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Singapore is the first country I travelled to in Asia. And yes! I've been to European countries but not in Asia aside from the Philippines. I have been to Hongkong airport, Wuhan and Beijing for connecting flights only. 😁

And today I'm gonna share with you my little India tour and my food escapades before the pandemic.


Little India like the China town in Singapore is famous because of its authentic representation of their culture and food. It's one of the main attractions as a tourist aside from visiting the Merlion and other more places to visit in the country. It has beautiful, colourful, variant buildings, around the area. A lot of people around having their businesses mostly restaurants, jewellery shop, garland makers, hotels and a lot more. This is the first place I visited in Singapore. Well, we booked our accommodation at Hilton just behind the Sri Veeramakaliamman temple. Our home for five days 😻

It has easy access for both buses and the metro. Which is very convenient for travellers.


Ras is a fan of Indian food. Way back in Sweden we mostly have Indian or Persian food on the weekend. And this is our first trip as a couple. 😁 We mostly have our gaming weekend and the rest is work. Work, gaming, work, gaming! 😸 Until we move here to the Philippines. Then, our lives change forever. Because we live on the same roof. Sharing and doing things together.

He's quite excited about this trip and so do I. He visited this place with my cousins. And now, Finally! Visiting this place together is one of the best trips so far.


This is the former" HOUSE OF TAN TENG NIAH". This might be the most visited building around the area. Because of its colourful and appealing appearance.



Can't help myself taking a photo 🌈


I was pretty amazed at all these beautiful building houses. Each of them stands out for people to see.


This building above is one of our favourite places to go. It offers a lot of fresh Indian menus early in the morning and it has a second floor for fine dining.

These are the food they offer on the first floor of the building.


They have ROTI PRATA 😋


I'm not good at naming dishes. But, this one is good.😋




A lot of different food on a plate as the chef told us. It's good to mix it well before eating. Which we did. The Indian way.


And some food into their fine dining 😋
Which is on the second floor of the building. We have son naan bread, and chicken tikka masala.


Our day wouldn't be complete without the rice. Yes, it's basmati rice 😋


We spent our stay eating the same dish at the same place every day during our stay. That the owner himself talked to us and that's why he showed to us their second floor fine dining restaurant which only open during the night time. But, since we are their everyday customers. They have some exceptions. They invited us to dine in on the second floor. It's such a great feeling travelling and getting a connection with people through food and making friends with them.

The area is really beautiful and the people around we're so friendly. Waving saying hello to us!


This building is so beautiful and it's standout. It's not colourful among the others. But, it's amazing.


A lot of beautiful murals around.


As you all know. In Indian society. COWS ARE HOLY.



Visiting Little India wouldn't be complete without having a newfound friend. Whom I get to say hello every day as we pass by her store going to the metro.


She thought I'm an Indian. Well, most of the people we met there guessed I am.

So, it's nice to be there roaming around with all these beautiful and warming smiles.

I can't wait to travel to India one day. And experience all those lovely things I've seen in Little India in Singapore, the things I've seen on TV and social media. It must be nice to see it in your own eyes and try everything authentically.

Until the next Singapore adventure...


Went to little India too hehehe

Let's go back! Tsaaaaaarrrr hahaha. 😁🤣

Paspasa nimo mo reply! Hahahhaa

Hahaaha ana jud

char char rnang kang @explorewithsasha , ayaa pailad madam.hahaha

Haha kinsay mailad? Awee haha

hahaha abi kog u and only "you" hahaha

Their food looks delicious. Missing SG! 🇸🇬

Let's go na!/ 😻

For the love of Indian food, I will definitely visit that soon. Shandee and I were rewatching Crazy Rich Asians 2 nights ago and it made me thing to travel to Singapore soon. We will definitely visit little India.

You should Klause! 😻✨😋

There are so beautiful designs contains buildings and murals. I love them too much. Especially foods looks delicious and mouth watering once.

Little India like the China town in Singapore is famous because of its authentic representation of their culture and food.

I have tried Chinese food, and recently even Thai food, but not Indian food. There are some Indian restaurants in my country (in Hungary) too. I will try Indian food, if I will have the chance.

You should try some one day @xplosive 😻

I thought you said you felt pretty but then sorry because I misread it. You were just amazed at how pretty it was and decided to have a picture. Okay, ana ra gud. hahaha

If kada adlaw mo nga costumer didto, taga didto namo or nagpuyo namo adto? hahaha

Aaaaaaaahhhhh 🙂🙂🙂😆☺️☺️☺️

tsasskkkk, KJ, mopatayg kalipay. hahaha 😒😒😒😒

Eeeeeeeeehhhh ☺️🙂😁😸😉😺

Ka lingaw sa byahe 😍 and your colourful photos here make me want to visit other countries (huhu sad kaayo I haven't had a trip abroad pa HUHUUU SADTTT)😿
And KALAMIIIII sa mga foods diri oi gigutom nasad ko balik omg🤤

Let's go puhon if okay na mo travel. But for now, let's save! Hahhahaaa.

Waaaah save save muna para may pang travel next year huhuu🥺🙏🏼🥰🥰🥰

My favorite part of Singapore is Little India. Every time I returned to Vietnam, I would buy chocolate and a gift for my parents and friends at the mall there.

Though I haven't tried the food at this restaurant, I have had Indian food at other places in Sin. Yum yum, I loved it. Nice pictures of colorful buildings, Mie. It's funny how I didn't have a picture of them after three years living in Sin.

I enjoyed your post and your pictures of Little India reminded me of the good times I had there.

@trangbaby I think that's the thing when you live in a certain place compared to being a tourist . Food is definitely one of the highlight when traveling 😻

Thank you! Your weekend adventure with your friends blog is more exciting 😻😻😻

the houses with many colorful drawings, they look impressive. In my hometown, there is also a mural village, there are many beautiful paintings on the wall.
This is sure to be an interesting trip for you

Oh that's really interesting. I have been reading a lot of blogs from your country and it really makes me visit your country one day 💛

Thank you @kimloan

I must say Singapore is a lovely place and it's comforting to have a 'little piece' of your home right there. How did you find Little India? And the cuisines are just mouth-watering!

This is quite an adventure you had. I completely agree that the House of Tan Teng Niah is colourful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing some Singapore/Indian culture with us. 😊

It's a home for five days @kemmyb ✨💖 Surely one of the best trip in Singapore.

Thank you for dropping by! ✨ and the support 💖

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interesting post, especially for me who is also a fan of Indian cuisine.
Little India and China Town always seems to be in several cities or countries, and always has an interesting story to share.

Yeah, it so cool to see how their community still intact even if they live in the other countries.

Thank you @isdarmady for dropping by!

Have a great day 🔆

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Thanks @rehan12 and @bdcommunity for the support! 🤩

Those are colorful buildings! and the food looks delicious. The rice is long grain!

Thank you for dropping by @me2selah

Isa jud ang singapore sa akong a must travel country..

Nyay! Manifest Jay. Puhon puhon 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

I've travelled to Singapore before the pandemic, but 100% of the travelling is work related. One day i will for sure travel there for leisure

The food sure look amazing and delicious. If u have the chance to visit Malaysia, please come to our little india in Brickfield, Bangsar 😁

Really? You also have little India there? That's really exciting hahahhaha. Will sure do!

You should visit this place one day . I think you're kids will love it here too. Too many beautiful places to see 😻