An Unforgettable Adventure • Ambon Ambon Falls

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Ambon Ambon Falls

From our previous episode, we shared with you the hidden gem in Laguna Panguil River Eco Park.
In this episode let us take you on a trek to the most famous falls in the area. A 50-60 minute trek, crossing the river and traversing along the jungle.

Come with us today to Ambon Ambon Falls.


Going to the falls will require a tour guide to ensure the safety of the visitors. The tour for our group cost us 800 pesos or ($14.57 USD). Everyone will be required to wear a life vest and for sure you definitely get wet. It is best to secure all your gadgets or mobile phones.


Let the adventure begin! We have already been here before years ago but this time more of our family has joined in the fun. The trek will take more or less an hour but since all of us has no exercise it may take longer.


Along the way, you will see large rocks with moss and plant growth. Something that we don't see every day since we live in the city.


There are rails on the side to add safety to the trail. This area is a bit dangerous as there are large rocks below. If you fall on the side you will be severely injured.



We reached the first checkpoint called Lambingan Bridge. A place for lovers as our tour guide mentioned.


After a couple more minutes of walking, we reached the second checkpoint called "Biak na Bato (Split Rock)". This is also the first location where you need to cross the river.


The river is deep in the middle part but the current is not strong. Although the rocks below are a bit slippery. It is best to just float until you reach the other side.


This is the split rock which is a large boulder blocking the river.


After a couple more minutes of trekking thru the jungle. You will need to cross the river again. This time there is a rope that you could hold on to.



More walking thru the side of the river. Just be careful with the rocks, just follow the trail and you will be safe.


Again we will cross the other side of the river and like before the middle part is a bit deep.





There are parts of the trail that you would need to squeeze in a bit. All part of the adventure.


This is the first raft that we will be using to cross the river. Three rafts will be used to get to the next areas.


Here we are waiting for the raft to come back for our group. Best time to get a group photo in this magical place.


We reached the other side with ease and we continued with our journey.



The second raft is just a short trip to the other side. Here I noticed the tour guide's dog hopping on the raft with us. Here I realized that the dog was with us since we started.





This part is a bit scary as you need to hop on a rock while the river flows over it. Then you would need to climb up a bamboo ladder to get to the top.




This is the final raft ride that will lead you to Ambon Ambon Falls. It felt like we are going to a secret spot filled with hidden treasures. A place where dinosaurs could jump out anytime. Well, your imaginations would run wild if you experience this location.




Finally, we reached Ambon Ambon Fall. A gigantic boulder fell between the two mountains creating two short water falls. Ambon in English means "drizzle" as it is always drizzling in the area. The force of the water from the falls makes it look like that it is raining all the time.



There is a rope to reach the waterfalls and the water here is very deep. There current is strong and it is not advisable to swim here if you are not a strong swimmer. The tour guides always make sure the visitors always wear the life vest to ensure safety.


Once you reach the falls you could get carried away by the current but the water here is not deep. You could stand on the rocks to take some photos. Your tour guide will also offer to take your group photo.







Underneath the waterfalls you would feel the power of the water. The sound is roaring and you could almost not hear each other talking.




This has been an amazing adventure for our family and a place that you would want to keep coming back for more. It is a low-cost great adventure for the family and should not be missed in case you visit Pakil Laguna in the Philippines.

Thanks for joining us today and hope to see you again for the final part of our tour here at Panguil River Eco Park. Hope to see you again soon.


leaf 2.png

All photos are original and taken with

Lumix GX85 and GoPro Hero 9

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What a lovely spot! Such a mysterious journey to reach the falls!

Hello kitty. It was very enjoyable to just let go and revisit adventure.

Ganda ng falls, mabisita nga ang ambon ambon falls minsan.

Yes kabayan. You need to visit it and no need to bring anything with you. They have everything. Just bring dry clothes. 😄

Great place to visit and have a hike with family and friends. The place looks more like a forest now, than when I visited there a few years ago. !LUV it. 😊

Wow nice to know that you have been here before. Maybe it's time for you to revisit again. A great place to release all that stress.

Yes, I would love to visit again. Hopefully, soon... 😁

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Very nice adventure on the river. The trip looks like you had quite a lot of fun :-)

It was amazing and the weather was cool in this area. I just wish they allowed more time to spend in the falls.

Wow!!! Looks exciting

We really had an amazing experience specially for the first time visitors with us. Thanks for checking. 😀