See The World #47 - Frog's Stone, Cisnădioara Fortress, The Fortified Church of Cristian, Brod's Rav

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When you start getting ready your backpack for the next journey, even though you already made a plan of what to visit that day, it's literally impossible to anticipate how everything looks in real life and if at the end of the day you will return the same person or not.


If I'm needed to make a summary what's Transylvania about and what has to offer to the tourists, I'd say that it's a huge mix of, literally, anything!

From incredible natural formations that have been there for millions of years, to both natural and artificial lakes that will amaze you with their beauty, to historical monuments that played some of the most important roles back in their times, to caves, waterfalls, mountain peaks... and a unique canyon made of... sand.

However, the video from today's post is going to cover just four of the many sightseeing attractions that will reserve their spot in your heart once are visited, so make sure you have enough time to see everything for a proper impression of what Transylvania really means.

We began that day with a short drive to a village next to the place where we are living called Cisnadioara.
Over there we first met nature that showed us a natural formation of a rock that from specific positions might look like a frog mouth - hence its name of Piatra Broaștei (Frog's Stone). This one is considered of being part of an age that ended millions of years ago and that is really important for this part of Romania.

But since we couldn't leave the village so early knowing that there is more to be seen, we decided to also stop at the Biserica fortificată de la Cisnădioara (Cisnădioara Fortress) which even though is usually called a citadel, it's basically a fortified church but which back in her times it used to have a defensive role which made it earn the title of being a fortification too.

A quite similar story we also discovered at Biserica Evanghelica Fortificata Cristian (The Fortified Church of Cristian) where we are still talking about a church built in the same period as our previous discovery, namely in the 13th century, but where its size and functions were a lot more and imposing.

Anyway, since we love being outdoors so badly, we couldn't return home before having another reconnection with the wilderness of nature where we felt like touching the wildest part of Romania when we discovered Canionul Mihăileni (Brod's Ravine) which is a canyon with huge walls of 25 meters high made entirely of sand.

That's just a little part of what Transylvania has to offer to the tourists, being filled with various legends and stories that will make you feel a little bit richer in your heart at the end of the day, but as I often say, the single thing you need for this type of journeys is the free time to discover as much as possible.

The places you'll see in the video I already wrote about and you can find more about them on here:

  1. Piatra Broaștei (Frog's Stone)
  2. Biserica fortificată de la Cisnădioara (Cisnădioara Fortress)
  3. Biserica Evanghelica Fortificata Cristian (The Fortified Church of Cristian)
  4. Canionul Mihăileni (Brod's Ravine)

The trip from today's post was pretty spontaneous and there is no better proof of showing how happy we returned at the end of the day than the last few shots of the video! I love this type of short and unpremeditated trips. 😀


Video recorded with: GoPro HERO 7
All rights reserved to @gabrielatravels


All rights reserved.

Discord: GabrielaTravels#0104

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beautiful video, thanks for sharing

Thanks for stopping by!

What a fantastic travel escapade @gabrielatravels. And I'm particularly fascinated by those houses with terracotta pointed roofs. Congrats on your epic video story! 😊

Thanks so much for watching and stopping by! Really appreciate your time here ☺️

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hi @gabrielatravels
After I watched the video that you showed, it was as if I was observing and being there, I think this is very amazing, there are many extraordinary things in various western countries.
I like the frog rocks and the clear water flow, thank you for sharing your experience. 🥰🙂

Thanks for stopping by and watching!
I'm happy you got in the feeling of what I tried to share through my journey ☺️

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Hola me hubiese gustado ya que estás allí que ahondaras en la leyenda de Drácula es sin lugar a dudas por quien uno reconoce Transilvania, claro tú estás mostrando otra cara y te felicito por ello. Saludos desde Venezuela.

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absoluting amazing! I want to go to Europe again..

You definitely should!

HI! Only now discovered your travel blog! I'm excited to follow, read and see more of your vision of the world! x @elenahornfilm

Hey! Welcome to my world and thanks so much for that! I'm sure you won't be disappointed 😊

Muy buen trabajo felicidades.!!

Great that you added a video to it, the red insect (is it a bug?) looks creepy haha. A great view you had there :)

Thanks so much! 😊
I always add videos with the places I write about for a closer feeling of what I felt during my journey out there ❤️
And yes, that insect is a stag beetle which is considered a sacred insect in some regions. I was scared to touch it too, but then I realized it was already dead 🙁

i definitely got that feeling:) oh too bad:/ it still looked pretty alive, but great that you saw it:)

I couldn't take my eyes off this video, I'm sure this is a beautiful place and the air is so fresh.

I'd like to return in those places one day for sure!
Thanks for watching 😃

That's a huge-ass bug at around 2 min mark \o
and I loved the wood in the ceiling, kinda the same I envision for our ranch house

How's the bike going?

Indeed, it was also the biggest insect I've ever seen, lol.

The bike is fine, currently not being used due to all kind of things going on in my life. But I can't wait to be back riding it!

Wohoo and winter is going your way, the best time to cycle {no}

Absolutely, lol