Wow @evachin what a beautiful beach I'd !LUV to be there. And this rice oil meal looks yami yami 😋






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Thanks, @beeber for the LUV and thank you @luvshares ❣️

Hi @beeber👋🏽, It is yummy 🤤. hehe..but I am thinking about your banana chocolate slices! 🤤
Yes, and I love visiting the beach too. 😁😎

Kalau di Indonesia Nasi Lemak dibilang nasi uduk. Makanan untuk sarapan setiap pagi hehe

Now I know 😁 thank you! bila kat Indonesia, kena pesan Nasi Uduk!🤤 hehe.....

tentu, nanti saya belanja hihi

Okaysss.....Janji 😎

Janji saya janji seorang sailor man. Pasti tak nipu

LOL!!! 2022 nak ke Indonesia sudah ni 😅😂 December 2021 pergi site air asia tgk harga flight. 🤣

jom kemari nanti makan nasi uduk 🤣

Hola @evachin.
Otra vez me topé con un contenido tuyo y vaya, sí que son buenos.
El arroz con leche de coco, me dieron ganas de comerlo.
Y el pollo con la salsa de queso eso estaba monumental.
Todas tus imágenes son impecables y la alegría de las mascotas se transmitía hasta aquí.
Gracias por tan maravilloso contenido, ese viaje de playa.

Hi @evachin.
Once again I stumbled upon some of your content and wow, yes they are good.
The coconut rice pudding, made me want to eat it.
And the chicken with the cheese sauce that was monumental.
All your images are impeccable and the joy of the pets carried through to here.
Thank you for such wonderful content, that beach trip.

Hola @germanandradeg 👋🏽😊, many thanks for stopping by again. 🙏🏽 Many thanks for your compliments and I am glad you enjoyed the pictures and content. 😎 My pets are named Suki and Hachi 🐕and they really enjoyed the car ride.🥰 Really appreciate your comment. 🥰 Gracias.🙏🏽

Hi, friend @evachin

Welcome to Hive.

I love your dog, I love the beach, I love the good food, I love the sun.

You are fortunate to have so many wonderful things going on at once.

I really enjoyed your post.

A big hug

Hi @librepensadora 👋🏽, many thanks for your warm welcome.🤗 Thank you and I always remind myself to count my blessings, even the little and simple things in life. 💞

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