BnB mementoes and taking a day's break to the Hibiscus coast

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Feeling really stifled last week, we simply had to get out on the road and take a drive; yes, you've guessed right, our noses once again led us to the place we would like to retire to one of these days.

We're actually officially retired from the corporate world, but fate had other plans for us when I decided to list our garden cottage on Airbnb.
This soon turned into a full-time small business called Lily's Cottage, named after Mom Lily who used to live there.

LC Poster Jan21.jpg

Despite Covid lockdowns and riots, we're still being kept REALLY busy but enjoy the experience of running a small business in the hospitality industry way too much to give it up now, so fully retired has to wait!

There's something special about people who enjoy traveling that just appeals to us, and although most of our guests have been here on business trips, the leisure guests are suddenly starting to come back; everyone is fedup of lockdowns!

The interaction which we avoided at all cost prior to our vaccination was awful and made me want to just sell up and move down the coast. Of course we still have to practice social distancing, but can now have little chats outdoors, something we really enjoy about this business.

People are so interesting and I find it fascinating when our guests open up and tell us a little more about what makes them tick and what they do to make a living. Of course the international guests are still not back.
Something else that I miss is our comments book which is a great memento of some awesome guests.
We had to do away with magazines, books, board games and many decorative items in order to comply with Covid Safety Certification.
An extract of some of the comments from people all over the world.
Guest comments.jpg

We however also need to get away every so often, so we took a drive down the coast but turned off the highway much earlier and saw some different sights.

Driving into the little town of Umkomaas along the river after which this little coastal town is named rewarded us with a beautiful view of the river and the landscape beyond.


Seeing the white horses on the ocean should have warned us that stormy weather was on the way, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful day so nothing was going to stop us.


Arriving at the little town of Pennnington, where we want to eventually go and rest one day, we stopped at Botha House which used to be the holiday home of the old South African Prime Ministers; this is now run as a bnb. The wind was howling by this time, but I tried to get a glimpse of this gracious old home; not very successful!


Views of the Umdoni Golf Course from here were absolutely gorgeous but with the strong winds, we decided to take a drive somewhere more sheltered to have lunch!
The smoke in the distance is from the Sezela Sugar Mill and the strong winds blew the pleasant smell of the burning sugar our way; something we really enjoyed while having lunch a little later.



We found a safe haven at the Doghouse Cafe which is on a farm with trees around to protect one from the strong winds; this is becoming a firm favourite as they serve excellent craft beers manufactured right on the premises and offer a real nice menu; hubby's favourite is the Oxtail Pot Pie; I always choose something different and have never been disappointed; we knew we were at the right place for lunch on this windy day!


Our food was served in takeaway containers so we could go and sit next to the dam which still looked tranquil with only a lone duck swimming. This dam is stocked with bass and one can fish from here but have to book beforehand.



Pets are welcome at this establishment and this gorgeous fluffy beauty came wandering over to us to make friends and say goodbye as we were leaving.


By the time we drove back home, the wind velocity had picked up intensely, and we were very happy to be back home at Lily's Cottage, but felt refreshed after our little day trip!

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A lovely day, Lizelle, notwithstanding the changeable spring weather.

You know, I am wondering whether those visitors' books wouldn't be ok, now. Now that they know a bit more about this virus ans that it doesn't survive on surfaces and with the vaccine roll out. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part!

I've also wondered about that, we're not even using our register book anymore; we give the visitors a sheet to fill in so it means tons of paper to be filed they also have to record their temperature on arrival in it, a requirement by the health dept for our Covid compliance!
I got so nostalgic reading through our guest book last night; the very last entry was that beautiful card just before lockdown from expats from Australia visiting family. They really timed their trip well!
It's your fault I took that book out😉 but what wonderful memories.
These messages are so much more personal than the online reviews!
Stormy weather yesterday again but looks calm today, typical of spring though, we're enjoying the cooler weather as that intense heat and humidity is one thing I really don't enjoy here!
We'll leave the book in my little 'office' for a little while longer🤔

I'm not sure I'm sorry I made you open that book because it's making us think about the restrictions which were in place at the beginning and before so much was known. I'm wondering, whether with the different restrictions, some of those requirements haven't been lifted. Let me look for the regulations a bit later and I'll let you have a copy and my feedback/thoughts.

At the market we still sanitise at access but we've stopped counting (as of last week). The Husband was doorman/bouncer 🤣. I have a totally contactless service at the house we manage and 24 - 48 hours (minimum) between stays. I know that's hard for you, and it's one of the advantages of not offering onsite accommodation. I have a request for November - the end - and which we are considering. The Little Room or somewhere else.

This thing has made making decisions even more difficult because there are so many unknowns!

We are going from 4 to 24 today!! Happy Tuesday!

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a trip with very beautiful scenery. warm greetings from Indonesia

Awe thank you for the warm greetingd, hope you have a wonderful day in Indonesia 😊🌻

Glad you enjoyed your day out, something Pete and I need to do, we are tempted to take a long drive to Cape town, just waiting for things to settle a bit more. Lovely post my friend. Take care.

Views of the Umdoni Golf Course from here were absolutely gorgeous

I AGREE~!!! That is such a beautiful view! But I have to say that all your photos in this post suggest that you really had a GREAT day. I love the cutie dog, too😍💞

It's always nice to take a break from the routine. I'm happy to hear that business is picking up a little. Lily's Cottage always impresses me whenever you give us a glimpse of it.
A 9.7 rating says it all.
Craft beers, now we're talking.