A luxury paradise in Phuket - Island Escape by Burasari

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One of the things I wanted to do in Thailand is to go to a beach resort just to get away from all the party and constant exploring for a few days. Some place nice and quiet where we could just enjoy the beach and have good food without having to constantly interact with people and all the fun stuff. So we looked in Agoda for some resorts in Phuket and luckily we found this beautiful resort in an island in Phuket.

The resort is called Island Escape by Burasari and the pictures are really just stunning. It's located in Coconut Island, a small island which is just 15 minutes away from Laem Hin Pier in Phuket.


The round trip boat transfer from the pier to the resort is free. They have their own boat especially for the guests which made us feel very special. It's nice and convenient because all we had to do was get a Grab taxi, be dropped at the pier, and a staff was already waiting for us (by our scheduled departure).

Upon arrival at the resort's own pier, we were greeted by their staff and their vehicle. Since the resort is big AF, this is their way of transportation which is free for the guests... and you can call them anytime if you wanted to go somewhere at the resort. We already felt like a VIP at this point lol.



At the reception, we were given these ice tubes as refreshments. That was a good one although I couldn't identify the flavor, probably a strawberry or raspberry one.


The roads pretty much look like this, but this pic in particular is facing the pier away from the reception.

After a few minutes of waiting, our room was finally ready! We rode the golf cart again as it was quite a walk to get to our rooms. There were really a lot of trees and plants around the whole resort and it was really nice and peaceful.

When we got to our room, we were surprised by how high-techy this was. :o Everything was new, even the switch for the lights were touch-screen. XD The toilet and shower only has glass doors/partitions... so this is only for couples unless you are okay with your friends or family members seeing you naked. :P

And of course... our pool view...



We were hungry so we ordered food first before dipping our butts in the pool. :D Here's a peek of their menu. They have a Thai and western menu.


I was also able to try their mango sticky rice and green mangoes. They have their own touch of the mango sticky rice, it's my first time to see the blue rice at least. They were flavored with something but I couldn't know what. :P Their presentation is really damn stunning.


Their green mangoes are good as well, not as sour as what I'm used to. What's unique to me was the sauce - it was a sweet and crunchy with all the dried shrimp and I think fish too. I liked it!

The pool view



This area was really wide. The water is only about 4 feet and I love that it's the same level in the whole area and don't go any deeper. :p

This literally just looks like a village was flooded as you can just swim in the long and wide area. What's best is that there's only about 4 rooms that are occupied in this area as far as I've observed, so it actually feels like we rented the whole place cos we were alone for most of the time. :D


On the other side of the pool area, there are still more rooms and it's less wide than in our area but there are some places where you could sun bathe or whatever lol.



The restaurant


This is the common area and over there is the restaurant which serves both Thai and Western food.





Look at this magnificent view. Just S T U N N I N G. I don't know what that island is called but it's so pretty especially that orange tree. :D






We had a nice lunch here with that view!

The beach area


A few steps down from the reception/common area and you'll find the other swimming pool and the beach.


To the right, you can see those longboards... they are actually free to use. :D




The shore is long but we never walked in that area. Bad timing I guess, since in the 5 days we stayed here most of the days were cloudy or rainy. The sun would be up sometimes but we mostly stayed in the room and pool area since that already looked like the whole resort itself lol. They have a seafood restaurant somewhere there, a yoga area, and a bar. :D


Shot by @acidyo. I didn't know I left this dress at the resort. T_T


_DSF5411 copy.jpg

The main pool


Apart from the long pool in the rooms area, there's also one big pool just beside the beach. This area is for everyone to enjoy and interact if they want to and have a view of the beach at the same time. Some events happen at the beach as well like workshops and exercises so it would be nice to be dipping yourself to swim after doing activities without having to walk all the way back to your room.





They also have a bar at the pool. How cool is that? Sitting there while drinking your favorite cocktail.

We also met some guys and gals here and we had some talk. It was nice to interact with other people as well and to know that they're also been enjoying their stay like us.

The resort didn't have that much guests yet, so it feels really private. I read they only opened in 2019, so it is pretty new considering the pandemic happened shortly after. They are still having constructions in some parts of the resort but that really didn't make our experience any less good.

All the staff were really nice and welcoming. Their services are superb I would say. In the few months or years they'd probably have more visitors here so it was really nice to be able to enjoy the place with a few guests. :P

We will definitely come back here when there's a chance. :P


Til next time, Island Escape! <3


One of my dream is to visit Thailand sometime soon. After watching all these reviews and feedbacks from youtubers it has now became one of the must for myself to get to visit there.

Nice place to be at. And honestly, perfect name as well ;)

Few things I would definitely explore (most if you already did, thanks to pik u shared)

  • In the morning, after waking up, having a sip of the drink and sitting at a table and just watching the calm beach
  • Foods, indeed! I would definitely try the inuque ones
  • POOOOOLLLL. Have a nice and relaxing bath and just enjoy it!
  • Walk along the beach in the midnight and feel the moments
  • Take tours as much as possible lol

These are things coming at my mind right now. But not sure how many of them will I be able to complete, if I ever get to visit Phuket/Thailand!

Yesss and also even watch the sun rise. We weren’t able to do that cos our sleep is fucked hahah. But you should! I suggest you spend at least a few days here as they also have some other activities like cooking workshops, yoga sessions, muay thai workshop etc etc. Of course we also didn’t join those as they were a big early and they have specific schedule haha

What a beautiful place, I actually read someone's content last on Thailand trip and it was exclusive. Looking at your experience you even said they gave a VIP treatment @hiddenblade were you not expecting the VIP treatment? Anyways those pictures taken are so beautiful and clear am guessing they're not taken my a phone camera right? And if it a phone camera what phone please, I will love to go to Thailand someday although the last comment I made on the content of that user on hive was Thailand is not a safe place but with what am seeing it's a nice place.

were you not expecting the VIP treatment

I guess so, haha we didn't have high expectations for this one since the price per night is not $300 or something. It was $70 per night and our room isn't like a private villa you know, so for the price the service was phenomenal.

The photos were taken with Fuji X-T4 camera and an iPhone 13 Pro Max but mostly iPhone. :D
I'm not sure why someone said it's not safe, probably in some rural places? I've never heard of Thailand as not safe, heck I would even think about my own country about not being safe than Thailand haha

First and foremost $3000 is a lot and even the $70 per seems a little bit too expensive well it is worth it that suits was amazing. Wow a Fuji X-T4 am just knowing that camera and iphone 13 pro max i trust wow very clear shots, I was the one who said so because years back i saw a news which was real and went viral of Thailand people eating blacks and it went viral that they were eating new born kids I saw too on the news that was way back though but I guess all that might not be taking place no more thanks for sharing your experience in Phuket.

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That's a so relaxing place...btw, what is the taste of that blue rice? 😅...
I love thai foods too. Similar to Filipino foods.

Kinda sweet (like the normal sticky rice recipe they do) but has a bit of something, maybe pandan leaves with blue ternate? Haha I haven’t tried the blue ternate tea but that’s the only thing that comes to mind. :D

I’d be in that big pool all damn day!

It makes me so happy to see people like you and Acid come together from half a world away because of Hive 🤗 Makes this all so much more real and valuable.

Having some inflatable rings or floaters would be really nice here too! Yeah all good things because of Hive💕

An island resort has always been a good gateway from dsily chores of life and spend some quite time in peace and just relaxxxx...🙂..luckily after looking at the beauty i must say...you ended up with one of the best👌👌

Yeah! We were thinking what if they only looked good in the pictures and in reality it’s gonna be full of people and kids screaming and jumping at the pool… old rooms and stuff. But luckily it exceeded our expectations. :D

Este lugar es increíble! Quiero ir a Tailandia algún día y hospedarme allí! La comida se ve realmente impresionante! Sobre todo este arroz azúl, primera vez que escucho sobre él. El área de la piscina es hermosa y la playa también. Gracias por compartir! Me encantaron las fotos y el lugar. Saludos!

I didn't know I left this dress at the resort. T_T

I would go back for it... and enjoy a bit more there 😉

I just told them to keep it and maybe give to someone else T-T I can’t go back anymore since we already crossed the island and was on our way back to the hotel haha. Shipping it would also be expensive since the dress is only $10🤣

I see... Though it would be a good excuse to somehow get back to that paradise :D

Once I forgot a skirt and a shirt in one Airbnb kind of apartment. They sent me it, but now I don't remember who paid the shipping, me or they... 🤔 Should be of course me, but somehow I can't recall paying for that. Maybe my memory is starting to fail 😂😂😂

Nice vacation.☺️


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Wow - that place looks awesome and will go to my Thailand bucket list.

Great pics and lovely moments.
You might add a @pinmapple link to add it to the worldmap of places you visited.

Wow! Amazing pictures! Thailand is definitely on my bucket list now.. Phuket seems like a wonderful place to for a short getaway.

And i wonder what those blue rice tasted like, maybe Blueberries? Lol

Wow!!! This is so freaking beautiful. I love all the pictures! Could you please tell me the per night cost @hiddenblade? And how was the weather when you guys visited?

I love your hair! <3