. iheart the way you ended with we wanted to go further.


Yeah, it would be a bit difficult to step on one of these :p unless, you are the luckiest giant... :)

Ugh, snailification I see here. 😎. Congrats! They look awesome! 😎 👏 😎 !LUV

Hey, thank you @seckorama, I am glad you liked them ;) They were awesome, indeed ;))

Ohhhh so cool!
Are the all in one place or scattered around the city?
Reminds me a bit of the Wroclaw Dwarfs, but those are all over the place and you have to go look for them.

In one place just. Oh, I remember the Wroclaw Dwarfs, they came to hive, if I remember well :) But for the dwarfs, you have to go around, yes... This thing is that snails are slow, so they decided to just stay in the same place :))))

Thanks for the snail walk, that took a loooooong time

In the land of snails, time doesn't fly that fast ;) Thank you for checking these cute creatures out 😇🐌

Very inviting and informative. I especially liked the coming out one, I think they're genius all together. If I ever go to Spain I would be hoping to see them and take personal photographs.

All together, yes, all are nice, and I like too the one who is coming out ;)
Well, I liked them all of course 😇

Thise are some interesting art pieces and some cool designs. I think I liked the skeleton one the best.
How much do those things sell for?

Have no clue how much. I know he makes them and distributes them all over Spain, upon requests. This was just one outdoor exhibition, but there are way more snails, small ones also and not for the exterior.
The skeleton IS cool 😎

I see. Interesting.
They look like they would be expensive to me.

They are so nice, so probably they have a nice price too ;D
Well, maybe real snails are the option for decoration then ;))

When I doodle, I doodle snails! How weird is that?

I just get lost in the spiral, it's like a vortex! That was an enjoyable moment thank you!

That is not weird, that is nice 🐌 :))) Do you draw while you talk over the phone with someone? I do!! 😁 spirals, flowers, shapes, lines... 😂

Wow, what a great variety of snails. I love the variety that Jose Miguel Pignero has created. Awesome work with meaning. Such modern art is to my liking. Thank you for sharing and for the aesthetic pleasure.

Yes, a great variety of them and it was so interesting to visit this outdoor exhibition and be among them... Living in someone's dream world! It wuld be cool to have them all around the town, but they are gone. Thank you for stopping by @danny.green !! ;)

Wow, that man is talented and what a cool concept. My favorite

This one is cool, indeed. Would fit in your garden and make company while reading and listening to some music :)

In fact truthfully .... would be great to have three or four of them in the garden ... at present we only have bird statues and dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs? Really? Well, it is interesting also, right?

My grandmas had dwarves in the garden, small, colorful garden dwarves ;) I loved them, and I still have them in my old house, stored in the storage room!

The snail is a beautiful animal, and they are not as slow as we think, some of them move very fast.

I took a picture of some snails some time ago very nice but they were real.

All your snails are special my favorite is the one with the person coming out of the shell.

I like you pick :)
Snails are snails - cute and lovely creatures, no matter if they are real or art sculptures :))

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Very interesting!

All snails are beautiful in their own way, I liked most of all in photos # 8 and # 11.

Very cool work! Nice shots and descriptions as well! My favorite is the one with the flowers

Hey there, thanks for your comment. It is difficult to choose just one, all were nice, and the one with flowers is elegant and positive!! 🌹

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Magnificas fotografías querida amiga!!

Gracias @nahumsamuel , lo siento por responder ahora después de dos días, se me pasó este mensaje... Muchas gracias por tu visita, me alegro que te han gustado estos caracoles tan interesantes :)