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RE: MINDANAO TRAVELS (The largest Mosque in the Philippines)

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Hola. Es un sitio muy hermoso, me gustaría visitar algún día ese lugar y tener fotografías allá, a pesar de todo me gustan las arquitecturas de la zona. Muchas gracias por compartir tus fotografías, un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi there. It is a very beautiful place, I would like to visit that place one day and have photographs there, despite everything I like the architecture of the area. Thank you very much for sharing your photos, a hug from Colombia.


Hi there @juancho10 . Thank you for the support and stopping by always. Stay safe! untitled.gif

No es nada me encanta visitar tu blog, adoró tus publicaciones. Saludos.

It's nothing I love visiting your blog, loved your posts. Greetings.