A visit to Bangkok Art and Culture Center

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During our short vacation in Bangkok, we were able to visit Bangkok's contemporary art center. It was close to Centralworld so we went there after our window-shopping.

There are a lot of galleries in museums in Bangkok but we didn't do some gallery-hopping as there's literally a lot to do in this city that we didn't reserve some time for it. :D


It's amazing to see all these statues that represent the country. It shows the pride in their culture and craft as you can spot all these not just in museums, but in some random places you wouldn't expect. I love it. :D



The admission is free. Upon entering you will be greeted by the exhibit in the center and there were quite a number of visitors that time - mostly people of my age.




On the second floor is an exhibit that talks about the recent events in Myanmar.


The artworks here are powerful. Even the style of the artist/s convey such powerful impact. I felt heavy when looking at the works, but I also felt their pride and how they are fighting for better lives and at the same time it made me feel sad for my own country. While others are fighting for what's right, here we are repeating our terrible history... Sana all they're not gonna take a dictator...


There are a lot exhibit spaces in every floor and this Young Thai Artist Award 2021 is one of them.



Their contemporary art scene is pretty good and it's so refreshing to see something other than culture-related works. Poverty porn works is pretty popular here and I'm done seeing those type of works.



On the third floor, there was an opening ceremony. :D


There were artists standing beside or near their works but I was too shy to approach and talk to them. It's not like me lol.



There are also several stores inside the premises like this one. Some art Bangkok-related stuff and some art art stuff.



There's this BACC shop too that sells souvenir stuff.



These mugs are really cool and I wanted to buy one but I remembered taking it with me to the airport is not convenient as we were about to go to Phuket that time. We don't want to break these before even arriving at my country lol. Besides, the souvenirs here are quite expensive. :/



This building has a lot of floors and the design looks great. :D I assume these are spaces for artworks but they were empty. There weren't much exhibitions during our visit which was unfortunate. I can only imagine when there's a lot of activities going on and how fun it would be to see this full of works. :D



Just right outside, there are lots of mushroom-like stuff full of art as well.


The overall vibe of this place is kinda futuristic as well as the design of the building next to it which is the Siam Paragon mall.




I actually was expecting a lot of works there but considering they just opened to tourists and was recovering from the pandemic, more exhibits must be coming in the next few months. I enjoyed it despite expecting some more and still a big refreshment for me.

This area is worth a visit. :D


I had read about Bangkok at multiple places, but had no idea that it is that much beautiful ❤️

Thailand is really working so hard to attract more tourists to come visit them. :D

I have to say a really nice place
Thanks for your sharing

Whoa, so many visitors, love the inside. It's very spacious no. The people in some picture look small so i presume it's really a big building. How I wish I can see it right now UwU.

It is, it's kinda like walking in a mall. :D Although some gallery spaces like those Myanmar exhibit kinda look narrow, just cos it's not a square-type of space you know.

I love visiting places of art and culture. I felt like I had been there when I read your article. I went to the museum two days ago. If I can edit the photos, I plan to share them today or tomorrow. I hope they look as good as yours 😂.

Nice! Hahah they will for sure :D

Ahh~ would love to go back to Bangkok to look for gems like these! They have such beautiful art and culture. The mugs are very cool! :D

Their contemporary art scene is indeed great. :D Those mugs also screams Asian art hahah

Wow how beautiful this place is😉

That was an awesome gallery! looking forward to visiting it someday cause I really love anything about art 🥰

I'm a really big fan of random art, too; I enjoy seeing sculptures and paintings and other oddities in places one wouldn't expect it. It's refreshing.

Looks like you had a great time!

Rightttt? :D This must be the funniest one that I saw, was in Suvarnabhumi Airport. Hahaha so random and funny that EACH of the faces are wearing their own mask. XD

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 10.04.03 AM.png

I went to bangkok by myself many years ago. I was kinda ignorant on travel strategy and ended up just seeing not much beyond that one street foreigners always go to.

I loved it as an experience for myself but it just looks so different in these pics by comparison to my time walking around the slum-like streets lol. Gotta get back there one day

Traveling alone is also great for oneself so kudos for you for being brave enough to do it. Thinking about traveling alone in a foreign country with language I don't understand is a bit scary to me. XD

There's a lot more activities there now so you will definitely enjoy it. :D

Oh it was very liberating as a newly independent adult, I did it a lot including a month in the himalayas after meeting two random folk in Nepal and decided to go together as a 3. Best memory ever - can't get that kinda thing when always going with familiar folk!

Holy cow, I wouldn't be able to do that. Meeting two strangers randomly and just going with them to a strange place lol. Happy to hear you enjoyed it, it does sound like a great adventure.

Hola! a pesar de que no hay muchas obras porque acaban de abrir realmente parece una experiencia increible, espero poder visitar en algun momento. Asi que gracias por compartir. Saludos!

Yeah it was fun looking at some works and just walking around the nice establishment. Thank you!

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It all looks really refreshing, and I love the design of the building as well. You took nice shots :D.

I used to tutor a young Thai girl some years back; well, I guess she's not so young now as she's studying in the University of Bangkok hehe, and she'sactually half Thai. I heard beautiful things about Thailand and saw nice pictures too , I do hope to visit soon.


Wow, it looks amazing.
It seems like you had loads of fun at the museum. I am looking forward to the next post. :)