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The state of this guide is January 2022.
A project by user @martibis / Haveyoubeenhere. Website:

This tutorial is divided into 2 categories. First, how to use the website and how to find interesting blog posts on Pinmapple. In the second part we will go into how to add your own blog post to the map on

1. Find content / blog posts on

There are several ways to find content or blog posts on pinmapple.

1.1 Click, zoom to the desired position

If you go to the Pinmapple website: you will see a large Google Maps map with many different colored circles. These symbolize the number of posts written in this region. If you click on a circle, you will get a popup window that shows the articles written in that area.

Here as an example the area around Phuket, Thailand

If you now want to have a more specific selection, you simply scroll into the desired area. By clicking and dragging the map, you can also move the map and reduce the selection of articles to the desired region.

Here as an example the large Buddha statue on the island of Phuket.



Clicking on either the post image or the title of the post, takes you to the article linked on the front-end for the Hive Blockchain PeakD and you can read the entire article there.

1.2 The search function on

In the upper area on there is a large search field where you can enter an address. Here you can start writing and then the result will be refined little by little.

1.3 Customize the whole map to your needs by setting filters

A special feature when searching and finding articles all over the world is setting filters. Below the search bar, there is a button called "Filter the Map" that essentially filters the entire articles that have been written to the parameters that you enter in the field.


You have the following options when filtering the pinmapple map.

  1. filtering the whole map by articles written by a specific user.
  2. filter the whole map by articles that have the specified keyword set.
  3. filtering by date when an article was published.
  4. only show posts that are highlighted by activity, post payout, upvotes etc.

This way, the entire Pinmapple map can be customized to your needs and reduced to the entered search parameters.

1.4 Find articles in my area

Furthermore, there is the possibility to search for articles written in my area. For this purpose there is a button below the search bar, which is marked with "My Location". If you click on it, the GPS coordinates will be used and the map will be reduced to the area where you are currently located. This feature can be very useful if you are on vacation, for example, and want to know what has been written in your area.

2. Publish content on

To publish your own post on, it doesn't really take much. You write your travel post as usual e.g. on the front-end and simply add a code at the end of your post that you generate on pinmapple beforehand.

2.1 Find your location for the post

Ideally, find the exact location of your travel post on the Pinmapple map. You zoom in on the map as precisely as possible. Once you have found your location for the post, continue with step 2.

2.2 Generate the code for the post

Once you have found your position, click on the "Get Code" button at the top below the search bar. Now click on the map on the position where you want to pin your post. After the click you will see another window open at the bottom of the screen.


Here you enter a short description of your entry in the field "Short description here", which is then displayed on the map.
Further below you will see the coordinates for your entry on the map. Here as an example, how it can look, if you would write an article about the visit of the Big Buddha statue on Phuket:


Click on the code that appears below to place it on the clipboard and paste it into your post. Ideally at the very bottom of your post. Caution: The code will not be displayed in the preview of your post, as this is a special Markdown code. Pinmapple scans the blockchain and your article and recognizes it anyway.


If your entry is successful, Pinmapple writes a comment below your post that the entry has been successfully added to the database. This will look like this:


Ideally, you'll use Haveyoubeenhere's community for your travel entry. (It will still be visible on your blog).
You can find the community here:

Now have fun creating and pinning your travel articles on the Hive blockchain in conjunction with Pinmapple.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact @martibis @pinmapple @haveyoubeenhere or @livinguktaiwan.


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I really want to publish my travel story on Haveyoubeenhere. But I'm still confused about how to embed pinmapple into my post. Thank goodness you wrote a very detailed tutorial on how it's done, and I really appreciate it. Thank you @louis88 :)

Great idea to show people on haveyoubeenhere! Thank you:)

This is very much timely.

Have been meaning to write a post in the community but I'm having issues as with the pinmapple integration

A very helpfull guide!
I use it even to discover new travel ideas!

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Great work. I added a link to the #BeerSaturday week 244 post where people may add the location where they had the last beer - see at

I think I did it, it's my first time 🙏🏼✌🏼

A very information post. I was waiting for information for this. Thanks a ton for sharing! 🙏

Thanks so much for sharing @louis88

Thanks this is very useful! I just discovered that the location of my last trip has not yet been pinned by anyone. I will soon write a post about it!

Hi, thank you so much for the information.

Actually today I just post my very first-time travel post in the Haveyoubeenhere community without pin the location on Pinmapple. I tried to edit my post and add the code. Hope it works.

Hey man, it uses Google maps, do you know if it shares your personal info or other metadata with Google? Google is evil, and I do not want to use the service if it shares with them.

Good post. I’ve used pinmapple before but haven’t in a while. I remember there were several steps. It’s good to have it here.

Thank you for information ☺️

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Thanks for showing this! I've been using Tripadvisor but it's so fickle that I'm thinking it's time for a better map-app.

Thank you for your post! 👌

Nice post, very educative.

Very helpful for newbies

Thanks for the informative post. Have a nice day.


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This is really helpful post as I'm new to crypto so its informative thanks

@louis88 Hi there, thank you for the detailed guide. I am new here and I just realised that I have not received the pinmapple message. Perhaps there is a step I missed. Please have a look and let me know. Much appreciated.

Thanks a lot for sharing us

Excellent article! Thank you for sharing.


Hello, I wrote an article from pinmapple for the first time yesterday, but I think there was an error. [//]:# (!pinmapple 36.894142 lat 30.712245 long d3scr) . my article link is What should I do to fix it.

Try to make a break before and after the command


Is thought I was alone.

Thank you for the information.

Thanks for sharing this helpful post, newbies like me who are still finding their way around the blockchain will find these interesting and helpful

Thanks a lot :)

You're welcome

I'm writing my first Pinmapple post on a trip along the coast of a country with multiple stops.So do I get the code for each stop and embedd it in my post? What's the best way to approach this?

It's up to you. I would prefer to create a Post for each Spot because i have to tell a story for that spot.

Yes that makes sense thanks.

I have never use the app but I gained knowledge and will try it

Felicitaciones excelente tutorial asi se aprende y se sabe como escribir el contenido y como incrustarlo en pinmapple..