My personal natural swimming pool!

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Let me say a few things about this unique place! It's for sure one of my favorite places and of course my favorite pool! Why?


I know its green and brown color works as a deterrent for many, but honestly it's the best thing for the heat! Especially if you consider that there is no chlorine!

It is located just 75 km from Thessaloniki and 2 km from the town of Goumenissa, in the prefecture of Kilkis!


It is an amazing green grove of plane trees, through which two rivers run.



In the canyon of one of them, a structure has been created, so that it is possible to retain the water (something like a dam), where during the summer months the rate at which the water will be renewed is reduced, in such a way that it fills up and turns into a pool.


To the right and left, terraces have been formed for the bathers to sit, but also to function as pools for diving!



One of the best parts for me, is the decorations of "my pool"! The trees are really almost inside the pool.





The frozen waters of the river are so refreshing, while in combination with the sounds, colors and smells of nature, it is a kind of psychotherapy!


Anyone who happens to be here during the summer months, deserves to dive!

Ps: Because nature and swimming make us hungry, a traditional Greek dish for a post-workout meal! Peppers and tomatoes, stuffed with rice, ground beef and various aromatics combined with homemade traditional bread! Be jealous responsibly!


Also credits to my wife for these beautiful photos that she snaped, while i was swimming like a happy hippo and this tasteful meal that she prepared to me!


I might be wrong, but I feel Greece is one of the few countries in Europe where nature is so respected. Your pictures are calming, I can't imagine how it will be if I'm there in person 😍

Hello Tommy, there is one way to find out how it feels to be in this pool! Join me nad be my guest! Thanks for your good vibes!

I would love to, perhaps in the future. Thanks for the friendly welcome

Natural and peaceful, the best place to unwind and relax. I loved the location, where the tress and birds and some fish surely live a wonderland. 😍

Even if i dont know you in person, iam sure you are like me! Really Eunoia is your real name? Is this a common name in Philippines?

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That looks like a wonderful place for swimming ! All the better if someone has made you a nice meal.

Iam really blessed buddy! Thanks for your comment and your support!

Ωραίο μέρος. Αν το ήξερα όταν ήμουν στο Πολυκάρπι θα πήγαινα.

Την επόμενη φορά αδερφέ!

This place is amazing! I love Greece very much and every time I discover its beauties, it amazes me more and more! You are lucky to be there. 😊 The dish at the end of post is called Gemista, right? 😊 It's delicious. Greetings to Greece! 🤗

Thanks for your support and your very positive feedback! You are almost greek, you know to recognize Gemista! 😆

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Looks like a great spot and you seem to have the place to yourself, perfect

@giorgakis! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @new.things. (9/10)

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Thanks pal your support! It really is!

Oh my goodness, I'd just be in heaven -the natural wild swimming, the stuffed peppers - just beautiful. What is the name of this place?

The locals call it " two rivers" because close to this spot, to smaller rivers get connected. It is near the town Goumenissa! 😁

I've bookmarked it in Google maps in case fate brings us there! Thankyou!

Sustainability is our greatest hope.♻🤲

I must pay this a visit!

Κόπιασε, εχει κ καλο μαμ και καλο τσιπουρακι

δικος μας ε...

Την καλημέρα μου και καλως σε βρήκα!

καλημερα!...φροντισε να μεινεις στην παρεα


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That looks incredible. What a place to have close to you.

Really buddy, iam blessed!

Wow, this is unbelievably beautiful!
I LOVE to swim and I love natural pools! You are sooo lucky!

I miss the lakes I had access to in Hamburg..
I truly envy you! Thanks for sharing!

PS: I also like the Greek dish, although I'd skip the meat for an alternative.. haha

I am really blessed to have access to this place! I want to be honest, i believe everyone have access to something beautiful! Nature is perfect everehere! Thanks Anna for your comment! See you on your posts 🙂

Yeah, guess, you're right.. We envy what others have..
And me on your posts.. 👍🙂