Discovering The Old Kota Fort of Madridejos Cebu, Philippines | #LakwatsaniIntoy Diary 027

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" Remains of Spanish Invasion "


Spanish Colonization in the Philippines is the longest foreign rule that Filipinos had experienced. It lasted for more than three centuries starting from 1565 to 1898. Spaniards colonized the country due to the rich natural resources the Philippines have. It is also the reason why other foreign countries colonized the Philippines.


Image from Janrex Karl Faelagmao

Due to the long colonization of Spaniards of our country, Filipinos experienced a lot from these foreign folks. From the bad things to the good things that Spaniards contribute to the Filipinos. Filipinos adopt the Spanish culture that even now Filipos still practice. From becoming a Catholic country to the foods we eat right now like the adobo dish that Filipinos love, and to the structures built by the Spaniards that some of these are visible and intact placed anywhere in the Philipines like the Intramuros in Manila. These are the remains and influences of Spanish that are still seen and alive nowadays in the Philippines.



For today's blog in my #LakwatsaniIntoy Diary 027, I will share with you a historical structure we discover during our travel to the island of Bantayan last April 15, 2022. This is called "THE OLD KOTA FORT" of Madridejos Cebu. This Fort is one of the oldest standing Spanish military Fort in the Philipines




The Old Kota Fort was built in the 1790's by the first settler Gabriel Lazaro Mangubat. He is the founder of the Lawis Government in the area. The Kota Fort served as the Watchtower and a safe place for the citizens when the Moro Pirates attacked the cost area of the town. This Heritage site is located in the Municipality of Madridejos which is formerly called Lawis.

How to reach this Heritage Site?


If you are a tourist and booked your homestay in Sta. Fe Bantayan, which is preferable due to the beautiful beaches in the town, and want to visit a historical place The Kota Fort. You don't need to worry cause you have a lot of options for transportation to reach this place. You may ride a bus going a Madridejos for 40 minutes and drop in the town proper then walk for 10 minutes to reach the place. It will only cost you 60 pesos. You can also ride a tricycle for 45 minutes which will cost you 60 pesos. There are also motorbikes that are for rent on the island which I think for me is more fun so you can explore the island thoroughly. But I don't know the price of rent for these guys just ask the tenant when you found one 😅. The good thing for us is that our colleague who lives on the island has a motorbike to use for this travel around the island, so we don't need to worry about the transportation 😅.





We reach the heritage area around 2:00 pm and it was nice that there is few tourists around so we can explore freely. We are overwhelmed when we saw this place. This kind of structure is the same as the books I read before about the history of the Philippines. I was happy to see another historical place like this during our travel. This kind is what I looking for when visiting another place. Knowing the history of this is my interest.



The structure is made of ancient engineering methods. It is constructed from corals, stones, sand, egg white, and limestone. This method is used and applied by the Spanish before in constructing churches, buildings, and forts during the colonization of the Philippines. As an aspiring Engineer, I was amazed by this engineering method and it is seen in structures how strong they constructed a structure like this " KOTA FORT ".




Upon entering the fort you will all see the corners of the structure. It has a pathway in the middle and is full of grass on the remaining ground surrounded by high and thick walls and in the entrance, there is a high tower that is high enough to see the coastline of Madridejos. All are made of corals, stones, sand, egg white, and limestone.


Another Historical place is listed in my travel discovery. I am excited to see more places like this in my future expedition. Hoping you join me in discovering those places. That's it guys for this Blog. Hope you discover a new place to adventure in my blog. Thank you for visiting my little Hive room 😊.

This is @intoy.bugoy! See you in my next Hiventure 😉....


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Never been to Sta. Fe but ingon sila super nice ang beaches diha. I'm not aware naa diay fort diha. Daghan pa jud dapat iexplore in PH. Thanks for sharing!

Daghan gyud, by the way ate the fort is located in Madridejos it is another municipility in Bantayan Island.

Nicely written @intoy.bugoy! And sharing a bit of the place's history makes us appreciate our past even more!

Thank you @indayclara 😊. History made us todays, knowing how we became is an interesting journey to learn.

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Me gustó esa aventura que relataste y las fotos, que lugar tan hermoso y lleno de historia, gracias por compartirlo

Thank you @crisch23, glad you like this adventure 😊


Nahingadto naak pero waray pak hini makasuroy na dapit. 😄

Ahhh kasayang, maupay pagud ito ngada an ira Baywalk

Balit gad? Kaupay sumuroy haha kaso fully book tak calendar yana badaw ambot nala haha

Kanice oyy full ang calendar hahaha

Haha full of laag 😂

Thanks for your sharing. Thanks to this post, I know that the Philippines was once a colony of Spain. The same here in Vietnam, we are also influenced by the colonial regime in the past.

No problem man,glad you learned something in my blog 😊

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Bongga lagi diha ay! 😁

Nice gyud siya diha @wittyzell, visit it when you travel at Bantayan island, di gyud ka magmahay 😊

lagi btaw.. dugay naman ko ka anhaon sa madridejos, wala na jud noon ko nakabalik ug bantayan so nisamot ka dugay na wla jd ko ka anha 🥲