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Asik Asik Falls was discovered by a village councilor in late 2010. From that year, travellers and guest continue to visit the place.

Asik Asik is located in Alamada, South Cotabato. Going to Asik Asik waterfall is not that fun at all. Well, if you have your car it's more easy, or if you're traveling with a tour agency. But, if you're a solo budget traveller like us. Then there's no option but to ride a 2 hour motorbike from Midsayap. The road is okay'ish. But, imagine riding a motorcycle for 2 hours. It's exhausting. Me and my friend travelled on a planned budget. We calculate almost everything and then set aside this and that. Hahha. If we have extra, we asked for places to go that is convenient along the way and "swak sa budget".


The best thing about riding with a motorbike is that you can actually ask the driver to stop at places and take a break for photos.





When we arrived at the falls. There's a registration area where you register yourself as a visitor and pay 20 or 30 pesos for the environmental fee. The locals also had their small souvenir shops and small food store like snacks and water for visitors.


After that you will start your downhill trek for about 30 to 40 minutes.


There you can see some locals offering you a ride with their horses. I can't even imagine how the horse will go down. Anyway, as you go downhill you will see the mountain and ridges in front of your trek. The green mountains. Just perfect for the eyes.

It was raining that time and we have been warned that the water level might be high and the colour will possibly be brown. We can actually count the people who visited the place. Maybe because it has been raining most of the days. They said, you can actually take a dip bathe there as long as the weather is good. Unfortunately that time was not our time. Still, hoping to be back on a good sunny weather.







This place is magnificent. It will be even more beautiful if the weather is nice. For me, as we trek down the hill I saw a giant stone decorated with small beautiful green ferns. And more green plants and small wild flowers as the water comes out from those plants.

It really reminds me of the Cloud forest Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. But this one is created by nature itself. A gem. And I'm happy that I was able to see it with my own eyes and experience the real beauty on it.


Amazing falls and beautiful photos. A long trek to visit the falls but seems well worth it. I’ve never seen anything like these falls. Such beauty can be found hidden away in nature.

It's worth it indeed @redheadpei . Thank you for your support always and for dropping by. 🤗untitled.gif

hagard ang fish pag 2 hours riding motorcycle.hahaha

Misakay unta kas kabayo panaog aron exciting og trililing ba. hhahaa

well, the falls are always nice.

Hagard molang. Wa nag kadi Mao. Sheyyyytttt bwahhahaa.. hoyyyy nahulog nakos kabayo sa una sa bata pako. Lol di na gyud ko mosakay hahaa. Pony lang Kay Gamay. Nyahahhaha..

Super nice. But this waterfalls is beyond nice. Dili lang ma justify ayo sa akong pics hahhaha. Wish, I could learn how to fly drone para mas nindot and amazing pa gyud.

aw dali rana, pAtakod nas siling og pagka gamhanan para mag lupas-lupad ka unya ikaw mismo picture. nice jud kaau nba hahaha

Bwahhahahahaaaaa. Amaw. Lol

Oi...aminin, curious about flying..gusto sd sya mofly..gora na dayn..daghan mosuport nmo.hahaha

Whatever nyahahaha 😆😆😆

Yay you're on pinmapple Mie. Nice post. love your pictures and Asik Asik Falls are stunning. I visited Davao but never been to MINDANAO.

Wow. Such an adventurer. Did you went to Samal Island? Davao is part of Mindanao @trangbaby . Mindanao is a big big island in the south and Davao is part of it. How's your adventure there?

Yes Mie, I traveled to Samal island. It was amazing. I wrote about it last year :)

Kanice dha ui.😍😍😍

Super kaayo @asasiklause As IN..🌍💙🙏🏼!untitled.gif

Nindota sa falls oi, nag imagine ko mag long exposure shot sa waterfalls nndot kaayo result jud..

Super kaayo @jayparagat .. 🌍💙untitled.gif

Those falls just look so lovely! I can't imagine riding a motorcycle for 2 hours though hehe. At least the view was worth it.

Thanks for sharing the beauty of the Philippines with us !

Super! Amazing talaga ang Mother Earth and it's more amazing ang Pilipinas. 🌍💙🤗untitled.gif

Hola. En realidad me encantó mucho ese lugar, esas cascadas me traerían mucha paz, perfectas para unas buenas fotografías. Los otros sitio también están muy lindo, pero me gustaría conocer la cascada. Gracias por compartir tu contenido. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi there. In fact, I really loved that place, those waterfalls would bring me a lot of peace, perfect for good photographs. The other places are also very nice, but I would like to see the waterfall. Thanks for sharing your content. A hug from Colombia.

Hi @juancho10 thank you! Do you have waterfalls in Columbia?And yes! It definitely bring peace. Stay safe to there! untitled.gif

Si aquí en Colombia también hay unas cascadas hermosas e incluso en algunas se practican deportes extremos. Saludos.

If here in Colombia there are also some beautiful waterfalls and even some extreme sports are practiced. Greetings.

Riding a motorbike or car has its advantages and disadvantages. the photos are very beautiful, I hope I can visit this place.

Totally agree with you @maytom .

Thank you so much. I hope you will one day 🙏🏼🌍💙🤗untitled.gif

That waterfalls is so beautiful! Kay nganu wala mo naligo? ako pa ana ligo ko dayun!!!! 😍

Thanks mermaid @indayclara haha. Bitaw super! Kay mobalik padaw me sunod kanang okay na ang panahon ug clear ang tubig hihi untitled.gif

Kanindot dira sis. Layo imo naabtan. Nagpa Mindanao naman diay ka. Hehe
Wala pa ko kaanha Mindanao. Luzon ug Visayas pa lang ako. Hehe

Taga Mindanao man gud KO sis. Hehe

Hehe abi na ko taga cebu ka

Di man sis. Hehe

Amazing Photographs ❤️❤️
It was looking like a heaven on earth 🌎,and you had lived it😍❣️

Thanks @anmolsingh3006 . Surely is 🌍💙🙏🏼

Hey scientist I followed you on Instagram hehehe😅

Ssshhhhhhhhhhhh! @dishant018 Keep it that way! Lol 😆😆

Wow, i cant believe its in South cotabato. Im. Glad you did see such a gem.. Maybe someday when pandemic is all gone you will be visiting Bukidnon

I studied in Malaybalay when I was in College. I'll write some Bukidnon trips soon. Are you from Bukidnon?

Oo dadto. Pero taga Misamis Oriental gyud ko. Hala What a small world. Daghana na lagi mga tourist destination dadtos Bukidnon. So, Naa Kas Bukidnon Ron?

Falls like this amaze me, in TV you can only see one or two falls, but here it was like falls within a fall 😍 Btw, was the water really brownish? or it was just the picture?

try to watch this G! This is really it is. Hahhahaa . Brown ang tubig Kay ulan kaayo for few days when we visited. Since the sapa below the falls is from the other area gikan sa taas.

NINDUTA SA FALLS😍nice jud ang vibes sa provincial life💕

Super kaayo @jongcl . Amazing kaayo ang nature sa probinsya gyud. Thanks!

Amazing waterfall! Gigantic!

Thank you 💙🌍🙏🏼

Woah beautiful place!! The falls look so magical T_T and the water looks scary cos of the rain hahah hopefully in your next travel the weather will be perfect :D

Hoping it too @hiddenblade 🙏🏼💙🌍


This looks really nice 😃 Love the waterfall!

Thank you @emuse 💖💖💖

Not an ordinary waterfalls ❤️ kay dghan kay siyag waterway exit! Nice!

What a cool trip you had!! Amazing pics! 🤩
Thank you for following my channel 😉👍
🥦. !LUV 🥦






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😍😍😍😍 ka nice dnha sa Asik Asik falls! Wow kaau. Gusto sad ko moanha ba. Dghan kaau nice sa Mindanao.

As N @intoy.bugoy . laag unya adto puhon. untitled.gif

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Wow, what a beautiful place! It maybe is very crowded on sunny days so you might have been lucky to go on a cloudy day to have more space. Thanks for sharing your photos!






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Wow, the waterfall looks so beautiful 😍

Thank you @rosmadirazali 🌍💙🙏🏼🤗untitled.gif