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When GCQ (GENERAL COMMUNITY QUARANTINE) was implemented. We took a break from our trips, meet ups for a month or so.

So today's blog was all about our girls day out from the other day.

We have been planning to meet up and having a girl's out since forever.It never happened until two days ago.

But, I think that's the thing with planning. Compared to spontaneous and unplanned trips. I think, some of you can relate. 🥴( Sa bisaya pa, ayyy sige nalang tag drawing haha)

You will always have these group of friends whom you'll hang out with from here to there.Gillaine (purepinay) is always busy doing her Mother duties but when it comes to important and planned girls trip. She's always on the go. And we made some exceptions to that. Our dear Baby Bobby is more important than anything else. FAMILY COMES FIRST.For now, We enjoy each others company.

We spent more time together doing crazy things.When I said crazy things. Those things that you can't imagine sometimes. 🤫We're glad that we are not neighbors anymore. Because, we can't live without each other .(Charaught)

For @hiraya we call her the (attorney) Ate Elsie the (doctor) Marie the (teacher)and me as one of the(engineer) who build the new bridge in Cebu. 😅 So,if we happen to meet new people. We introduce that names to them. We joke around and call each other these silly names like DOKIE, Ma'am and etc.
Nobody should know our real names.
We mostly hang out at the I.T park listening to our favorite band called "Stereotype" whom we have friends with along the way.

The girls day out was totally unplanned. We went to different places within a day. The thing with these girls. We do things randomly until the night is young,until our tummy is full, til we're tired.

We love food. And, I think we spent more on food than anything else.

The first stop was in Mandaue. We went for unlimited sampgyupsal for lunch. I can really recommend this place. It's very organized, very cleaned and the side dishes were perfectly good.



You can rarely see charcoal being used in the Korean restaurant in the Philippines. Mostly, it's electric. This is the second restaurant I have been with a charcoal thingy on it.



I really love Korean food. I never tried any of this before until I meet @hiraya. She's the one and her partner introduced us,the Korean cuisine.


This place has potatoes. Lovin it. I'm a rice eater but when there's potato on the table. I'll go for potatoes. Hahaha Well, I'm not really picky kind of person. I can eat anything except for some seafood because I have an extreme allergies from that. But the rest is totally okay.




The overall experienced was great. For, 499 pesos. You will definitely enjoy the food. And it's UNLIMITED.😋Totally worth it. Thanks for our "Ma'am teacher" for treating us for lunch.

The second stop was in MATANA CAFE. MATANA is a quite drive from the city. It's on the mountain side. A little further from Temple of Leah. A few meters away.

We decided to check out this place because we're craving for some Filipino meryenda (snacks). We arrived late for the sikwati(hot chocolate) and sticky rice.It's only until 2 o'clock. Then, we just decided to chill out and have some mango shake and enjoy the place instead.



The cafe is in good location facing the city. You can actually see the new bridge vividly. But, in the middle of the day until the early afternoon. The full rays of the sun strikes the place.So,you should bring your hats or sun glasses if you like to visit.
The best time to come is around breakfast time or maybe like four o'clock in the afternoon.

Aside, from MATANA cafe. There's also few food store that you can check, like the chickbox. We saw someone ordered some Pinoy BBQ. Perhaps, next time. We'll have some.


Since everyone was really craving for some Filipino meryendas. We decided to go up more in the mountain and check a newly open cafe called "OUTBACK SERVO"



We super love this place. Especially the second floor where we dine in.The view was great and you'll see the Serenity place on the right side. But since it's very close to the main road.Like literally few steps from the road. You will hear the motorcycle and cars noises. But, I think it's still a good location to have a mini stop when you travel on the mountain side. Though, parking is a bit small and tricky.




We pay for 870 pesos for everything. Four served of warm chocolate in a cute cup,eight rice cake with some mangoes on the side. A carrot cake and cinnamon chocolate. YAAAAAy! We went home with a happy heart.

Special shoutout to our Attorney @hiraya for always discovering food places for us to go. We are planning to go for a new food trip soon.Looking forward to it. And hope (Dili nasab drawing hahaha)


Until next girls out 💖


Modaog jud ang curly hair oi. hahaha

Kadaghan bag gisuroyan but I was wondering asa ang sikwati ato nga murag mag mango tong naas baso?hehehe

Ayosa jd bsta dghan kaubn and of course when your with friends.

Tood, walay bring house?hahaha

Nyahhaha. Yati! Hahaa.

Naa gud Baya sikwati dadto. Dili kalro Kay blurry imo panan aw. Nyahahhaha

Always Manang BH hahhaha

Hola. Espero te Hayas divertido mucho aunque se ve que si, todas esas fotografías de comida abrieron mi apetito, se ve realmente delicioso. El café también se ve un sitio agradable, aquí cerca a mi ciudad hay un lugar parecido, es un mirador de toda Bogotá. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi there. I hope you had a lot of fun although it seems that yes, all those food photographs whet my appetite, it looks really delicious. Coffee is also a pleasant place, here near my city there is a similar place, it is a viewpoint of all Bogotá. A hug from Colombia.

Hola @juancho10 How are you doing? Hope everything is good with you.

I only heard Bogota in the movies. I wish I could visit Columbia. One day!

Thank you

Sii espero algún día puedas conocer, hay unos lugares muy hermosos por visitar. Espero tu fin de semana este de maravilla. Saludos y bendiciones para ti y los tuyos.

If I hope one day you can meet, there are some very beautiful places to visit. I look forward to your weekend this wonderful. Greetings and blessings to you and yours.

It seems a good place to dine. Looking at the photos, it seems you had fun. !discovery 15

Hello there @juecoree Thanks for dropping by. Yes, it was fun indeed. untitled.gif

Kuyoooog ko sunooood pleaseeee 😁😁😁

Puhon kuyog ta. Haha kuyog ta Ila Gillaine hihi 💖💖💖☺️☺️☺️

😢😢😢 kelan to?? sarap mag sangyup

2 days ago @gerel . Sama na tayo next time. ☺️💖🥴untitled.gif

Sama niyo naman ako minsan 😁

Hahhaha. Sige ba. Pag hindi na kayo busy. Hihi

Laag as a friend soon.

Bwahahha. Haha Kay gilibre as a friend hahauntitled.gif

Wa ko kita naa diay love you sa tumoy. Nyaaaaaaakkkk. Kamatay. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kanindot sa bonding ninyo sis. Usa ra kaadlaw. Daghan naadtoan ug nindot pa kaayo.

Lagi sis. Talagsa Raman mag kita Agud hutdon nalang tibuok adlaw. Hahhaha Kay ma abtan na Sab ug siyam siyaman hahahha.



Great to see nga naka laag laag namooo yeheyyyyyy

Human sa tuslo buwa mag samgyupsal unya unta ta ba. Basta kaon bibo gyud hhaha

Hala ganahan kaayo ko ani nga food trip omggggg!! Puhon atoa nya ning i achieve yieeeee😍

Meeting after a long time with friends gives you a very emotional, and excitement Feel ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Totally agree with you especially this time! 💖💖💖

Thank you @sarkash7011 🤗🤗🤗


This is Korean cuisine? Really? Fried potatoes - I'm not Korean, but this is how we often cook medium-sized potatoes. 😂

Well, the concept itself is Korean. Potato is a plus. Not every Korean restaurant offered potatoes. I think restaurant evolves and adopt most of what the customer needs aside from providing their native menu itself.

That was not fried potatoes.😆 it's boiled and cold and been shredded with some salt, black pepper and who knows whatever things they added on it. Imagine, eating a salad mashed potatoes. It taste like the same but with the skin on it. Lol hahahhaha.

ha-ha-ha :)
I know what a boiled potato salad is. :)
In Russia, potatoes are called "second bread". A lot of different dishes are made from it. It is put in almost all soups. Many salads are made with its use, side dishes, many types of pies with potatoes.
You can just bake potatoes in coals. This is the best food for hiking in nature.
boiled potatoes in the skin and salt-sometimes it was the only food in the post-war period for my parents in their childhood.

Aww, 😀

That's interesting.

untitled.gif I love potatoes.


Padung ba ni sa TCH @itsmiessyonpeakd?

Unsa Nang TCH? Dili lagi ko familiar kaayo sa Cebu. Basta dung sa bukid tanan hehe. Balamban, Talamban Inana hahhaa

Padung TransCentral Highway hehehe, padung balamban

Yes, yessss hahahah. 😁😁😁 sorry wala kaayo location Kay mismo ako was katuod. The only thing I know is Pag padung bukid toa na sila nga nice places to visit hahhaa.

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